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Candidates Of The Restoration: Parker And Murray

03 April 2010 @ 17:36

This is an occasional feature where I will be showcasing candidates who appear to be committed to restoration of our freedoms and liberties.

1) VERNON PARKER:  He is running in Arizona for the seat being vacated by Rep. John Shadegg.  Stacy McCain has up here pictures and videos and reports on the fundraiser he attended for Mr. Parker last Tuesday.

This quote from one of the videos is very encouraging and rather eloquent:

When people tell me that you can’t do this or you can’t do that or we have no options — no, that’s not right.

Watch the campaign video at the end of Stacy’s posting; it’s quite good at telling you about the man and what shaped him.

America’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Mr. Parker, as does the formidable Barbara Espinosa.

His campaign website  may be found by clicking here.

2) PATRICK MURRAY: He is running to out Crazy Jim Moran in Virginia.  Smitty attended an event for him that John Bolton spoke at.  He contacted the campaign to see if Mr. Murray gets it [ie: does he want Obamacare repealed]:

Mr. Murray is not just a pretty foreign policy face. I pinged his campaign regarding the Repeal It! site, where prospective candidates are signing up to oppose ObamaCare. The campaign says they are in the process of getting added to that list….

That’s a damn good sign.

Smitty’s got pictures and a report on Mr. Bolton’s remarks.

His campaign website may be found by clicking here.

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