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Cleaning Out The Cache

08 March 2010 @ 20:00

Here’s the latest and some stuff I haven’t had a chance to get to as we’ve been hurtling our way along the road to perdition…

-If I were a Leftist doing this kind of posting, I’d been linking to my fellow Bolshe friends, so I guess I’d have to retitle this exercise: Cleaning Out The Cliche.

-I was rather upset to hear that one of my favorite Friends In The Ether, Red, mistress of Caught Him With A Corndog and Mother Superior of the Holy WOOT, is retiring from blogging.  As I wrote in the Comments Section of her posting announcing the sad news:

I’m really mad at you, Red.

I always enjoy your commentary, especially on the little bits of society that we often don’t give enough thought to.

You have my e-mail address, so do keep in touch. Also, I still expect you to contribute to my Comments Section.

Pat [Austin] tells us she’s invited you to Guest Blog at her site; you damn well better missy.

Red has promised that she will keep in touch and still comment on my postings.  She damn well better.

She posted this picture in her farewell:

That’s Red in the front row, far right.

I knew there was a special reason I liked her: she looks like Angela Cartwright [one of my first loves before I discovered The Golddiggers].

-Over at Potluck, Carol, madam of Carol’s Closet, had an excellent posting up last week where she took the Left’s claim that Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell was a right wing extremist to it’s logical conclusion:

What do Charlie Sheen, Daniel Sunjata, Martin Sheen, Mark Ruffalo, Mark Stepnoski, Willie Nelson, and Rosie O’Donnell have in common with John Patrick Bedell? They are all 9/11 “Truthers” also known as “Right Wing Extremists“.

Back at her home site, she expanded the list to include one more RWE.

-I do like Carol’s way with words.  Check out this snippet from a posting from this past Saturday:

Health care and Cap & Trade are two examples of the Left trying to impose their world view on the rest of us. If you listen to their arguments it always comes back to we know what is best for you. Everything is a moral imperative. But their advanced thought capabilities aside, the Left has been wrong at every turn. They have been wrong because they wouldn’t know a moral imperative if it flew up their fascist tailpipes.


-The Left Coast Rebel is not cheering the news that ACORN has announced that it is ‘dissolving’:

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship at sea, headlines are screaming today that ACORN is ‘dissolving’ and such. What I am gleaning from the issue is that ACORN is simply separating it’s ACORN tentacles, state by state, city by city to further the agenda of voter fraud, gaming the system, victimizing poor people and other nefarious activities. Although it is good news to read that ACORN is dissolving (as it is somewhat of a victory) we should all be aware that it is likely a giant shell game to ensure that the organization survives.

Methinks he’s right to be wary.  This is a typical tactic taken straight from The Leftist Playbook: when an organization becomes unpopular and bad for your public image, change its name and continue to do business.  Kind of like when the NKVD became the KGB.

-Since he returned from his succesful stint at CPAC, DaTechguy has been posting short interviews he conducted with various bloggers.  Do check them all out by clicking here and put faces to the names.  I especially liked this one with Nice Deb.

-Over at Wyblog last week, we learned some of the chilling details of the Hawaiian Balkanization Act [aka: Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act] that was passed by The House recently.  It is a horror show that, if passed by the Senate and signed into law, allows those with native Hawaiian blood to become part of a separate, self-governing tribe.  Residents of the island state who were not deemed members, would face legal discrimination.  Chris Wysoki, besides having researched the bill and its ramifications, also has first hand experience as his wife and her family are natives.  A highlight:

Since we’ve visited Hawaii many times we’ve gotten used to how the racial spoils system operates. And believe me, it is pervasive. Did you know that pretty much everything in Hawaii sells for 2 vastly different prices? There’s the marked price (“the Haole price”) and then there’s the under-the-table “Native Hawaiian” price.

How do I know this? Because one of the first times I visited her father’s house I brought some beer with me and happened to comment on how expensive it was to purchase. He said simply, “next time come with me”. So I did. And lo and behold when he told the clerk “this is my son-in-law” the beer that yesterday was $11.99 a sixpack was suddenly $5.99.

Chris came up with the term ‘Balkanization’ and he is dead solid perfect.  This has to be fought.  It will only result in further strains in American society.

-Speaking of strains: over at That’s Right, Russ offered some spot-on commentary on this issue.  A highlight:

…[The Wall Street] Journal notes the very slippery slope down which such legislation will inevitably lead:

What’s more, the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Orthodox Jews in New York could also start to see a benefit from constituting themselves as a tribe, since tribes, unlike federal and state governments, are free to establish theocratic governments. On what ground will Congress say no to these and other would-be tribes?

That’s a great question. What is to stop them? Nothing, if one is remotely intellectually honest. And after the Orthodox Jews and Amish do so, well, what’s to stop oh, I don’t know, a bunch of Muslims in Dearborn or Jersey City from applying for such state-sanctioned secession to start their own Sh’aria sect, free from those nasty constraints on stoning women and killing homosexuals.


The point I take away from this, as one who believes the Founders Constitutional Republic is clearly and unimpeachably at the apex of societal hierarchy, is that, like pretty much every single other modern liberal “idea”, this is cultural and political regression at its most base level. This isn’t progress. It is state recognition of primitive forms of societal organization that do not share many of the same classic Liberal, Western ideals like individual liberty, freedoms of speech and association and economic freedom. For centuries on end, culminating with the American Revolution, oceans of blood have been spilled fighting to prevent just this kind of dark age thinking.

Bravo Russ, brilliantly put.

Have you ever noticed that every program the Progressives advocate, when implemented, ends up causing a regression?

-Chris and Russ, along with Steve of the Motor City Times, Mike Todd of The Classic Liberal, GatorDoug of The Daley Gator, and the Mind Numbed Robot have formed a group blog, The Resistance.  There be some good commentating and analysis there, so do check it out.  You can quote me on this: This Resistance Is Not Futile.

-Over at Three Beers Later, Richard demonstrates how the ‘standards of acceptable language in the US military have changed over the years’.  I like the old way myself.

-This past Friday, Paco published another set of entries from his Diary.  This one hit home with me because of my three decades working for the gummit:

The ostentatious policy-wonkishness of the Obama administration is something that I now have the misfortune of living with every day at my own agency. The primary feature of this bureaucratic fantasy world is an unprecedented number of political appointees solidly committed to carrying out Obama’s big-government agenda, but not having the first clue as to how to go about it (or even what “it” is). These people have an insatiable need for information, a congenital inability to effectively process it, a misplaced sense of urgency, and a naïve belief in their ability to influence national policy from within the bowels of a small federal agency that exists pretty much at the margin of economic activity. They are like piano tuners who, through some extraordinary mix-up in communication, have been called in to do a plumbing job, but are not about to let their ignorance of the difference between an elbow fitting and a drain trap prevent them from tackling the assignment; and they are perfectly willing to run the risk of flooding your basement, secure in the knowledge that, by the time you discover your pool cues and your tax papers floating about like so much debris after a hurricane, they will have moved on to do the Lord’s work elsewhere.

I can’t tell you how many piano tuners I’ve seen over the years. Everything Paco describes happens again and again in government.

-Well, I’ve got more, but I have to get moving on to something else at this point.  I’ll do another one of these soon.

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