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The Enigma Variations

17 April 2010 @ 14:29

One of the main reasons Barack Hussein Obama has been succesful in his career is because he is an empty vessel that each and every individual is free to pour their hopes, dreams, and aspirations into and form their own hand-crafted version of the Barack Hussein Obama doll.  Also, it is a well-known bit of wisdom that, if you keep an air of mystery about you, people stay interested [I practiced this in the music business].  Some have called Barry O an ’empty suit’, but that is not true: he lets out enough information to intrigue you [exotic childhood, mysterious mentors, cool demeanor, etc.] and then let’s you color in the rest of the picture with your own bright crayons — as human beings as wont to do.  Add in his blackness that strikes at our powerful feelings of guilt about treatments of the Negro in the past [unjustified] and you have a person basically destined for success.  There is another side to the Obama coin, however.  Such a person usually has no there there — they are bereft of any deep substance, they are souless.  The gap in the character is made up of narcissism, fueled by unstable emotions [ie: a psychopathic sociopath].

The question remains: who is Barack Hussein Obama [née Soetero]?

This is a very hard question to answer because Obama and his friends and sponsors have been very diligent in covering up the truth of his life before he began his succesful run for the Presidency.  Many have made the attempt but, in my opinion, most have failed.  I believe I was successful in understanding part of him in my essay Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow, but it only concerned itself with a few aspects of his character.

Now comes Rob De Witt, one of the best of the sharp minds over at the Washington Rebel, who has penned one of the most profound looks into the question.  A highlight:

So little Barry endured the excruciating poverty of a life financed by “typical White people” who somehow scrimped and saved enough on his Grandmother’s income as a bank vice-president to send him to Punahou, which is Hawaiian for “Choate.” Photos from his childhood depict the poverty-stricken young victim of society dressed in expensive Little Lord Fauntleroy getups and surrounded by shiny toys. His doting Grandpa introduced him to his Communist pedophile pal Frank Marshall Davis, and hours were whiled away with tales of sexual conquests for the entertainment of the young boy. And these were the grandparents, remember, who had chosen a school where young Stanley Ann was taught to Question Authority in her daily adventures with the three Rs. To put that into perspective, consider that they searched out this citadel of education in 1956, when liberal academies were somewhat less than thick on the ground.

Little Barry, abandoned by his mother and left to the tender ministrations of the True Believers who had nurtured this monster in the first place, appeared in the role of Potemkin Grandson until Stanley Ann found a new outrage to inflict in the person of an Indonesian named Soetero, who she met in college while pursuing her goal of World Peace Through Resentment. Dragging the kid to Indonesia, she found to her surprise that her new husband was as interested in becoming more American as she was in rejecting her unfortunate choice of birthplace. Marriage number two lasted 6 years before Feminism Demanded that she dump this one first. And along with it, little Barack was discarded once again – to the Dunhams. “Here. Want to play the role of Compassionate Liberals? Enjoy supporting my half-Black newly-Muslim kid. See ya.”

Well put.  It is obvious when you read Rob’s mini-essay that he has thought long and hard on this subject.

But Rob doesn’t stop with the penetrating insight into the vast wasteland that is Barack Obama’s soul.  He also looks into that one man who has been ‘the man behind the man with the master plan’, George Soros.  He brilliantly exposes the big game this Bond Villain-like character is playing on the world stage [to bring down America, it seems, for his own twisted amusement and to accumulate more wealth] and how the man has become Barry O’s Puppet Master.  A highlight:

Got them strings, all we need is the right puppet. And lo, the stentorian tones of Barack 0bama were heard whining in the wilderness. This guy’s…perfect. Too cowardly for self-analysis, convinced of his own privilege, angry, resentful and spoiled. Able to parrot whole volumes of the Gospel According To Saul Alinsky, lazy and not too bright. And best of all – he can convincingly pass for Black, and we can dust of all that tired old crap about racism every time somebody wounds his fragile ego. Looks like a winner.

Let’s buy him.

And so Soros has, as you’ll see in the details Rob provides.

Please do take the time to read the whole, well-reasoned essay.  Bravo Rob!

Who would have thought it would come to this?

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