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Our Duty To The Aborted

01 February 2010 @ 11:01

When I find myself these days in a conversation with someone who is pro-abortion, I rarely bother to argue with the person because it’s almost impossible to have a reasoned discussion.  Often the most calm people turn fanatical in claiming the supremacy of a ‘woman’s right to choose’.  The one statement that drives me up the wall and causes homicidal thoughts to cross my mind is the one that begins ‘While I’m personally opposed to abortion…’.

DaTechguy seems to feel the same way, but he has a way of dealing with it that doesn’t involve violence:

He asked me in return if I felt I had the right to forbid a woman from having an abortion? My answer was equally blunt: Yes.

Although throughout history that would not be a controversial answer, today it is positively anathema. The type of answer one doesn’t give in polite company.

As he recovered from his surprise, not only from my answer but from the matter of fact way I gave it, I asked the bottom line question: “Is abortion the killing of a human life?”

That is when the gentleman started to hem and haw about when life began and when it should be protected, hen it has value. I pointed out that the government had no problem protecting a bald eagle’s egg unhatched, why not a human?

This is the cut to the chase, the argument that we have ceded to the determent of millions for the sake of politeness and inoffensiveness.

Too true.  We should never let the pro-abortionists get away with such mealy-mouthed bromides.  DTG is dead-solid-perfect when he writes:

When people talk about abortion as a “tragedy“, as something that should be “safe, legal and rare” as something we all “want to reduce” they reveal that they know the truth behind it, that we are talking about human life. We are ending a human life for the sake of convince, hardship or panic. We are willing to let it go, discarding it like any other piece of unwanted property, just so long as we don’t have to talk about it.

We should call them on it.  I think one of the reasons I have avoided discussing the issue with the pro-abortionists is that I would let myself get overheated and fanatical in my own way, and I didn’t like what I saw.  However, now that I am a little older and hopefully more mature, I think I should be able to adopt DaTechguy’s calm approach.  Someone has to speak-up for these defenseless children.  We have to call out the pro-abortionists for their hypocrisies and avoidance of reality.  We owe that to the millions of souls who have been denied the chance to live.

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