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They Just Don’t Get It: Scott Brown

24 March 2010 @ 20:22

Note: When I launched this new feature this morning, I didn’t expect to be doing another one in the same day, but, sadly, I had no choice.

When we supported Scott Brown in his quest to take over the Senate seat held by the late Teddy Kennedy, I think the vast majority of us understood that he was not a member-in-good-standing of the VRMC.  We accepted that someone like us would probably not stand a chance in Hell of getting elected in The People’s Republic Of Massachusetts.  However, on the key issues we believed that he thought like we did and understood the stakes.

He promised to work to strengthen our national defense, fight the Muslim terrorists, and guard the interests of our soldiers.  So far, it seems he has lived-up to that promise.

He promised to work hard against the efforts by the Leftists in power to socialize the American health care system.  He vowed to be the 41st vote in the Senate against Obamacare.  Up until the past few days, he had done as he said he would do.

When he voted for the fifteen billion dollar ‘Jobs Bill’, we understood.  When he campaigned for RINO John McCain, we understood.

We only expected he would be with us on the most important issues because he had indicated to us that he understood the stakes involved.

However, today Scott Brown showed that HE DOESN’T GET IT.

From WCVB-TV in Boston, we learn:

As Senate Democrats vow to stop any Republican attempts to slow a vote on a companion bill to the new health care law, Sen. Scott Brown said that he’s not looking to repeal the bill.

“We will look twice at what we’re trying to do here in order to pay for the so-called health care bill,” he said.

Speaking for less than two minutes on the Senate floor, Brown made it clear that he accepts the new law, but wants to fix it. In an interview with NewsCenter 5, he showed little interest in an appeal filed by 13 states that say it’s unconstitutional.

“I’ll leave that to the political scholars. I’m really focused right now on getting onto the House, the Senate floor and beginning to protect Massachusetts rights and work to make this bill better,” Brown said.

It is now obvious that Mr. Brown does not comprehend what is at stake in this battle — I fear he doesn’t understand the war we’re fighting against Leftism.  As I wrote about Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn this morning:

…Yesterday, the President of The United States signed a bill that enslaves every single American to the state. Politics, as we’ve known it our whole lives, has changed. The tyrant in The White House and his minion tyrants in the Congress have staged an overthrow of The Constitution.

The stakes are the highest they’ve been since The Civil War — the very survival of the American Republic is in jeopardy.

Senator Brown: There is no ‘better’ that can be made of this unconstitutional bill.  You can’t fix it; you should not even try.  If you succeed in watering the damned thing down, you will only be delaying the inevitable trip of all of us down The Road To Serfdom.  You, sir, are a grand disappointment.  You are a fitting new member of The Stupid Party.

Ad captandum vulgus; ad nauseum.

  1. Red permalink
    24 March 2010 @ 20:55 20:55

    “I’ll leave that to the political scholars. I’m really focused right now on getting onto the House, the Senate floor and beginning to protect Massachusetts rights and work to make this bill better”
    So what happens? You get elected and then you get swept off into a room where they offer you the red pill or the blue pill? Disappointing isn’t quite the word. Nauseating…mmm…getting warmer.
    Your site is blocked at my job now. Guess I got pegged for making too many visits. Sucks!!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      24 March 2010 @ 21:51 21:51

      Give me their home addresses and I’ll show them what real blocking is like.

      • Adobe Walls permalink
        24 March 2010 @ 23:14 23:14

        Didn’t Sen Brown campaign on “the people want us to start over” or words to that effect?

        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          24 March 2010 @ 23:18 23:18

          I believe so.

  2. Red permalink
    24 March 2010 @ 23:42 23:42

    Gladly Bob. I’m sick of the censorship.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      25 March 2010 @ 07:38 07:38

      Is it a privately-owned business, Red? If so, then they have every right to do as they please as long as they don’t commit any acts of violence.

  3. Red permalink
    25 March 2010 @ 13:47 13:47

    It’s not private business but I don’t care. I think they need to get over their cheap imported selves and let adults be adults.


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