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Doug Hoffman Needs Our Help

24 January 2010 @ 16:22

‘This one was worth the fight.
And it’s only one fight in the battle, and we have to keep fighting.’

Doug Hoffman

I’ll let Stacy McCain tell you why:

While I was in Massachusetts this past week, I heard some disturbing news: Two other candidates — including a wealthy investment banker – are challenging Hoffman in this year’s GOP primary to take on Owens in November. To which I respond, not just no, but hell no!

Doug Hoffman has earned this shot, and those of us who were inspired by his campaign last fall need to unite to make sure he gets it.

Please contribute to Doug Hoffman’s campaign today. Whether it’s $10 or $20 or $50 or $100, every dollar counts toward ensuring that a year from now, we can be proud to call him Congressman Doug Hoffman.


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