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Dear And Righteous In Las Vegas

31 March 2010 @ 14:54

My four previous postings on Stacy McCain: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas can be found by clicking here and here and here and here.

-I apologize for not having done one of these since Sunday.  Circumstances beyond my control kept me from doing much surfing or blogging on Monday and Tuesday.  Well, as they say in Washington: Let’s seize the money…er…moment.

-While I may have been neglectful of my readers, Stacy McCain and his sidekick Smitty have not been of their’s.

‘Reading the front page made me feel a lot better. Against that heinous background, my crimes were pale and meaningless. I was a relatively respectable citizen — a multiple felon, perhaps, but certainly not dangerous. And when the Great Scorer came to write against my name, that would surely make a difference.’

-Early Monday morning over at The American Spectator, Stacy filed a report on some fo the folks he met at Sarah Palin’s TEA Party Express Rally Speech and the lady herself:

In that sense, Saturday was a two-for-one press-corps special, providing the media a chance to play “gotcha” with Palin, the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate who is widely presumed by reporters to be a Tea Party leader, if not in fact the leader. Palin did not disappoint either fans or detractors at Searchlight, using her speech to assail the media for promoting Democratic claims that the movement is… well, a dangerous collection of hate-filled, misinformed lunatics.

“We’re not inciting violence,” Palin proclaimed from the windswept stage that organizers had erected on the back of a flatbed truck. “Don’t get sucked into the lame-stream media lies.”

Palin’s denial of the accusation, wrapped in an anti-media message, drew cheers from the enthusiastic crowd and was quickly headlined by the same “lame-stream” reporters whom she targeted. The national press corps seems to be pursuing the idea that Palin can be used to discredit the Tea Party movement and vice-versa, as part of a mutually-reinforcing negative propaganda campaign intended to convince America that the only people who oppose the Democratic Party and its policy agenda are (you guessed it) a dangerous collection of hate-filled, misinformed lunatics. So any event that connected Palin to the Tea Party was sure to draw a swarm of reporters, only too happy to depict both the crowd and the featured speaker as irresponsible dingbats.

-As you probably already know, it was the contributions of readers of The Other McCain that financed this trip by Stacy to Injun Territory.  In a background posting to the one above, he comments:

Saturday in Vegas, after I got back from Searchlight, I was talking with a reporter from a major news organization who was amazed that this kind of reader-supported journalism is possible. And it’s only possible because of you — the few, the proud, the tip-jar hitters. Thanks for all you do.

-In a related posting that same day, Smitty, in charge of the defenses at Fort Other McCain, comments on charges by some Bolshes that Sarah Palin’s words [‘rhetoric-fu’, as Smitty calls it] had caused the vandalizing of  the headquarters of Alaska’s Democratic Party over the weekend:

Rumors of a meeting with SecDef Robert Gates about weaponizing these powers for use in Afghanistan were not denied by an un-named Pentagon spokesman who was less than off the record.

‘Oh well, gosh darn, ya caught me using my super-secret double-naught spy weapon.’

-Stacy is a man of many talents, one of which is that he can multi-task like a skilled juggler.  Despite the fact that he was having to cover Senate and House races and speeches and the TEA Party event, he was still able to find enough time to lobby for one of his most cherished dreams:

Not that there was ever any doubt, but I’m now a Certified Righteous Gentile after attending a Passover seder Monday hosted by Barbara Espinosa’s friends Larry and Jobi Rosen.

The haggadah wasn’t strictly traditional — part of the ritual telling of Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery was performed to the tune of “Gilligan’s Island” — but the unleavened bread, the bitter herbs, the wine, Mah Nishtanah, etc., were all observed. So the possibility of my becoming the first Gentile prime minister of Israel is now slightly less hypothetical . . .

Do you have any doubt he will?  Zol zayn mit mazel, Stace!

-Former Congressman and radio talk show host, J.D. Hayworth is running in the GOP Primary against John ‘Grumpy’ McCain.  Stacy toured his headquarters and filed a video report.

-Speaking of his trip to Arizona, he filed a report yesterday morning, over at The American Spectator, on the Senate Primary race:

So far, the most obvious impact of Hayworth’s primary challenge has been McCain’s election-year rediscovery of conservative rhetoric — the senator made headlines yesterday by calling for deploying the National Guard to defend the border with Mexico — but Hayworth suggests Arizonans are suffering from “McCain fatigue.”

That may explain why Hayworth is being targeted by what he calls a “scorched earth” campaign from the incumbent. The challenger points out the McCain campaign began slamming him in attack ads even before Hayworth declared his candidacy for the Senate, and contrasts that approach with what he calls McCain’s “kid gloves” treatment of Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

“People say, ‘Wait a minute, he’s training all his fire on you, as a conservative, and he pulled punches… when we had so much at stake in the presidency,'” Hayworth says. Adapting a lyric from “My Fair Lady,” he adds, “The disdain of McCain falls on conservatives in the main.”

It’s obvious ain’t it: this time Grumpy John’s seat is at stake; in the 2008 Election it was merely his place in history and he did succeed, he thinks at least, in securing that with the Left.  Johnny only wanted to be loved!!

-In a report filed over at The Other McCain yesterday, Stacy interviewed Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and filled us in on the murder of rancher Robert Krentz, who, it appears, was killed by an illegal  alien.

-In a related posting from later in the day, Stacy comments on a perfect example of the Grumpy Old Man’s ‘rediscovery of conservative rhetoric’ in his call for sending National Guard troops to the border with Mexico:

Yeah, and we know that John McCain is sincere about his newfound border-security concerns, right? All that stuff a few years ago calling his critics hatemongering xenophobes – just kiddin’ guys, hahaha.

The last laugh may be on Johnny boy — he may be marching home again…for good.

-This morning, Stacy filed a final, brief report before he left for the airport, but he promises more reports once he gets back home into the arms of the saintly Mrs. Other McCain [I spoke with the Pope about this and he has no objections to starting the process for sainthood for her immediately].

‘I felt like a monster reincarnation of Horatio Alger: A man on the move, and just sick enough to be totally confident.’

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