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Stacy McCain In Bosstown VII

18 January 2010 @ 17:39

To read my six previous postings on the special election for Senate in Massachusetts, please click here and here and here and here and here. 

The Headline Of The Day, as you might expect, comes from the New York Post:

You can try, Barry, you can try…best to leave it to your goons in SEIU and the Teamsters, though.

-The Green Hornet and Kato…er…Don Corleone and Pete Clemenza…er…Stacy McCain and DaTechguy continue their shoe leather gonzo reporting from the land of the bean and the cod.

L-DaTechguy, R-Stacy McCain, M-??? (Is that Smitty?)

-Over at the Greenroom, Stacy has posted three videos he made at the Obama/Coakley rally held at Northeastern University on Sunday.  He interviews a two of Scott Browns supporters, one of whom is Randy May, a Vietnam Vet who drove up all the way from Mississippi [1,600 miles] because, as he puts it:

I woke up about six months ago and realized I had let my country down. . . . We need to get everybody off the couch, into the street and do something.

He also published a report, over at The American Spectator, entitled: The Scott Heard ‘Round The World.  A highlight:

…One elected Democratic official — although required by the state party to support Coakley publicly — privately admitted over the weekend that he will vote Tuesday for Brown, as will his wife.

Coakley was “mailing it in” on the senatorial campaign trail, the official said, relating how in his own election, he had gone door-to-door “seven days a week” soliciting votes. After winning the Dec. 8 Democratic primary, however, Coakley seemed to shift into neutral, expecting to coast easily to victory in the general election. She even took a six-day vacation from campaigning in December.

That’s the kind of thing I’m hearing a lot of from folks I know in the Bay State.

-DaTechguy [who has been very generous with the linky love for your humble Dispatcher] filed a very informative report early this morning about the rally, while drinking some Italian wine [another goombah living up to the stereotype, I see].  A highlight:

Later, as a group of Brown partisans bearing signs supporting Brown and the famous Gadsden flag — with it’s Don’t Tread on Me banner and coiled snake — moved through their ranks they attempted new chants with more success: “Down with Brown” and “Flush Brown Down”. Their zeal was a tad excessive as one Coakley fan got into the face of a very disabled Brown supporter in a wheelchair who was part of that procession.

“That’s a Confederate Flag” said one African American woman observing the coiled snake on the yellow field. It took the word of several people around her to convince her that the flag was in fact the Gadsden Flag from the American Revolution (an odd thing to miss in Boston).

This was consistent with the current campaign situation where ad after ad had bashed Brown with the zeal and accuracy of a jihadi denouncing the State of Israel. The Coakley supporters were not happy and felt cheated out of their rightful victory.

They always get so testy when they’re denied their way.  Also, it’s not surprising that a Lefty is so ignorant of U.S. history, is it?

-DTG made the mistake of catching-up on MSNBC’s coverage of the race [why stress yourself out with that, man?].  I guess Mzzz. Coakley’s now telling everybody that turning out the vote will be the key thing for her.  With anywhere from three to twelve inches of heavy, wet snow having been dropped on the Commonwealth, and another inch or two expected tomorrow, DTG points to a problem with her reliance on the turn out:

…the snow on the ground is going to hamper digging in graveyards statewide.

-It seems Chris The Tingler Matthews finds it strange that so many Catholics are planning to vote for the heretic Protestant Brown.  DaTechguy reminds The Tingler:

These aren’t the days of No Irish Need Apply anymore. The Catholics who live here aren’t poor and aren’t oppressed by their Protestant overloads and neither were their fathers.

We are much more likely to take note of Nun Need Apply.

He needs to get out of Washington and New York City and get to the 5th Street Diner & Old Time Luncheonette in Fitchburg more often….

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: What a maroon.

-William Jacobson, leader of the Legal Insurrection, has been doing some of the best reporting and providing some of the best analysis on the race.  You can view all of his postings related to the special election by following this link.  As of 1000 this morning, the phone banks at Coakley Headquarters were unmanned because of the storm hitting New England and The Prof has some video from there.  Well…they can expect their paid campaign workers to trudge through the slush, can they?  Money only takes you so far.  Someone I know very well reports that she’s been getting live calls from the Brown folk since 0730 this morning.  Enthusiasm will take you a long way.

-This is good news: Professor Jacobson will be live-blogging at his site starting tomorrow morning.

-The Lonely Conservative has a video clip from the Brown Rally held yesterday to a packed hall in Worcester.  Among the attendees were Lenny Clarke, Doug Flutie, and Curt ‘I am NOT a Yankee’s Fan’ Schilling.

-Boston radio talk show host Michael Graham has also been posting a lot of informative and entertaining stuff about the race over at his site, The Natural Truth.  Today Mzzz. Coakley spoke before the MLK Breakfast in Boston [Scott Brown attended, but was not invited to speak…surprise, surprise].  This is an event that is not officially political, although a lot of politicking takes places unofficially [its Bosstown, after all].  However, none of the speeches are supposed to be overtly political.  Martha broke that tradition, as Mr. Graham reports:

Martha Coakley did not stand up in front of the Martin Luther King breakfast in Boston today and say that her election was part of MLK’s dream.

Surely, she’s not that stupid…

Martha Coakley spoke to the Boston Martin Luther King Day Breakfast this morning, making the case to a subdued crowd of dignitaries at the Hynes convention center that voting for her tomorrow will help carry on King’s legacy.

“I’m running for the United States Senate because Dr. King’s work is unfinished; his dream is unrealized,” she said.

“Tomorrow we act on the dream and we make sure that we allow me to continue that work,” Coakley said. “We remember the dream tomorrow and we will act on the dream tomorrow.”

Damn, girl. Have you completely lost it? Do you really think Dr. King’s dream said “I have a dream that one day Massachusetts will elect a liberal white lady to the US Senate?”

How presumptuous, self-centered, ham-fisted and inappropriate. In other words, the perfect way for Martha Coakley to end her campaign.

As for her turning the MLK speech into a campaign speech, Mr. Brown commented:

I thought it was inappropriate that she started asking for people’s votes.

Michelle Malkin has up am excellent report on Scott Brown the uniter and demolishes the arguments of those squish Republicans, like David Frump Frum who thinks Mr. Brown’s success vindicates their call to turn the GOP into Democratic Lite.

-I almost forgot this one: Stacy taped an interview with Massachusetts native and writer for Reason Magazine, Michael Moynihan at the Northeastern University rally yesterday and took a number of pictures of signs being held by Brown supporters and he posted them here.

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