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People Get Ready For The Judgement Day

05 March 2010 @ 10:16

From The Corner, Robert Costa reporting, we learn:

“Get ready, we’re reconciling”— that’s what House Democrats are telling Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), the ranking member of the House Budget Committee. Ryan says Democrats are planning to “mark up a budget-reconciliation package as early as next Wednesday, which is probably a week before reconciliation will actually occur.” For now, he says, “they’re in the middle of trying to cut their deals,” all while “public outrage is building, not waning.”

Stacy McCain thinks we can win this battle of the long war:

Why the haste? It’s the old high-pressure sales pitch – “Act Now! Don’t Delay!” — and as any experienced consumer knows, that’s usually a sign that somebody’s offering a bad deal.

The reasons for Obama’s hurry-up trick is simply because he knows that every time lawmakers go back to their districts, they hear more from their constituents – who, as polls clearly show, are opposed to ObamaCare. And the closer we get to Election Day, the more members of Congress are likely to listen to their own voters instead of listening to Obama (and the army of lobbyists pushing for his plan).

All Republicans have to do is hold the fort a few more weeks, and ObamaCare will collapse of its own weight — another “Epic Fail.”

Pat Austin is riding through The Ether shouting ‘The Socialism is coming! The Socialism is coming!’  She’s a true Wolverine:

At this point, of course, many of those in Congress seem to just not care what you think. There’s not much, I suppose, that you can do about that. If they’re willing to fall on their swords for what they “believe is right” then there isn’t much you can do. But I’m not willing to believe that. I believe we can change enough votes if we try.

I will never stop trying. I will NEVER stop fighting this bill until the last vote, the last signature, the last move.

I am not so optimistic as I explained in my posting of the other day The Cold And Brutal Truth.  A highlight:

…If the Left can’t get the full-monty version of their socialized health care plan passed through the proper procedures, they will try to circumvent the proper procedures. If that doesn’t work, they will ‘compromise’ and accept certain pieces of the prize [the merely fascistic ones], those ones that will allow them to take the next steps: through stealthy methods impose the full program on us via regulations and executive orders and any other methods to hand. All the while they will sell The Big Lie that what they are actually doing is not what they’re really doing and that their opposition is pure, unadulterated evil in its intentions and character.

This is the moment when Republicans have to stand firm as a group and not yield to the temptations of their RINO pragmatist colleagues and their own proclivities that have led them to be rightly labelled The Stupid Party.  This is the moment where they can prove to us that they are real Americans and not narcissistic perk and power seekers.  As Dan Riehl* states:

…It is contingent upon the Republican Party to undertake every step, every maneuver it can to bring this government to a halt.


If the GOP won’t do it, then we must.

You say we are okay as long as we have a plan to rollback whatever they pass and undue the executive orders and regulations they sneak by us?  Listen to more from Rep. Ryan:

Is repeal possible? “Think about it,” Ryan says. “This will be a new entitlement that says that just about everybody making less than $100,000 will have their out-of-pocket health-care costs capped by the government — no more than 2 percent to 9.8 percent of your income will go toward health care, and the taxpayers will pay for the rest. And it will take 60 votes to turn that off. It’ll take a big rift to turn that off. It’s ominous.” Nonetheless, Ryan says he has been “strategizing” with his legislative team to see how “we could do a reconciliation package to peel this thing back,” but admits that such a measure would be “very, very tough.”

Repeal or not, Ryan worries that the “collateral damage to the insurance markets and health-care sector will be devastating” if Obamacare passes later this month. “Insurance companies will have to immediately lay off workers to comply with the new regulations. . . . Even if we’re able to eventually turn this thing off, it will be a different-looking world.”

Such metastisizing cancers are near impossible to eradicate from the body.

*I’ll have more to say later about Dan’s magnificent posting linked to above.

  1. 06 March 2010 @ 17:19 17:19

    Not to be a total pessimist, but I don’t think that the Left needs executive orders and such to move a “compromise” health bill into the full-on socialistic version.

    All they need to do is the same thing they’ve been doing for almost a century: plead that some pitiful group absolutely needs something, then expand it slowly to other deserving groups. We saw this with Social Security and Medicare, then Medicaid, then welfare. If you give these people an inch, they’ll try to run a marathon.


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