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Carol’s Crystal Ball

26 February 2010 @ 16:49

She’s taken it out of her Closet and is looking into the future, to a time when The Tall Cool Detached One is no longer our President:

I imagine our next president on his “apology tours”. But unlike Obama he won’t be grovelling before Mid Eastern terrorists. Our next president will be apologizing for actual wrongs against Poland, the Czech Republic and yes, Great Britain.

Do take the time to click here and read her full posting which concerns the Dali Bama’s latest slap to the face of our closest ally.

One small quibble with Carol when she writes:

…Remember, Obama comes from the Zinn school of social justice (and revisionist history) where Great Britain, like the United States, represents imperialist oppressors. He feels no loyalty to Britain and little for his own.

Obama has absolutely NO LOYALTY to The United States Of America.  He despises everything America stands for, otherwise, why would he want to destroy it all and replace it with the exact opposite form of government?

  1. 26 February 2010 @ 19:28 19:28

    Well … IF there is an apology tour … The next prez better start with Michigan, Illinois, Vermont, Texas, New Jersey, Washington, Arizona, etc. America First!

    It’s about time “Poland, the Czech Republic and yes, Great Britain” start taking care of themselves. Hey, if they can’t afford their own national defense, let them lick the boots of their masters. They certainly have no inalienable right to yours or my paycheck, nor the inalienable right to any American blood.

    Hey, maybe they want to “secede” from Britain. I sure would.

    If you wish to “protect” [insert failed foreign government here], then pack your bags, buy a big gun, and get your tail over there! There’s no such thing as the inalienable right to send others to die on a failed socialist State’s behalf.

    The United States is not the welfare provider to the world. You know … something tells me … maybe it’s just an hallucination … but if they actually tried freedom and liberty, they wouldn’t have all the problems they have today to begin with. Sorry, but I’m sick and blank-blank tired of this progressive idea that we have to continue propping up the rest of the failed socialist world!

    Let them fail. Miserably. Until they learn to accept freedom and liberty, and thus have enough wealth to take care of themselves.

    I’m a Big Meanie … I know. The “Christian” thing to do is confiscate other people’s money and use it to send other people to die on a socialist regimes behalf.

    I’m a Big Smartie too. But I think you get my point. As conservatives, we demand individual Americans stand on their own two feet or suck it up. It’s time to apply that wisdom on the rest of the world. We have less in common with these socialist regimes, than we do with Barack Obama.

    And of course … Obama has no loyalty to the American Creed. He despises it! So what do you think these socialist regimes who live like vampires of the freest nation in world history?

    (someone call Homeland Security on this crazy guy!)


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