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20 January 2010 @ 09:11

As you read this, I’m gathering my thoughts and soaring through The Ether on a ship made of sunshine to aggregate the best, most insightful commentary and analysis on Scott Brown’s victory in the election to replace Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts…..I’ll be reporting soon…just wanted to wish our Fearless Leader a Hap-Hap-Happy Anniversary…   

Who Am I?


 …be back soon.   

-Let’s start off with a quote from the Man Of The Hour, Scott Brown: 

 Tonight we have shown everyone — you are the machine!

 -Over at The American Spectator, Stacy McCain has up a report on the happenings last night at Scott Brown HQ.  It also includes some insights into the man.  Here’s one:  

 While Brown’s supporters chanted inside the ballroom, the candidate’s sister Lee Ann was outside the hotel on the sidewalk beside Arlington Street.  

 “What kind of guy is he?” she said of her older brother, who was a surrogate father in their single-mom home. “When there was a father-daughter event at my school, Scott took me. When there was a parent-teacher conference and our mom couldn’t make it because she had to work, Scott was there.”  

 I don’t agree with the man on every position he holds, but he does seem like a decent human being.  Considering he had to win in Massachusetts, I’ll be satisfied if he remains decent.  

 -One of the commentators on Stacy’s report,  drudge ette obama, does a spot-on compare and contrast:  

What a difference in candidates between Scott Brown is and Al Franken.  

On one hand, you have a emotionally happy and strong person in Brown, and a miserable angry person in Franken.  

One wears a diaper, the other drives a truck.  

 -I like this headline from The Sydney Morning Herald [tip of the fedora to my brother, ‘Books’ Belvedere]: 

‘Tsunami’ in US politics: Obama loses Kennedy seat  

Excuse me for a moment…[walks into other room]…Bwah-hahaha-hahahaha
…[walks back into room]…where was I?….oh…  

-Erick Erickson has come up with one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of the impact of last night:  

In Massachusetts, Barack Obama’s unicorn of hope and changed died under the weight of Ted Kennedy’s ego….  

-In the same posting, he also reminds us that the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves:  

Once Kennedy’s condition became terminal, he could have resigned his seat in favor of an appointment or special election. Instead, the Democrats and Kennedy decided he should martyr himself to advance socialized medicine in America. Had he resigned before the health care debate began, the Republican victory in Massachusetts would be a myth. Instead, it is now a reality. Yes, you can credit Ted Kennedy with killing health care, not just Mary Jo Kopechne.  

They were too cute by half.  

-In his enthusiasm, Erick lists eleven other things we can take away from Scott Brown’s victory.  I mention his ardor because I think he’s being a little too optimistic, but, then again, I think everyone, and I don’t exclude myself, usually is.  Here’s on of the things he mentions that I think he gets just right, however:  

9. The Left tells us the nation is now ungovernable. Actually, the allegedly ungovernable citizenry just told those attempting to govern to go to hell.  

Hey Lefties, don’t forget the handbasket.  

-Over at Pundit & Pundette, Pundette thinks the Bolshes are going to have a hard time plausibly spinning the message of yesterday to their advantage:  

The message of Brown’s election is impossible to spin. No, the people didn’t vote for Scott Brown in order to send him to Washington to work with Pres. Obama for change (Donna Brazile) or as a protest against Republican opposition to change (Steny Hoyer). What nonsense.  

This was an unambiguous vote against Obama’s ‘change’ agenda.  

Brown campaigned as the super-majority breaker and his supporters voted for precisely that. Why else would they be chanting 41, 41, 41?  

Oh…they’ll try their damnedest and the choir will eagerly pick up the gruel being fed them and pass it on, but only the faint of heart will believe them [and there are a good number of those].  

-Pundette links to a great posting by Steve Burri [the good Burri…not Lance] that tells, through the use of photos, the story of the Martha Coakley Campaign [in the last one, see if you can spot the gonzo reporter].  

-Richard, over at Three Beers Later, understands:  

This was not a GOP victory tonight. If it had been left to the GOP, to Michael Steele and John Cornyn, Scott Brown would have vanished into obscurity and Ms. Coakley would have waltzed into Washington uncontested.  

This was, yes, a victory for the ‘tea baggers,’ the scorned, mocked American men and women from all parties and no party who came together to reject the politics of the insiders club in DC, GOP and Democrat, to reject the trading of favors paid for by our security, our solvency and our children’s futures, to reject the notion of government by the mutal consent of well-placed incompetents who understand their own arcane parliamentary games and nothing else about this magnificent, diverse, yes, exceptional nation.  

This was a victory for all who sit outside the Establishment.  They have labeled us barbarians and much worse and they will shower us with worse calumnies in the days ahead, but we have ’em surrounded, we’re at the gates and we’re going to do whatever it takes to retake our shining city on the hill.  As Richard puts it: .That’s one’.  

-William Jacobson, leader of the Legal Insurrection, is dead-solid-perfect:  

Tonight we did what the pundits were saying, just days ago, was impossible. But only because they didn’t understand the anger in society at what is happening in Washington, D.C.  

Those of us who understood it believed this was possible and never gave up….  

Let’s hope the Bolshes keep on not understanding.  

Another posting by The Prof indicates that this is already happening among the Queens Of Denial:  

All really would have been well had Martha Coakley achieved Obama’s numbers (duh), according to John Cole at Balloon-Juice:  

I know a lot of you are really upset about the loss, but if people want to be honest about what happened tonight, this is not the fault of progressive activists (despite the fact that I am incapable of behaving maturely and insisted on being a jackass on twitter). This is not the fault of the adminstration and Barack Obama, because if Coakley had Obama’s numbers in Mass., she would be the next Senator.  

Democrats must not look in the mirror, for they may not like what they see.  


Keep it up. We can’t do it in November without you.  

-Our Prof on the Left Coast, Donald Douglas, gives us a great example of the many Leftist hissy-fits and temper-tantrums that are being thrown [we’re laughing at you Roger].  

-Over at WyBlog, Chris has the news that Scott Brown may be asked to give the GOP response to Barry’s State Of The Union speech.  

-As the Bolshes sit there and wallow in their tofu-infested hovels, their elected toadies might want to listen to Moe Lane as he gets all DeNiro-in-Casino on their asses:  

This message goes out to every vulnerable Democratic Congressman representing a Republican or even centrist district – and after tonight, who among you is not vulnerable? It is a simple message: we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. The easy way is, you suddenly decide that you have a burning desire to spend more time with your families. So you don’t run for re-election, you walk off stage technically undefeated, and you go join a lobbying firm. The hard way is, you do run for re-election, and we pry you out of your seats.  

We want to do this the hard way. We will enjoy doing it.  

That we will.  

-Paco has posted a Democratic Recriminations Roundup that indicates, so far at least, they don’t get it.  

I’ll have more later….time for lunch. 

UPDATE at 1351… 

-Over at SI VIS PACEM, Ran is right-on in not wanting to let Republicans off the hook: 

Before Republicans start crowing, they had better note that ‘Republicanism’ did not win here… the statist-progressive agenda lost, and lost heavily at that given the standard of a win in Massachusetts. Without a solid liberty-oriented agenda, Republicans are still merely Plan ‘B’


Republicans would do well to note the paradigm shifting… it isn’t Democrat versus Republican or even Left versus Right. The emerging paradigm is Liberty versus Tyranny

The Stupid Party should know: we’ll try Plan B and work with you, but, if you try to control us or water our demands down, we’ve got Plan R waiting in the wings, IYKWIMAITYD

-Carol, of Carol’s Closet fame, has a stern warning for all our elected officials: 

…On our behalf, the people of Massachusetts have sent a very clear message that our officials work for us and that they will be held accountable when they act contrary to our will…. 

Who’s your daddy. 

-KC Duffy, over at Pixie Place, thinks yesterday’s vote is part of keepin’ it real: 

Welcome back to the REAL America, where most citizens DON’T think the Federal Government should be running every aspect of their lives and spending their money on useless programs! 

-Dan Collins was at the Brown Victory Party last night as part of Blogger’s Row.  He had an interesting chat with a reporter representing The London Daily Telegraph

I’m sitting next to Alex, who’s the Daily Telegraph’s US political reporter, who has posed a series of questions about my view of the campaign, including the role of the Tea Partiers, who seem to exercise a particular fascination for our friends across the pond. For my part, I’ve asked him why it is that we seem to be getting so much of the news about our own government from their papers, to which he laughed, as though the answer should be obvious. Perhaps they feel the same way. 

-With so many on the Left and a good number of the GOP Establishment not getting what happened last night, I think DaTechguy has the best advice for those of us who are fighting to restore our lost freedoms and liberties: 

If the GOP doesn’t take advantage of this foolishness it’s only because they are not trying or in the word of Phil Sheridan: 

Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell 

If we don’t ride through them it’s because we are not trying. 

Damn straight. 

Sheridan Rallies the Troops at the Battle of Cedar Creek

-In the picture above, I think I see Michelle Malkin among the group following right behind General Sheridan: 

…Brown’s victory, the battle over Demcare has only just begun. The health care takeover-peddlers are looking for a back-up plan. If they can’t get their full “public option” Trojan Horse through the gates, they’ll settle for Trojan Ponies. 

In “Paul Revere’s Ride,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of “the muster of men at the barrack door.” Today, it’s the muster of men at Barack’s door who must be met with “a cry of defiance, and not of fear.” The nutroots are cranking up the pressure on congressional liberals to cling to the most radical form of Demcare and “fight harder for change.” What part of Coakley/Obama’s epic fail doesn’t the party in power understand? 

Tea Party activists must stay vigilant and crank it up even louder to warn of the coming big government perils. 

The Bolshes Are Coming! 

Please follow this link which also contains her syndicated column from today—it’s classic Michelle. 

-Over at Three Beers Later, Richard has started compiling a list of Cool Scott Brown Facts.  Here are a few of them: 

=Scott Brown once arm-wrestled Sarah Palin…to a draw. 

=When George Washington crossed the Delaware, Scott Brown towed his boat… with THE TRUCK. 

=Scott Brown doesn’t use Axe deodorant… he’s a donor. 

-I think it appropriate to end with this great quote from over at WyBlog by Chris: 

After Pearl Harbor Japanese Admiral Yamamoto opined, “I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant.” Memo to Barack Hussein Obama, you’ve awakened THE sleeping giant. We aren’t going to take it anymore. We want our country back. And you can’t stop us. 



  1. 20 January 2010 @ 09:25 09:25


    Watched the stream from The Other McCain till I had to get to bed…then couldn’t sleep so watched the running commentary on Fox News. I was stunned when Ms. C conceded shortly after 2130!

    Mitt called BarryO and the CongressWeasels NEO-MONARCHISTS – they’re better and smarter and EVER so much more capable than the peons they rule.

    I don’t believe the Weasels will necessarily LISTEN to the message being sentand ‘change’ the way they act, but it truly gives me ‘hope’ to see it being sent!

  2. 20 January 2010 @ 09:52 09:52

    I too have been gathering thoughts. Once you have yours down, I’d like to link them.

    Yeah, but I’m not soaring right now. Rather I feel like those guys starting their way up the cliff.

  3. 20 January 2010 @ 10:37 10:37

    Oh, the irony of this anniversary.

    You’re one of my featured blogs today.

  4. bobbelvedere permalink*
    20 January 2010 @ 14:49 14:49

    Thanks very much, Jill.

  5. 20 January 2010 @ 21:09 21:09


    Thanks for the link among all this great stuff! And even moreso, thanks for ‘Steve Burri [the good Burri…not Lance] ‘ of which I will hold over his head forever even though McCain called me the more obnoxious of we two. (I will need a ladder to hold it over him though. He has 6-8 inches on me.)


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