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Pi In The Sky

14 March 2010 @ 16:29

Obi’s Sister is celebrating her fourth anniversary in the wicked VRWC Blogosphere!

For those who are wondering how she named her blog:

It was named in honor of my little brother, the great Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi: Master Jedi, Champion Blue Devils Snare Drummer, Bulldawg to the Bone, PGA Golfer, Footballer, Marathon Runner, Consumer of Mass Quantities of “Do-Do” balls, great brother, friend, husband and father. During many nights in his yard/ driveway/kitchen, the discussions we had brought me out of my middle-age induced fog to realization that we Americans needed to take back America.

Then, doing putting on her best Wolverine, she writes:

…What’s important is America has a voice, even the little people like me, and our voice is being heard ’round the world even while it is ignored by our elected officials in state governments and Washington, DC.

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. 14 March 2010 @ 16:35 16:35

    Woohoo! Thanks for the link!

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