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Hey, Has Anybody Else Noticed That Stacy McCain Is A Great Guy?… [Updated below]

06 April 2010 @ 14:30

…and is not a complete douchebag, or is not saying Sarah Palin is totally doomed, or is not a sleazy Democratic fund-raiser?

Nope: Stacy McCain is a great guy.

To paraphrase my friend, Irish Cicero: This is how I treat my friend, Stacy…

UPDATE on 07 April at 1401…

I’ll give it one more try: Are you there Stacy?

UPDATE on 07 April at 1637…

SUCCESS!  My experiment worked!

As I was perusing The Other McCain yesterday [as I do multiple times a day], I read his HEADLINES Section [as I always do] to see what interesting postings by other folks Stacy had linked to and I read this:

Please read the ones that the green arrows point to.

I decided then and there to conduct an experiment to see if I could get Stacy to put me in the HEADLINES section simply by doing three simple things: (1) wording a posting with the exact same way he did and (2) crafting a blatantly shameless suck-up to him and (3) providing some a special bit of Rule 5 [Miss Hendricks is, after all, the gold standard for all Rule 5 blogging] that would immediately get his attention.

It took twenty-four hours [he is quite a busy man], but it worked.  I am now in the HEADLINES Section over at The Other McCainBut, that’s not all: I got a directed posting out of the deal and have been awarded a Full Metal Jacket Reach Around:

Ya see kids: you’ve got work hard for it honey. 

Be not afraid. 

Be shameless. 

Be a Blogwhore. 

Oh, and hit his friggin’ Tip Jar.

Thank you Stacy for confirming my strong belief that I really need a vacation.

  1. 06 April 2010 @ 15:39 15:39

    That can’t be right. Charles Johnson wouldn’t lie.

    Pardon me while I go wash my mouth out with soap.

  2. 06 April 2010 @ 19:37 19:37

    Stacy is a helluva guy!

  3. 07 April 2010 @ 15:18 15:18

    Yes, I am here, Bob.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      07 April 2010 @ 16:29 16:29

      My experiment worked!

  4. 07 April 2010 @ 16:57 16:57

    Belvedere? You’re brilliant.

    McCain is a great guy.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      07 April 2010 @ 17:18 17:18

      Thank you – coming from you, one of the masters, that means a lot.

  5. Lipton T. Bagg permalink
    07 April 2010 @ 17:58 17:58

    Proud of ya Bob! Guess that means you’re going Pro (since Pro whores get paid??) LOL!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      07 April 2010 @ 19:09 19:09

      As Stacy’s hero and mentor, Hunter S. Thompson, once wrote: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.


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