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The Shape Of Things To Come* Coming True?

12 February 2010 @ 18:30

In a brilliant essay over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain takes a wrecking ball to the Temple Cult of Scientism:

…which grants Science an unquestionable influence far beyond the laboratory and the classroom. Our laws, our government, our families, our businesses — all our social institutions and private pursuits — must conform to the scientific consensus or else forfeit their legitimacy.

This is the best exposition of the case against the deification of Science I have ever read.  The key word here is ‘deification’, the belief that through Science all answers can be found.  Such god-makers deny the transcendant element in human existence.  They are also the grandest of the grand hypocrites because they seek nothing less than to make Science religious-like, to declare that it ‘exists apart from, is not subject to the limitations of, the material universe’ [The Oxford Dictionary And Thesaurus, American Edition, 1996].

I highly recommend to you Stacy’s essay.  Here are a few outstanding highlights:

The assertion that Science has all the answers to every important question, and that no answers are to be found in any ”unscientific” source, is arrogant in the extreme. This assertion is offensive to anyone who has studied the history of science, for that history is littered with once-fashionable theories that have been discarded as not merely false, but dangerous. It is not hyperbole to say that the infamous dictators of the 20th century — Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot — all believed their tyrannies were justified by Science. Nor is it irrelevant to point out that all of these murderous madmen shared a contempt for religion and traditional morality.

All of the great tyrannies, stretching back to at least The French Revolution, have justified their actions by invoking Science.  As I wrote in my mini-essay The Totalitarian Collectivist Impulse [emphasis mine]:

….The Leftist, on the other hand, has shedded any trace of humility and modesty, and believes that the ideas conceived in the laboratory of the brain can be implemented in the real world without alteration. This attitude, combined with their certitude that they have conceived of THE ANSWER, leads them to believe that any means necessary to employ to establish their ‘paradises’ are justified.

Another highlight from Stacy’s treatise:

Hostility toward religion, and toward the traditional beliefs associated with religion, is a necessary correlation (if indeed it is not the origin) of fanatical Scientism. To deny the existence of God is to invalidate any supernatural authority in human affairs, which necessarily means that ultimate authority must reside in human hands. This all-encompassing human authority cannot be entrusted to religious people, as they do not accept the denial of God on which such authority is premised. So Christian conservatives like Sarah Palin and her supporters are viewed by the high priests of Scientism with a horror similar to what the mullahs of Iran reserve for the infidel.

What we are witnessing is therefore not actually an argument about what science has proven in regard to climate change or evolution or anything else. Rather, when we see defenders of the “consensus” seeking to employ government authority to impose policy based on claims of scientific expertise – while they insist that official recognition must be denied to skeptics who question such claims — we are witnessing a power-grab. Just as Lenin once made “All Power to the Soviets!” the slogan of the Bolsheviks, so now our own totalitarians cry, “All Power to the Scientists!”

This is an important and must-read work if you want to understand what is behind the Science of today.


  1. David R. Graham permalink
    13 February 2010 @ 00:23 00:23

    A century late in the “Oh yeah, that IS happening.” department, but better late than never. 🙂

    “Science” has been the majority-held idol of Western man since at least the late 19th Century.

    Remember blood-letting, the universal cure? The ice pick into the brain through the upper portion of the eye socket of the Kennedy daughter, to cure her independence? How about “anti-depressants?” “Social engineering?” “Eugenics?”

    Remove the vertical component of life and you have “science,” a cruel neologism. The world’s most powerful platform for tyranny.

    The cure is the monastery, the camp of the saints. And not for anchorites only, but families as well.

    In that line of thought, this occurred of late: one knows a woman is serious about liberation when she eschews makeup, heels and panty hose, in the same way that one knows parents are serious about their offspring’s welfare when they eschew “daycare/preschool” and homeschool their offspring at least until their technical competence or material assets fail their offsprings’ thirst for expansion.

    To the nunnery. Very traditional and effective response to tyranny. And when there, archive and enhance what is good and true and beautiful so that memory of same persists despite efforts to deform or annihilate them. Go TCOTS. God cannot be undone or dismissed.

    The Call of the Divine is an Invitation that has to be accepted. Let us take note and take heart.


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