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The Trog In The [Ass]Hat [Update at 1331]

04 February 2010 @ 11:31

Lance Burri whines to a drunk Scott Brown at the 2008 GOP Convention.


The TrogloPundit—sur-friggin’-prise—is whining again.  This time its about the fact that the 2012 Republican National Convention is not going to be held near the cave where he dwells [actually, usually, pouts].   

Over at The Other McCain, Smitty tries to calm him down:   

Dude: we’ll work it out. We’ve got three years to plan the Smittypalooza Road Trip.   

We’ll find a way to scare up the transportation. You just have to borrow a bit of that Insane McCain Moxy, hit the road, and figure it out….   

I doubt this will work cause little Fancy Lancy is like the kid in the group of friends you had when you were young who always whined about getting snow in his boots if you all wanted to have a snowball fight.   

Why can’t he be like The Good Berri Burri?

UPDATE at 1331… Fancy Lancy points out here that I spelled his last name wrong in the preceding sentence and makes a sarcastic remark about me, and also slams my good friend Smitty.  Funny…he didn’t address the charge of whining at all…perhaps…just maybe…he couldn’t???….deflecting are we?

  1. smitty permalink
    04 February 2010 @ 14:14 14:14

    It’s such a sad state of affairs.
    And what’s with his hand position in the photo? Trogadelic Meditation?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      04 February 2010 @ 14:25 14:25

      Praying to the Viking gods?


  1. National GOP: “We’ve gotta have our convention as far from Trog as possible!” « The TrogloPundit

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