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Scott Brown’s Daughters, Arianna & Ayla In Bikinis

21 January 2010 @ 08:52

Stacy McCain asks the right question:

Why Isn’t Everybody Blogging About the Ayla Brown Bikini Photo Scandal?

They should be, but maybe the word hasn’t gotten out yet as far and wide as it should. 

Members of the VRWC and the Blogosphere: do your duty and blog about Arianna Brown in a bikini and Ayla Brown in a bikini.

Stacy again:

It’s time for conservative bloggers to unite in support of this scandalous shamelessness! Just as we ruthlessly exposed the horrors of Hanna Giles in a bikini, so we must join together in the crusade for more Ayla Brown bikini photos.

And more Arianna Brown bikini photos.

The DaleyGator, GatorDoug, already has blogged about Ayla Brown in a bikini.

The Classic Liberal, Mike Todd, is getting the word out and has posted the picture of Arianna Brown in a bikini and Ayla Brown in a bikini.

It’s your duty dammit!

SIDENOTE: Why are you all ignoring Arianna Brown?  Look at the picture above, damn you…she’s as lovely as her sister [and probably a lot less full of herself].

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