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The Spot-On Quote Of The Week…

16 March 2010 @ 17:08

…is awarded to Steny Hoyer for speaking the truth, although I very seriously doubt he understood the veracity of what he was saying or had a clue as to it’s real meaning to the public:

…But in the final analysis, what is interesting to the American public is what does this bill do for them and their families.

That is preciously why anyone with half-a-brain is against this usurpation, you traitorous cretin.

A southern-fried tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain who has a very good zombie health care bill update posted and comments:

We keep killing it and killing it, yet it keeps stumbling forward….


Fedora Zombie: Mmmm…this is good.
Other Zombie: Like a fine aged Angus beef.  Mmmm.
Fedora Zombie: You’re right. Mmmm.  How old was she?
Other Zombie: Seventy-three with Parkinson’s.  Mmmm.
Fedora Zombie: Man, I love these Death Panel Restaurants.
Other Zombie: Me too.  Mmmm.

  1. 16 March 2010 @ 17:41 17:41

    That looks like Quentin Tarentino on the right.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      16 March 2010 @ 18:45 18:45

      You’re good. That’s George Clooney on the left [where else].

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