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The Yackety Yack On CPAC IV: Inner Views

20 February 2010 @ 00:59

From time-to-time throughout the next several days, I’ll be posting some quotes and links from the best blogging coming out of CPAC.  My three previous postings can be found by clicking: here and here and here.

-Moe Lane, of Red State fame, is doing some great work and crossposting it over on his site.  He’s got up an interview with John Loughlin who is running for Patrick ‘Patches’ Kennedy’s seat in Rhode Island.  Do take the time to head on over to Moe’s joint to see all of them.

-Over at The Other McCain, Smitty’s been posting interviews conducted by Stacy McCain.  The best of the best: Lt. Col. Alan West [Ret.] candidate for the Congress in Florida and Doug Hoffman who will be running again for the NY-23 Congressional seat this fall.  In another posting, we get a snippet of Representative Mike Pence’s appearance at Blogger’s Row where he took questions.  Smitty is caught on tape asking a damn fine one, so please do check it out.  Here’s a screen capture from it:

Smitty: Mr. Pence, would you be willing to kill
to preserve the 10th Amendment to The Constitution?

-DaTechguy continues to do yeoman’s work and has posted a whole bunch of interviews of non-famous, regular Joes and JanesHe also scored an interview with Rick Barber who is running for the Congress down in Alabama [you may remember him from Stacy’s recent reporting down there].

-My friend Quin Hillyer will be moderating a panel on Saturday morning at 0930:

For those who are interested…. I will be moderating a panel at CPAC on Saturday morning at 9:30 EST. The title is “Saving Freedom from Fascism.” The panelists are all terrific: Jonah Goldberg of NRO, Amity Shlaes of Bloomberg (author of The Forgotten Man) and Herb London of the Hudson Institute. I’ll try to get out of the way of their brilliance and keep things running smoothly. They should be well worth a listen.

Indeed.  I hope it gets taped and shown later [its not on the C-SPAN schedule] or is part of the live streaming some sites have.  If I find it has been posted anywhere or is going to be shown on C-SPAN, I’ll let you know.

-Over at The Sundries Shack, Jimmie Bise has the video of Ed Morrissey accepting the Blogger Of The Year Award and the introduction given by El Rushbo.

-C-SPAN will be broadcasting Newt’s speech live at 1400 and Glenn Beck’s live at 1800.

-That’s it for now; its almost 0100 EDT.  I should have more of the highlights for you tomorrow.

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