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Stacy McCain In Bosstown VI

17 January 2010 @ 17:54

To read my five previous postings on the special election for Senate in Massachusetts, please click here and here and here and here and here. 

-I’m happy to report that Stacy McCain’s site is back-up and running, but it may still experience more bandwidth problems like it did last night for three hours.  If it goes down again, I think he’ll probably be blogging at his old site.  As you might expect, his host provider wants him to purchase more bandwidth, so the tip jar is being rattled

-There’s a lot of enthusiasm in Massachusetts and it seems to be all for Scott Brown.  The Bolshes are grim, but don’t underestimate their determination if you’re a Brown supporter.  The very wise Paco agrees

Scott Brown is surging in Massachusetts. Does this mean we sit back and start clinking glasses of champagne? Not on your life! We’re talking about Massachusetts, after all, so if the Democrats can…finesse an election anywhere, it’s going to be there; let’s keep the pressure on. 

You can’t waver and you’ve got to keep an eye peeled for any shenanigans.  As so many have pointed out: we’re talking about the notoriously corrupt Democratic Bay State, after all.  As Howie Carr, veteran reporter and bane of the corruptocrats in Massachusetts, has put it: 

Nothing is on the level; everything is a deal; no deal is too small. 

And as The Ward Commission Report on corruption in the Massachusetts Statehouse put it way back in 1980: 

We have learned that corruption is a way of life in Massachusetts. 

Nothing’s changed in thirty years.  Keep your eye on the sparrow. 

-Scott Brown ended the Saturday portion of his bus tour last night in Middleborough, which is located in Southeast Massachusetts and Stacy and DaTechguy were there.  Stacy has posted two videos and a bunch of photos from the event over at Hot Air.  In one of those pictures, Pete Clemenza…er, DaTechGuy is featured ‘persuading’ two guys: 

'I'm making you an offer you can't refuse.'


Over at his own site Stacy also reported on the event and then commented on the fact that even big-time Lefty Taylor Marsh thinks Mzzz. Coakley is done and you can stick a fork in her, even if she wins: 

The jaw-dropping god-awfulness of Coakley’s campaign is something you’ll be telling your grandchildren about. She may be the first candidate in two decades with less charisma than Michael Dukakis. I’m hogging the best quotes in my notebook for the next American Spectator column, but there are lots of Democrats in Massachusetts who agree with Taylor Marsh that Coakley has scraped right through the bottom of the barrel, straight into the sewer…. 

-DaTechguy has filed his own report from the Middleborough event.  A highlight

So could I find that elusive voter in the crowd who voted for Kennedy in 2006 but was a Brown supporter in 2010? The guy holding a Democrats for Brown sign alas admitted he had never voted for Kennedy, I figured my quest was over … 

…then I met Valerie LaCasse of Acushnet 

She and her husband were forever canceling out each others votes but Ted Kennedy and his legacy was gone and now Martha Coakley stood asking for her support. Although she had supported her for Attorney General she had never warmed to her as a Senate candidate. She resented the time off Coakley took after the primary. 

With the Kennedy name before her she had never dived deeply into the issues, voting for the man who did so much for her state, now with her disappointment growing with the president she voted for just 14 months ago she decided to look deeper into the issues and found for the first time she and her husband were on the same side. 

For a non-reporter, DTG’s been doing a heckuva job reporting on the mood of the crowds at the events he and Stacy have attended—its much better than the stuff being written by the professional journalists who are covering the story.  Te Salute, DTG [even though you’re, apparently, of Sicilian descent which means you’re not Italian IYKWIMAITYD]. 

-Because his site was down when I was filing my Dispatch last night and then guests came over and stayed for about four hours, I was unable to include Stacy’s reporting in that Dispatch.  Here’s two highlights from the report he filed yesterday over at AmSpecBlog

Seeing the Senate campaign from ground level is weird, in that you see and hear things — TV ads, mailers, local news coverage, the comments of voters — that aren’t visible from outside the election battle zone. So you’re watching selected microcosms of the campaign that don’t necessarily match the Big Picture the national pundits are commenting on. 


What really counts now is turnout, which is why Barack Obama is coming to town Sunday: To try to fire up Democrats to get out the vote. It doesn’t matter if Obama actually sways any undecided voters. His appearance in Boston is aimed at inspiring those discouraged Democrats who might not bother to vote if they think Coakley’s already lost. 

Shoe leather reporting at its finest from the best gonzo reporter in the VRWC. 

-In that same posting, Stacy also commented on the veracity of the polls being released and that brought to mind comic Steve Kruiser’s remarks on Friday’s Red Eye when they were discussing the poll showing Mr. Brown up by four percent: 

That’s within the ACORN margin-of-error. 

Too true. 

-Yesterday Stacy also posted on his thoughts and links to others commenting on the Purple For Brown movement among SEIU members. 

In another posting from the 16th, Stacy is spot-on in his comments on the potential Bay State Dems pulling some hanky-panky: 

Scott Brown has consistently said he hopes for a fair election. “I have faith in the system,” Brown said yesterday at his rally in the North End. 

The possibility of Democratic vote-rigging is like the rumors of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape — you can’t describe it until you see it. But as we were driving to a late dinner last night at the Border Grille & Bar in Leominster, I pointed out that there is no authority to hold Democrats accountable for their cheating. 

“Who’s going to prosecute them? The state attorney general? And if you appeal to the feds — yeah, I’m sure Eric Holder will get to the bottom of it.” 

-Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey has some thoughts on what a loss by the Democrats in deep blue Massachusetts will mean nationally: 

…Even lousy candidates get elected to statewide office in the Bay State as long as they have a D next to their name, however, so don’t expect them to ignore the obvious. If the backlash to the Pelosi-Obama agenda can take out a safe Democratic Senate seat in Massachusetts — or even come close to losing it in one of the bluest of blue states — then moderates in red states like Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, and others don’t stand a chance. They’ll start looking for reasons to reassert their independence, starting with ObamaCare and continuing with cap-and-trade. Schultz is right — it will be the end of the Obama agenda as we know it. 

-Someone I know just got a call paid for the national Democratic Party and approved by the Martha Coakley Campaign that claims, in the days after 09/11, Scott Brown voted to deny compensation to Red Cross workers who volunteered in the recovery efforts in New York.  More [but not unexpected] nastiness from the slime machine. 

-Speaking of slimy ads, an undercover operative I have in the Coakley Campaign just discovered sent this proof of an ad that Martha is going to put in all the newspapers tomorrow: 


I’ll be updating this post after dinner. 

-The Update will be delayed a few hours/ 

UPDATE @ 1147… 

-This morning, DaTechguy and Stacy attended Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Fitchburg and then went to a coffee shop.  Stacy’s report on what he heard about the race from parishioners is here and DTG’s report on what happened at the shop is here

-Flying around the Leftosphere is the story that Scott Brown is a Birther.  It is based on a heavily edited clip that originated, it seems, at the Blue Mass Group site.  In a posting here, William Jacobson exposes the distorting of what Senator Brown actually said.  He concludes rightly: 

The people spinning this nonsense are desperate because they have nothing good to say about Martha Coakley and they are afraid that the majority of people in Massachusetts feel the same way. 

-However, there is someone who actually said our Fearless Leader’s mother was not married: Michelle Obama.  Professor Jacobson has the details here

-The Prof also has posted a great parody of a Martha Coakley ad produced by the folks at The Nose On Your Face.  He’s right-on when he comments that her supporters will believe anything.  The ad captures exactly the tone of the ads her Campaign has been running. 

-Don’t forget to check-in with The Lonely Conservative for coverage.

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