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Tip O’Neil Only Got An Office Building

04 March 2010 @ 19:50

If you ever visit the Northeast [and I mean New York, New Jersey, and New England], you’ll notice that most of the bridges, government buildings, and roads if they are named after somebody are named after politicians [the exception seems to be, as you might guess, New Hampshire].  What you probably won’t know is that most of the politicians who’ve been honored in this way were corrupt in some degree or another.  That’s the Nor’East way it seems.  Perhaps this happen all over the country — you’ll have to tell me — but I only know the history of this part of it in any detail.

Every big city seems to follow this practice and, as we find out from Midnight Blue, Philadelphia is most definitely still in the habit:

Local democrats have proposed naming the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard after the disgraced and deceased John Murtha.

I. Kid. You. Not.

The same John Murtha who worked with anti war groups in developing a ‘slow bleed’ strategy in order to undermine the ability of our troops to successfully complete their mission in Iraq.

The same John Murtha that accused the now exonerated Haditha Marines of murder and war crimes…

Talk about cojones the size of an aircraft carrier.  About the only thing worth naming after this poster boy for corruption and arrogance is a raw sewage plant.

  1. 04 March 2010 @ 23:37 23:37

    You’re tellin’ me. The tallest building here in Albany is named after a ludicrously corrupt former mayor whose biggest accomplishment was managing to stay in office for forty-plus years by having his political machine rig the vote.

    What’s really funny here is that Murtha’s district is on the other side of Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. I can’t believe these jokers are serious.


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