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Damn Good Advice

16 January 2010 @ 17:30

I’m going to do some rare and quote a blog posting in-full that Quin Hillyer published, over at AmSpecBlog, on Thursday.  I’m doing this (1) because there’s absolutely nothing I can add to his comments and (2) because I think it very important that all supporters read the brilliant Erick Erickson posting linked to in Quin’s.  Here goes:

Erick Erickson makes a GREAT post at Red State about the over-defensiveness of many supporters of Sarah Palin. His point is that it is possible to be a supporter of Palin’s, and/or of solid conservatism, without withdrawing the right to offer constructive criticism of her or her handlers. And if we don’t self-correct, we’ll be in one heap of big trouble in future elections. Before you berate me, read his post. He makes sense. And he loves Sarah Palin. Friendly advice should be taken as such. And conservatives should never fall for a cult of personality. Sarah Palin is an admirable lady. She is not a savior. ‘Nuff said.

  1. 17 January 2010 @ 13:11 13:11

    As often evidenced on my blog, I believe it’s MORE IMPORTANT to criticize “conservatives” than I do progressives*. After all, I already know progressives/Democrats are idiots! Besides, conformity is for wimps!

    I’d also add that IDEAS should trump both personality and political party membership!

    *I refuse to call them liberal, because there’s nothing liberal about them.

    Side Note: Damn she looks hot in that picture!


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