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Stacy McCain In The ‘Heart Of Dixie’ II: On The Down Low

05 February 2010 @ 18:13

As reported here yesterday, Stacy McCain is down in Sweet Home Alabama doing his gonzo reporting thang.  When you set out to report on a story and you’re willing to wear down the shoe leather, you never know what you’ll unearth and, one day into his trip, Stacy has come across a brewing scandal in the Republican Party down in the Heart Of Dixie that could blow nationwide.  It involves the Republican Attorney General, Troy King, who, it seems, likes slipping through the backdoor of the men-only club:

Everybody who follows Alabama politics knows about the gossip and everybody has a sarcastic joke about the state attorney general, so it’s not exactly news, which may partly explain why the state’s establishment media won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Do a Google search and it’s hard to miss the online rumor that swirled in 2008 when the name of Troy King, who had been John McCain’s state campaign chairman, was inexplicably scrubbed from the campaign’s Web site. King previously had been rumored as a 2010 gubernatorial candidate, but the new rumor seems to have put an end to that talk.

The rumor was quite specific, involving J.W. Godwin, who interned in King’s office and was subsequently hired as an aide. Reports that the 24-year-old Godwin was being paid nearly $60,000 — a princely sum in Alabama, where the cost of living is very low – added grist to the rumor mill.

No political reporter in the Heart of Dixie will go near the ugly gossip about King, a Baptist who has a wife and three children. Maybe it’s all a left-wing Internet smear and, trust me, I’ve got first-hand experience with that stuff. At some point, however, a rumor becomes news.

You just know the Kossacks and TPMers are just waiting for the right moment to make this man another Larry Craig.

Please do take the time to click here and read the full report.

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