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In For The Long Hall

03 February 2010 @ 19:43

Adam Andrzejewski, one of six candidates in yesterday’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary in Illinois, and who I positively posted about here, came in fifth.  State Senator Bill Brady won a narrow victory by less than a percentage point [there may be a recount].  Mr. Andrzejewski, who received a lot of support from TEA Partiers, says Senator Brady is a ‘good guy’, so that’s something if true. 

Over at Ruby Slippers, you can see the results of the three races in Illinois.

As Stacy McCain commented [he live-blogged it]:

In the end, the challenge for Tea Party activists in Illinois — as elsewhere — is to focus their energies toward the long, slow process of getting inside the regular GOP machinery. Over the past couple of years, Ron Paul’s supporters have discovered that in many instances, it takes only a half-dozen or so dedicated activists to capture a county Republican committee. Tea Party people can learn the same lesson.

Sitting through the tedious proceedings of a county GOP meeting might not be exciting and revolutionary, but such is the mundane business of pursuing real political influence.

In another posting, Stace wrote:

Second-guessing campaign strategies is a fascinating sport. However, if there is any New Media takeaway from the Illinois gubernatorial primary, it is this: Campaigns would be wise to engage the blogosphere early in the election cycle, rather than to treat online outreach as an afterthought. (My friend JSF at Valley of the Shadow has been trying to explain this to the California GOP.)

The past three months have seen the Hoffman, Brown, and Andrzejewski campaigns.  What we have witnessed is not even the end of the beginning.  There’s still a long road ahead and the key is that we learn from each defeat and victory and apply those lessons in the coming battles.  And there will be more of them coming up soon enough.

By the way: ‘soon enough’ is here: Stacy’s about to leave to cover the primaries down in Sweet Home Alabama.

  1. 03 February 2010 @ 21:41 21:41

    Thanks for linking. I agree we have a lot of battles ahead and though momentum is on our side for a change we need to learn from each win and each loss and apply those lessons to future elections. I have some concerns about how the local GOP machinery is choosing candidates, dusting off old names and bringing them out of retirement and thinking that will be enough.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      03 February 2010 @ 23:07 23:07

      Those concerns are very well warrented.


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