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Ide Say It Went Very Well…

16 April 2010 @ 20:17

…the Ides Of April, that is…

Yesterday, all across the fruited plain, hundreds of thousands of Americans protested the dismantling of our Constitution by the group of Revolutionaries who control the Executive and Legislative Branches of the national government.

Stacy McCain has published a damn fine round-up of the events in Washington yesterday over at The American Spectator [Smitty has published a supplemental posting to it here].  A highlight:

Perhaps the biggest sign of Tea Party success is a new wave of attacks on the movement from the Left and a surge of attention from the liberal media. Most bizarre of the attacks was the announcement earlier this week of “Crash the Tea Party,” an effort by liberal activists to infiltrate rallies in an effort to discredit the movement. That project was organized by Jason Levin, who told the Associated Press that he believes most Tea Party attendees are “homophobes, racists or morons” — although perhaps not so moronic as a saboteur who gives advance notice of his plans for sabotage. He was put on paid leave by the Oregon public school that employs him, under suspicion that he may have done his activism during work hours. How did his infiltrators fare Thursday? “They came, they saw, they failed,” as Michelle Malkin summarized it.

Whereas the liberal media once ignored the Tea Parties, they now seem obsessed with the movement, commissioning polls and sending reporters to cover rallies. Obama himself has begun taking shots at the movement, telling a Democratic fund-raising crowd in Miami that his opponents should thank him for cutting their taxes.

If anything, the TEA Party movement is growing in size and scope and that is very heartening to this proud son of liberty.

I will not be doing my usual aggregation here as I’ve been feeling under the weather since last evening [hence my low volume of blogging today], so let me direct you to a very good aggregation done by Smitty.  If you’re not listed there, throw a link in a comment to this post and I’ll bump it into here.

Smitty also filed a report on the Rally at the Washington Monument held last evening.

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