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Tactics In The Fight

15 April 2010 @ 12:00

Over at The American Spectator, Joel J. Miller has up a very good article where he lists four tactics of the Founding Fathers we can use in our fight to restore our freedoms and liberties.  You’ll have to click here to read the details, but here’s a list with my summations [which are my own interpretations of Mr. Miller’s]:

1. Keep it principled:

Concentrate on the philosophy and don’t get bogged-down in the messy details.  Concentrate on the general issues, like constitutionality, freedom, liberty, and rights.  Transcend the concerns of the particular, the moment.  The minutia don’t matter.  Show the relation to the grand themes of freedom and liberty.

2. Keep it simple:

Our message should be simple and easy to digest.  What we are fighting for is not that difficult to grasp if it is presented in plain-spoken, good old straight-forward, homespun English.  [Look to the high quality, effectiveness, and succinctness of the signs at the TEA Party events for inspiration.]

3. Keep it up:

The enemies of America must be kept on the defensive at all times.  For too long we have let them keep us on the defensive with ‘When was the last time you beat your wife?’ tactics and all their other petty detours.  Ignore their ad hominem and emotional attacks and their false labelings.  Hit them relentlessly.  Remember the words of Frederick The Great: ‘L’audace, toujours de l’audace!’ [Audacity, audacity, always audacity!].  Don’t play their game.  Make them play by your rules, which are the rules of a moral and just society.  Ignore their attacks, but don’t ignore them or their rotten ideas — assail those without respite.

4. Keep connected:

Keep in touch with other Patriots on a constant basis.  Share information and knowledge gained in the field.  Form local groups in The Ether and in person.  Disseminate facts from your area as quickly as possible to as wide an area as possible so nothing can be covered-up or suppressed.  Set these networks up in advance.  Your blogs, your Tweets, your text messages, your Facebook pages are the Paul Reveres of the modern age.

I would add a fifth tactic…

5. Keep encouraged:

Don’t give in to despair.  When you experience your black dog moments, seek comfort and assurance from your fellow Patriots or read the Founding Fathers or seek temporary sanctuary in the arms of The Creator — whatever works.  In anticipation of the melancholy that will inevitably strike at you from time to time, prepare these salves — have them at hand, ready to be used.

And always — always — raise the battle cry…

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