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The Yackety Yack On CPAC III: The Miracle Of The Martini

19 February 2010 @ 09:43

From time-to-time throughout the next several days, I’ll be posting some quotes and links from the best blogging coming out of CPAC.  My two previous postings can be found by clicking: here and here.

-For the first time, CPAC is giving out the Charleton Heston Courage Under Fire Award and Smitty has the details on the winners and the what the award looks like.  And good choices they are, both the recipients and the award.

-Stacy McCain scored a quick interview with Ed Morrissey of Hot Air and got him to say a few words about the sale of it to Salem Communications [see my posting on that subject by clicking here].  Also, check out Ed’s statement on the acquisition here.

-Smitty caught Liz Cheney’s speech and the surprise appearance of her dad and offers this suggestion to The White House:

…The administration’s attention is drawn to somebody with a clue.

I saw the speech last night on C-SPAN and I’d add: she’s got the clue all right and also the solution.  Liz Cheney is a force to be reckoned with.

Jimmie Bise agrees:

…Liz is a rising conservative power on her own merits and this speech shows her strong chops.

-Speaking of the man behind the counter at The Sundries Shack, Jimmie has up a very informative posting with video clips from the Cheney, Rubio, and Romney speeches.  He was impressed by the former Governor of Massachusetts:

…he was different today, more relaxed and confident, aware that he was in front of a skeptical audience, and ready to take the fight to the right people. I was impressed (and you know how tough it is for a politician to really wow me).

As much as Dick Cheney reminded us today of our solid conservative past, Liz Cheney, Brown, and Romney give me hope that conservatism has a pretty bright-looking future, too. Yeah, I know the whole “Romney’s not really a conservative” thing. I’m not sure I buy it. He’s a smart guy. He knows where he’s made his mistakes and, more importantly, his speech today showed me that he seems to get that he’s only going to be as politically strong as his conservative convictions. He isn’t perfect, but he isn’t bad at all.

Here Jimmie and I part: being a life-long resident of the Nor’East, I’ve watched Mr. Romney’s whole political career and, while he certainly has conservative instincts, he’s, frankly, a wimp.  He’s not a fighter and we need people who are going to be able to effectively argue for the conservative philosophy and who are not going to back down when the going gets tough, which is what he did as Governor.  The man, sadly, lacks the testicular fortitude that we need for the coming battles in the desperate war we’re in to restore our freedoms and liberties.

-As I mentioned in a previous posting, DaTechguy is doing great work roaming the Convention and doing on-camera interviews of the regular folks who are attending.  Do go over to his site and check ’em all out [including this one where he interviews a Gold Star Mother].  Also, check out his meeting with a man who many of us owe our very existence to.  FYI: DTG, like me, is a WordPress user and was effected by their outage last evening, so he’s playing catch-up on the postings.

DaTechguy asks for more wine at last night’s Blogger’s party, while Stacy McCain [see hand coming in from left edge of photo] begs for tip jar money to feed Little Miss Attila’s insatiable gin habit.

-Speaking of LMA, she’s providing some good color from the event.  In one posting from yesterday she describes a miracle:

Big events were afoot, including the extraordinary occurrence of Robert Stacy McCain buying me a drink—a charge he may try to deny later on, on the basis that a real “gonzo journalist” never picks up the tab. But he owed me, for a couple of reasons. He raised an eyebrow at the bar when I insisted on Tanqueray gin, but of course Tanqueray is as low as I go: the man got off easy. Easy.

Next time Joy, make him ask for Plymouth Gin.

-Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey has a live thread going for each day of CPAC.  There you’ll be able to watch his streaming interviews live as they happen.  The one for today is here.  But keep checking over on the main page for archived interviews and the latest news coming out of the Convention.

-I’ll be back with more later.

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