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Rocky Mountain Fisk

14 April 2010 @ 09:56

Ahhhhh….it’s a spring morning.  The trees are starting to bud and the air has that smell that only occurs in the few months before the onslaught of the summer heat.  The world is much more colorful — no longer do shades of gray fill the landscape.  The birds, as if feeling the same way, sing their celebratory songs in praise of the renewal of the world.  Brewing coffee even smells better, fresher, this time of year.  All that is needed to complete this near perfection is a good, righteous Fisking.

Thankfully, our old friend Smitty, Chief Engineer of the USS Other McCain, has graced us with our springboard [pun intended] to rebirth, renewal and regrowth in a damn fine Fisking of one Joan Walsh, who in her cretinous arrogance has deemed it fitting to libel Andrew ‘Sam Adams’ Breitbart.

A highlight:

And don’t even bring up Jerry Brown in defense of ACORN. If ACORN was even slightly innocent, and Breitbart even vaguely in the wrong, do you think that Federal funding would have been cut, and ACORN putting forth so much effort to rebrand itself?

Forget the rhetoric, Walsh: the money talks in both the racial epithet and the ACORN cases, and your insipid attempts at smearing Andrew Breitbart mark you a sad little tool….

I shall, henceforth and forever, associate my memories of this Spring with the righteous Fisking administered by Smitty One Each.

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