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The Election This Week: Odds And Ends

22 January 2010 @ 20:00

-Over at American Power, Donald Douglas has posted a great editorial cartoon that captures our Fearless Leader’s situation perfectly.  He also offers his analysis on the election.  While I don’t agree with it all, as always, The Professor is thought-provoking.  [On an unrelated matter: Smoothies Prof?]

-DaTechguy continues his good reporting on his talks with the ordinary folks of the Bay State.  In his latest, he tells of us of his visit to Scott Brown HQ yesterday.  Good stuff. 

He’s come up with a damn good one sentence explanation as to why Scott Brown won:

The people of Massachusetts got to know him and that made all the difference.

At the end of the posting, he offers a bit of wisdom that the Senator-Elect should not forget if he hopes to get elected to a full-term in 2012 and that any conservative or libertarian should not forget if they want to get elected to the Congress later this year:

 The better you know the people you want to represent the better you will represent them.

Enough with the David Frums types who live like limousine liberals; enough with the John Boehners and Mitch McConnells and John McCains who have stayed in Washington way past their ripening date; enough with the Newt Gingrichs and Karl Roves and Mary Matlins and Peter Wehners who have spent way too many hours at Beltway and New York cocktail parties and have become desiccated establishment hacks.

-Fishersville Mike has discovered that Stacy McCain’s got his mojo workin’, but, sometimes, as Muddy Waters used to say, ‘it don’t work no good’.

I don’t know how Iowahawk does it, but he’s gotten Rosa Ortiz, former Chief of the Housekeeping Staff for Martha Coakley’s Campaign and former housekeeper for Caroline Kennedy, to write up her analysis of the election.  Here she is describing the aftermath:

In this morning when I get to the kitchen Senora Coakley is standing there with the Democratic advisor people. And they are all very angry. At me.

“Have I done something wrong Senora?” I say.

“Rosa! You have done everything wrong!” they are yelling. “There is no way we could lose the election. Everybody in the Massachusetts loves El Presidente and his health care! Everyone loves Senora Coakley and Tio Teddy! You are the reason, Rosa! You have lost this election just like you did with Senora Kennedy in Nueva York. Rosa, you are the cursed!”

And now I am getting very angry.

“No, Rosa is not the cursed,” I say. “But Rosa has a curse for you. Chinga su madre, puta loca.”

Methinks this blame-game thing on the part of the Dems is getting out of hand.

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