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The Conservative Blogger Debate Is On The Air!

01 March 2010 @ 17:22

MotorCityTimes and Makes My Brain Itch are moderating a debate between modern conservative Russ of That’s Right and old school conservative Mike Todd of The Classical Liberal.

As Scratcher writes:

Turns out, conservatives don’t agree on everything. One area of contention is America’s handling of the War on Terror, and its effect on our foreign policy.

Today, two conservative bloggers (who happen to be great friends of this blog) will be going head-to-head in what we believe will be the first multi-blog, multi-round debate of its kind.

It’s on.

The Conservative Blogger Debate begins now.

Alternatively one of the participants will be asked a question and will respond.  The other will then provide a rebuttal. And the original responder will be able to provide a short retort.

The debate began yesterday with Steve of MCT posing this first question to Russ:

One of the conservative arguments against the current prosecution on the war on terrorism is the fact that, as conservatives, we should not be involved in nation building In Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please explain you position with respect to the fact that after our post WWII reconstruction efforts , Germany and Japan have become our 4th and 5th largest trading partners. The exchange of goods accounts for 10.6% of all of the United States foreign trade.To put this in perspective, China accounts for 12.0% of all U.S. foreign trade (2008 numbers).

Russ’s response and later retort.

Mike’s rebuttal.

I’m still in the process of thinking on what they’ve written and will offer comment at another time.

Congrats to both for a damn fine start.

Both Steve and Scratcher will be aggregating responses from others at their links above.

The next question will be posed on Tuesday.

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