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Who Is Adam Andrzejewski?

02 February 2010 @ 08:20

1) He is running in the Republican Primary for Governor today in Illinois.

2) He has been endorsed by Rush Limbaugh who said ‘He is the Scott Brown of Illinois’.

3) He has been endorsed by Lech Walesa who said ”I see in him a young Ronald Reagan’.

4) He is a TEA Party member.

5) He’s a ‘a 40-year-old businessman with no previous experience in politics’.

6) Stacy McCain likes him [true…he likes practically everybody] and has been promoting Mr. Andrzejewski [pronounced an-gee-EFF-skee] candidacy relentlessly.  From Stacy’s article in yesterday’s The American Spectator:

Andrzejewski was an early supporter of the Tea Party movement that began last Feburary in Chicago with CNBC market analyst Rick Santelli’s impassioned denunciation of President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus bill, a rant that sparked the first rallies. The movement “has coalesced behind my campaign,” says Andrzejewski, who claims 93 percent support among Tea Party activists in Illinois.

Translating that support into victory in a major statewide campaign, however, presents a tremendous challenge — including the geography that required Andrzejewski to spend hours yesterday driving 300 miles from Chicago to a rally in O’Fallon, a downstate suburb of St. Louis. Meanwhile, his Republican rivals have poured massive resources into the last-minute push before Tuesday’s vote, with McKenna reportedly spending $2 million of his family’s fortune on the campaign.

Andrzejewski has relied principally on small donors and online fundraising, including a “money bomb” last week that netted $36,000 — 50 percent more than the announced goal of $24,000. “It’s hundreds of low-dollar donations,” he said Sunday. “It shows the grassroots enthusiasm and momentum for the campaign.”

His comparatively modest resources may actually prove a hidden blessing in the hard-fought primary. While his opponents are inundating Illinois with automated “robocalls” and flooding the airwaves with negative ads, Andrzejewski’s campaign is relying on volunteers to run phone banks and closing out with a light-hearted TV commercial featuring man-on-the-street interviews of voters pronouncing his last name.

I hope every one who can vote in the Republican Primary does give a vote to Mr. Andrzejewski—he’s exactly the kind of guy we want [and need].

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