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A Racist Bishop?

15 February 2010 @ 18:11

We know that Amy Bishop, the professor at the University Of Alabama who murdered three of her colleagues when she was denied tenure, was a socialist and had a history of violence and odd behavior.  Many of us find it interesting that her victims were all minorities.  Professor Donald Douglas, who has been doing a fine job covering this whole story, in his latest posting asks some good questions regarding the minority angle.  A highlight:

…And there’s been a deafening silence of the race of the victims from the Obama-enabling press corps. If the suspected killer of Drs. Johnson, Podila, and Davis had been a fan of Michelle Malkin or Rush Limbaugh, the entire radical netroots would have by now mounted a lynch-mob campaign against the “fanatical right.”….

Too true, but, of course, not surprising at all.

Please do take the time to click here and read the full posting.

SIDENOTE #1: There may end up being a political casualty in this case: Representative William Delahunt, who was the county DA when Mzzz. Bishop ‘accidentially’ shot her brother dead and ruled, amid many unanswered questions, that the shotgun death was inadvertent, may not seek re-election.  Michelle Malkin is on the case [I pity the fool who gets Mrs. Malkin looking into their situation]:

In any case, a horrible crime in Alabama may help make up Delahunt’s mind.

Amy Bishop, the deranged gunwoman accused of murdering three University of Alabama colleagues in cold blood after she was denied tenure, turns out to have been a beneficiary of Delahunt’s largesse when he was a district attorney and she was brought in for shooting her teenage brother in 1987…

Please click here to see what she has uncovered so far and also check out her links to Jim Hoft and Rossyln Smith who are uncovering other unsavory aspects from this woman’s life.

SIDENOTE #2: Stacy McCain has aggregated some more interesting information on Mzzz. Bishop.  He quotes the following from an article in the Boston Herald:

A family source said Bishop . . . was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.

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