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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

17 February 2010 @ 21:16

…is awarded to Stacy McCain for his righteous Fisking of America’s public education system:

America’s contemporary public-education system is funded on the basis of Average Daily Attendence (ADA), and the bureaucracy strives to maximize ADA in order to maximize revenue. Ergo, no matter how smart a kid is, the system compels them to go through 13 years (K-12) of school. This is accomplished via a dumbed-down curriculum geared toward the learning capacity of the “average” student, which aims to prevent bright children from learning at their own pace and graduating early based upon demonstrated content mastery.

This purposeful inhibition of learning on the part of bright students has a mirror-obverse effect on children with low academic aptitude. Just as the government education bureaucracy strives to retain bright children for all 13 years, so it is with low-achieving students who have no interest in academics and who receive limited benefit from chasing the high-school diploma that has been dumbed-down merely to provide a bonus for staying in school. Such young people would benefit far more from an apprentice program that, starting at age 14 or 15, allowed them to earn wages while being trained in some useful and remunerative trade.

Yet the egalitarian illusion of every 18-year-old receiving the same diploma serves the interests of the bureaucracy, which retains both the dullard and the genius for 13 years of taxpayer-funded public schooling. And the result — as can be seen in the hallways of any large “comprehensive” high school — is an insanely heterodox mixture of students, herded together willy-nilly so that they can all cheer for the same football team every Friday night.

“School spirit.” Go, Team!

Spot-on.  And please do take the time to click here and read the full mini-essay.

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