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The Religion Of Peace In Action

09 March 2010 @ 18:56

From Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, we learn of the latest effort by Islam in their quest to bring amity to the world:

On early Sunday morning Muslim herders attacked Christian villagers in Nigeria with machetes.

500 Christians were slaughtered.

Some of the bodies had been charred. Some had slash marks across their faces. One young victim was found to be scalped and few others were found with cut off hands and legs.

The Muslim hackers shouted “Allah Akhbar” (God is Great) before breaking into homes and hacking the Christians to death….

You can’t blame them.  After all, their great and magnificent prophet pedophile Mohammed told them that peace would reign in the world only after there were no more infidels or, at least, any that were left were unenslaved.

Big tip of the fedora to big-time infidel Gator Doug.

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