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Speaking Of Ran…

25 February 2010 @ 14:03

…he’s found his own unique niche in the Rule 5 world: The Retro.  He was smart in selecting it too because, even though it may not sound like it, it is a wide-ranging area filled with many varied possibilities — something very important to those of us Rule 5 practitioners who abhor being dull and, thereby, leaving our readers unsated. 

Just last week, Ran featured the famous spy Mata Hari.

This week he favors us with two paintings by one of the great portrayers of the female form: William-Adolph Bouguereau.  In that posting he comments: 

Odd, but as time flows on, I find I rather prefer the classical approach to feminine beauty. Perhaps it is the medium: Photography’s near instantaneous product very rarely hints at patience or such care for the subject.

I must say, I’ve found myself feeling the same way as well.

Do head on over to Si Vis Pacem to check both works of art out by clicking here.

SIDENOTE: My favorite Bouguereau painting is Woman With Seashell:

  1. 25 February 2010 @ 20:48 20:48

    Thanks for the kind linkiness, Bob! I’m preparing a treat for next week’s RRF.

    March 11 I may have a n “odds ‘n ends” theme held together on one common element…


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      25 February 2010 @ 21:26 21:26

      Keep ’em coming.


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