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11 April 2010 @ 17:12

One of the highlights of the CPAC Convention for me, someone not able to attend, was the set of interviews DaTechguy filmed and published of many of the bloggers and just plain folks who attended.  Watching them gave me a good feel of the mood of the people there and allowed me from a distance to put faces to many names.  That effort and his several posts which chronicled his experiences, helped greatly in making up for the fact that I could not attend.  DTG’s coverage of the Scott Brown campaign was similarly helpful.

If you don’t already know it, DaTechguy is offering to do the same for any of the Congressional campaigns happening in this important and crucial election year.  Like Stacy, he will need funding and explains his terms and what he will do for you here.  As Smitty puts it in a testimonial:

Having had the privilege of hosting him here at my modest abode, I will say that I can’t think of a more warm, genuine person than DTG. So, if there is an event or political race that could benefit from high-quality reporting at a substantial cost avoidance, do consider getting in touch with this fellow and working the details.

Please do.

Also, DTG has put up today a special appeal to his general readership to fund a trip by him to cover the exciting race going on in Georgia-4.  Stacy McCain won’t be able to do anymore coverage of this important race, so why not send DTG?  He has provided expense details here.

Even if you’re unable to afford a donation, head on over and wish him and his lovely bride a Happy 22 here [I have a feeling that Mrs. DaTechguy will, like Mrs. Other McCain did, become a candidate for Sainthood IYKWIMAITYD]

DaTechguy [left]: ‘Look. That’s okay if you don’t want to finance my trip to Georgia,
but I wouldn’t want anything to happen to your nice, shiny new train —
if you catch my drift, as it were.’
[Photo courtesy of the OCU of the FBI]
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