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Allies, Not Sugar Daddys

27 February 2010 @ 15:18

In a posting here yesterday, I quoted the following quip from Carol, mistress of Carol’s Closet:

I imagine our next president on his “apology tours”. But unlike Obama he won’t be grovelling before Mid Eastern terrorists. Our next president will be apologizing for actual wrongs against Poland, the Czech Republic and yes, Great Britain.

In my comment on Carol’s bon mot, I referred to Great Britain as our ‘closest ally’.  If you read the Comment Section of my posting, you will see that The Classic Liberal picked-up on this aspect of it and railed against America’s foreign aid practices.  Today, he expanded on his comment over at his site.  Though rather heated [he’s been running quite a fever lately], TheCL, as always, employs what Russell Kirk calls ‘right reason’ [I wish I could learn how to do that].   A highlight:

It’s time that “Poland, the Czech Republic and yes, Great Britain” learn how to stand on their own two feet. If conservatives expect their American brothers sisters to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, then they must expect the failed socialist State’s around the globe to do so as well.

If these failed socialist States can’t afford their own national defense, then let them lick the boots of their masters. Socialism was their choice, and it comes with severe consequences. So instead of spilling American blood and wasting America treasure, maybe they should give freedom and liberty a try for a change. If not, let them fail. Miserably.

The United States is NOT the welfare provider for the world. They chose socialism, therefore they chose to die with it too.

Bob made a good point about Obama not being loyal to the American Creed. He’s right! [Bob: I am always ‘Right’, pun intended] But we’ve got a lot more in common with Obama than we do with the tyrannical regime in Britain. Their laws are so abusive, they have cops who search your garbage!

There is no such thing as a socialist regimes inalienable right to American money and American blood. Quite frankly, it is immoral to spend American money and sacrifice American lives to prop up these socialist regimes.

Let me start by saying that I agree with Mike: The Unites States should not be providing foreign aid to other countries.  I would, however, make exceptions in rare cases, such as helping Israel when she was first formed and having to fight off enemies on all sides as she attempted to organize herself, but this the exceptions are a discussion for another time.  If a country cannot provide for its own national defense, then, in the main, that’s its own problem and, perhaps, speaks to a rot of Will within.  I see nothing wrong with providing military equipment, supplies, and training to allied countries, as long as they pay for it in dollars or barter or in base rights.  There should be no aid provided by the U.S. Government for anything else [except in those rare cases I referred to].  TheCL is quite correct that we cannot and should not be the ‘welfare provider for the world’.  Such behavior on our part only encourages the receiving countries to pursue reckless policies and, inevitable it seems, helps them preserve their escapes from the consequences of their unrealistic actions.  We actually do our allies a disservice, exactly of the same kind when we do it domestically, when we put them on the foreign aid dole.

Another disturbing aspect to our practice of foreign aid since we began it, is that we have provided it to regimes that are clearly not allied with us in preserving the peace [please understand: I am not some namby-pamby, misty-eyed optimist who advocates peace in the world for Kumbaya-like reasons; I advocate the absence of war because it benefits The United States Of America — that we can go about our business which is business, and because, being able to do so, lets us accumulate more wealth by which we can raise the American standard of living even higher.  I would enjoy nothing better than to take a heated iron Peace Symbol and drive it through the heart of every vampiric peacenik in the world.].  Providing such aid to ungrateful countries is not only a form of madness, it is suicidal.

When I advocate that we maintain our special relationship with Great Britain, or, as I have in different forums, advocated the close cooperation and friendship with the other nations of the Anglosphere, it is because we share a common heritage of freedom and liberty and language  [by ‘language’ I employ a double meaning: (1) the actual English Language and (2) a common philosophical vocabulary: the belief in Free Will.].  Our interests on the world stage are, at their core, the same: peace in order to allow the free and uninhibited flow of commerce and exchange of ideas.

In the case of Great Britain, TheCL is correct that they are drowning in the slime of a socialism of their own making.  This has caused, in my opinion, them to be of lesser value as an ally than Australia, which is on the same path but trailing considerably behind their mother country.  Fair Albion, as I have said on numerous occasions, seems to be exhausted.  But, I hold out some small hope that she can recover from her form of cancer [the great Englishman, Daniel Hannan has organized and is holding Britain’s first TEA Party as we speak].  Despite their plunge into the depths of malaise and despair, they still stand with us the vast majority of time.  Therefore, I believe we should support them on the Falklands issue.

Supporting their right to drill off their sovereign territory in the Falklands involves no exchange of monies, but would make Argentina think twice about taking any military actions.  Sadly, our American-President-In-Name-Only despises the nations and traditions of freedom and liberty of the Anglospehere, so his decision is not at all surprising.

To paraphrase Ben Franklin: We, the nations descended from the English tradition must hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall hang separately.

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  1. 27 February 2010 @ 16:44 16:44

    Good post. Like I said in mine, I didn’t even look into the Falkland issue, but used Carol’s quote to illustrate a different, but realated issue. And God bless Daniel Hannan, but like here in America, it’s too late. Every day that ticks by, brings us closer to the inevitable. Outside of “the conservative conservatives hate” Ron Paul, there isn’t a single politician in Washington with the fortitude to speak about our economic truth, and heaven forbid, advocate the hard pills to swallow that are the only potential cures.

    As economies around the globe crumble, it’s going to become ever more apparent that we need our military for real fights, not fancy peace corps missions of building Islamic States. As nations go broke, the war drums will beat louder. Worse, I fear for the families who will be left at home in the Greater Depression without their mothers and/or fathers and daughters and/or sons.

    I hope and pray I’m wrong about the economy, but unfortunately the facts and history are on my side. All central banks fail. Always and everywhere. Fiat currencies collapse. Always and everywhere. History constantly repeats itself, because humans never change … We always think we’re smarter “this time.” Just proof we’re nothing but glorified monkeys.

    Good post Bob … But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to retaliate for Operation Torch. he, he, he …

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