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The Yackety Yack On CPAC I: The Magic Fedora

18 February 2010 @ 11:47

From time-to-time throughout the next several days, I’ll be posting some quotes and links from the best blogging coming out of CPAC.

-Smitty live-blogged Marco Rubio’s speech from this morning and promises he’ll post the transcript as soon as he obtains it.  He was impressed:

…I hadn’t been a serious Marco Rubio booster previously, but I think the gentleman, if committed to serious structural improvement of the political system, has as much potential as any political conder [‘comer’?, ‘contender’?].

He lacks the slickness of a Mitt Romney, and that’s a feature: America’s egalitarian attitude often mistrusts polish for its own sake. Sure, style, but Rubio brings more honest substance than many others.

I don’t know about you all, but that’s the kind of folks I want.  Mitt Romney’s slickness is a sheen that hides his wimpyness.

-DaTechguy and his cannolis and fedoras arrived safely yesterday and he’s been doing some great work taping mini-interviews with some of the attendees:

=Steveegg, head chef of No Runny Eggs

=An unidentified couple

=Brian Hackett

=Michael Bernig [sic?]

=Tanya, mistress of Midnight Blue

=The Mystery Woman of CPAC [have the cannolis and red wine gone to DTG’s head?]

=Andre Harper and the Afroconservative

As you can see, DTG’s been interviewing the regular folks who are attending the Convention.  This is often a side of the story so-called ‘professional’ journalists never cover and its why I became a big fan of DTG during the Scott Brown Campaign.

-DaTechguy also has the 411 on Stacy McCain and the Magic Fedora.

He also makes a great point in another posting from the trenches:

I’m listening to the opening speech by David Keene and his speech is pretty good, but it will not be Keene’s speech but the people attending that will determine if we are successful in our quest to do our best we can for the country so we can leave a better one than we’ve received.

And we’ve received a great country!

-Stacy’s filed his first report [which he will be updating as the day goes along] at The Other McCain.

-One thing I really enjoy about these kind of events is that you do discover new folks who, through their sites, are out there fighting the good fight to restore our freedoms and liberties.  When I find new ones, I tell you about them in these CPAC postings.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    18 February 2010 @ 13:24 13:24

    I’m a little supprised you feel that kindly towards Romney I think he’s as bad or worse than McCain.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      18 February 2010 @ 14:48 14:48

      The man is a first-glass [oops: ‘class’], Grade-A, wimp.


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