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Sit Vacuus Dedecus; Suus Animus Est Mortuus*

04 March 2010 @ 14:13

*He is without shame; his soul is dead.

Those two phrases just about cover who Barack Hussein Obama is.  If someone were to ask me to prove this contention, I would direct them to theblogprof’s posting of 03 March 2010, which chronicles nearly all of Obama’s pro-abortion actions and statements.  As he puts it, The Messiah is ‘the most viciously pro-abort zealot to ever sit in the Oval Office’.

It’s a well put together aggregation of reports and videos that prove that our President is, not merely a supporter of abortion, but a fervent and fanatical advocate of abortion in ALL of its forms.

This does not surprise me.  Committed Leftists care more for their ideas and for groupings of people than individual people.  The needs of the many far, far out-weigh the needs of the few or the one in their thinking.  This is why every single radical Leftist regime has committed serial murder with no compunction.  The collective, the all, the mass, are of greater value than any small groups [like kulaks and Jews] and any individuals [like you and babies].  In other words, human beings are worth less than concepts in the Leftist mind, because that is what a grouping ultimately is: not an actual thing, but a notion, a mere idea without physical existence.  A concept doesn’t exist in space and time.  When you’ve elevated the non-physical, to a place higher than the dimensional, logic dictates that you devalue the other.  Such thinking led to the Gulags, Re-Education Camps, the Holocaust, etc. — places where the will of the individual, the free will of man, was to be crushed like Winston Smith’s or converted into chimney smoke dispersed into the vast atmosphere.

Every attribute ascribed to Leftists as a whole in the above paragraph applies to Barack Hussein Obama, Pro-Abortion Zealot.

Big tip of the fedora to Smitty for turning me on to theblogprof’s great posting.

SIDENOTE 1: Over at Haemet, Roxeanne de Luca has published a post concerning a doctor in Philadelphia who is a kindred spirit of our beloved Comrade Obamnin [perhaps he will be our next Surgeon General; he certainly, as you will see, meets Barry O’s criteria].  Please do take the time to click the link to read her posting, but, be forewarned: it’s rather sickening.

SIDENOTE 2: A special thank you and tip of the fedora to Nice Deb for inspiring the title of this posting with a comment here.

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  1. 06 March 2010 @ 17:54 17:54

    This is also why health care that will result in rationing and death panels are acceptable to those on the Left: better we all suffer together, a lot, than for someone to suffer, a little, alone.

    Abortion, in the Left/progressive world, also vindicates a higher principle: they are punishing babies, the tools of the patriarchy, in order to elevate women. It’s a “Look, we’re powerful enough to beat up on another group, so don’t dare mess with us” attitude.

    Thanks for the link, by the way.

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