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Rule 5 Saturday

20 March 2010 @ 19:48

The TCOTS Rule 5 Compliance Committee having spent the past several days hearing many fellow members of the VRWC commenting that Elizabeth Kucinich is ‘hot’ and a ‘major-league babe’ has decided issue it’s own statement on this issue of Ginger Aestheticism.  While not the greatest fans of freckled felines, The Committee believes that there is beauty to be found in women of every type and kind.  And while Mrs. Kucinich may be a very nice person on the inside, the issue here is physical, not spiritual and, in this area, the lady is no more than a Plain Jane, as it were [we shall leave aside, as more appropriate for another venue, the issue of whether Gingers are inherently evil, the spawns of Old Nick himself]:

Chief Consultant to The TCOTS Rule 5 Compliance Committee, The Bishop, a man of moral wealth and taste, has provided us, by chance, with an example of the highest grade of reddish-yellow womanhood.  Therefore, it is with much pleasure that The Committee presents…


  1. 20 March 2010 @ 21:56 21:56

    I love her.

  2. David R. Graham permalink
    21 March 2010 @ 00:38 00:38

    Now that is a beautiful Celt, Merle Pertile. My compliments to The Bishop and his C-i-C!

  3. 21 March 2010 @ 06:29 06:29

    I’m digging on your selection of retro-tail, lol

    Very good taste, sir…

  4. 21 March 2010 @ 13:41 13:41

    This link in no way is an attempt to garner favor in the No Sheeples Here Rule 5 Sweater Puppy Contest. No sir, Not. One. Bit.

  5. 21 March 2010 @ 18:42 18:42

    And where, pray tell, would Mrs. Other McCain fall? She is an inherently beautiful red head, and mother of 6, albeit NOT Catholic

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      21 March 2010 @ 23:05 23:05

      She’s not evil at all; she’s a saint [I’ve already spoken with the Pope about this].


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