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There’s Something Happening Here…

04 February 2010 @ 14:49

…What it is ain’t exactly clear….

Continuing with, and regarding the subject of Julius Obamacus Caesar’s anti-Las Vegas remarks, a question arises: why does our Fearless Leader dislike that city so much?  Neo-Neocon thinks she has the answer:

…I believe that what is driving him so forcefully is his desire to be a preacher/teacher to the great American unwashed, a superior moralizer who likes to lecture inferior others on what they should do with their money.

This, of course, has little to do with what the federal government does with its money (which so far, especially under Obama, and despite his remarks about priorities and tough choices, is to spend and gamble away our children’s future), or what personal extravagance the Obamas have shown in the White House (quite a bit). Frugality is for the little people, the ones who fail to do simple things like keeping their tires properly inflated and using those vile energy-saving bulbs.

You know, those bitter clingers and the rednecks who are so stupid as to blow money in places like Vegas when they need it for bigger and better things. The folks who might even value their personal freedom to do whatever they choose to — including gamble, if they happen to feel like it — without sourpuss preacherman Obama spoiling their fun. Las Vegas seems to be a symbol to Obama, a sort of secular Sodom and Gomorrah rolled into one, and he just can’t resist using it as an example of what not to do and where not to go.

Makes sense to me.  Lefties are often puritanical towards the proles.

Is Barack our Strelnikov?

  1. 04 February 2010 @ 16:15 16:15

    Once upon a time, a conservative friend of mine shared his belief that Vegas is a monument to capitalism. Aside from the fact that it’s in the middle of a freakin desert, just outside of Death Valley, but still attracts millions of people, it’s an inexpensive place wherein hotels compete to out-do each other, offer better deals, build bigger, cooler, more imaginative buildings, and, in general, everyone benefits.

    Confirmation has come from the unlikeliest of sources: the enemy of capitalism and all it represents, Barack Obama.

    (On a side note, if you’re going to have a convention, why not Vegas instead of New York or Boston or DC? It’s a lot less expensive for the organisers and for the attendees.)

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      04 February 2010 @ 16:49 16:49


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