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Tales Of Hoffman: Part II

10 March 2010 @ 17:18

I was so happy to hear this news today [tip of the fedora to Smitty]:

Last year’s underdog became this year’s front-runner Tuesday when Doug Hoffman – whose 2009 congressional race became a rallying cry for the “tea party” movement – announced he would seek the Republican nomination in New York’s 23rd District.

Mr. Hoffman’s Conservative Party campaign last fall in the upstate district ignited grass-roots supporters, but fell 4,000 votes short of an upset victory in the three-way special election won by Bill Owens, who became the first Democrat to represent the district in decades.

“I’m just an average citizen, standing up to say, ‘We’re fed up. We’re not going to take this any more,’ ” Mr. Hoffman told The Washington Times in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I don’t think anybody should expect to inherit political office … . I’m going to work very hard to earn the respect and support of all the voters in the district.”

An accountant from Saranac Lake, Mr. Hoffman became the first Republican to officially declare his candidacy in the largely rural 23rd Congressional District, which sprawls across upstate New York from Lake Ontario on the west to the Vermont border on the east.

That’s from a report by Stacy McCain in The Washington Times.  Please do take the time to click here and read it all.  The signs are very encouraging for Mr. Hoffman.

Smitty is all in favor of electing the man to the Congress and explains his logic:

This blog predicts that Hoffman’s straightforward honesty will go over in the 112th Congress like a musician at a rap concert. Clearly we need to send more musicians like Doug to DC.

I second that motion.

SIDENOTE: I wonder how The Republicans Who Matter! and the Conservative Beautiful People will react this time to Doug Hoffman’s candidacy?  Back in November at my old site location, I took them to task:


As I was driving home from work today, I heard Laura Ingram basically say about Doug Hoffman ‘Thanks, pal, for running. Great effort. Now go away. You ain’t got what it takes to win.’ and then a little later I read this by Ramesh Ponnuru over at The Corner:

[Stephen] Spruiell concludes, “In the next few months, conservatives will be urging Hoffman to fight on.” Should they? Conservatives should, I think, be grateful that he ran, providing someone for conservatives to support and rebuking the local party establishment. But that doesn’t mean he’s the best candidate going forward.

With all due respect to Miss Ingram and Mr. Ponnuru, you two have spent too much time hob-nobbing with the conservative and Republican elites in Washington.

Doug Hoffman is unpolished as a public figure, unsophisticated in his speaking, not at all slick or over-scripted in his presentations, and he does not speak in Establishment-Speak. He is awkward. A man of few words, what little he does say is meaningful and heartfelt. He is not a polished actor like so many in Washington are. He holds dear certain beliefs that he has thought long and hard about. Stacy McCain has commented that you will never see him involved in a D.C. sex scandal should he be elected to the Congress, and he is quite right. I’m sorry if the two of you have become so enamored of the thin-layered sheen of the politicians you break bread with that you disdain the average Joe or Joan and their normal and [to you] bland and unexciting demeanors. I’m sorry if Doug Hoffman is not one of The Republicans Who Matter!, not one of the Conservative Beautiful People and never will be.

Actually, what I’m sorry about is the way you two and your fellow CBP’s have allowed yourselves to become Washington D.C. Pod People in what, in this day and age, passes for High Society.

Doug Hoffman and the others like him who, in the wake of the Leftists attempt to overthrow the Founding, will stand up and put themselves in the firing line, are EXACTLY the kind of people we need to run for office. I don’t want slickness or polish and I most especially don’t want to hear more of the same conservative and Republican bromides—the same Luntz-vetted phrases over and over and over. I want average folks who don’t give a damn if a hair is out of place, a suit rumpled because they can only afford a couple of them, or who are awkward in public. None of that matters as long as they have, as John Adams said was essential, commitment to traditional American values and never utter anything that is not simple, plain, and honest. Newt, Frum, Brooks, Noonan, et. al. are a part of the problem, but so are you high falutin’ Beautiful People.

One would hope the passing months have made these insiders more humble and less snobbish.

Doug Hoffman is precisely the type and kind of person we need to populate the Congress if we are ever going to have a decent chance at restoring this country to what it is supposed to be.

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