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Stacy McCain In Bosstown IV

15 January 2010 @ 17:27

To read my three postings on the special election for Senate in Massachusetts, please click here and here and here.

As you might expect in the final days of any campaign but especially in one that’s running hot, a lot of news is being made.

-Stacy McCain, our man on the ground in the Bay State,went along as Scott Brown and Rudy Guliani spoke in The North End of Boston this morning.  He filed a straight news report over at AmSpecBlog.  A highlight:

With polls showing Brown now surging ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley, Giuliani appeared at a rally with Brown at the Paul Revere monument in the predominantly Italian neighborhood.

“[Brown’s] election, I believe, will send a signal, and a very dramatic one,” said Giuliani, who excoriated the Obama administration’s policy of trying terrorists in civilian courts.

-Stacy also posted a number of videos he shot this morning including Senator Brown speaking and Rudy’s pitch for the candidate.  At his side once again was his faithful sidekick, DaTechguy:

L-R: DaTechguy and Stacy McCain

…Since Da Tech Guy is Sicilian, he speaks the language. We stopped in a little cafe in the North End to grab a cup of coffee and he insisted I should also have a cannoli.

“But I’ve got to go cover the candidate,” I protested.

“Leave the candidate, bring the cannoli,” he said.

-Speaking of DaTechguy, he filed his own report.  A highlight:

Once Stacy and I got on the ground we separated a bit. I tended to notice the Italians who actually live in these narrow streets. They liked Brown and turned out for him but the crowd of outsiders, particularly the press, who had congregated in the neighborhood elicited the normal glances and comments in Italian among them that are the rule when any group of tourists/outsiders visit.

Rudy however got none of that, he fits in here like a native and was treated accordingly.

-In my previous posting this morning, I wrote of my concern over what dirty tricks the thugs from the unions like SEIU might pull in the next few days as they flood the state.  Michelle Malkin has a report on the resources they’re pouring in.

-Mrs. Malkin also has a post up on the anti-Brown ad the DSCC had to pull because it put the candidate’s face over a background picture of the World Trade Center!  Here’s a screen shot from the ad:

-William Jacobson and his wife visited Brown HQ for two hours today [his fourth visit] and the Prof. has filed a report of what’s going on there.  A snippet of it:

Here’s the bottom line: The place is on political fire.

No one is complacent, at all. Everyone seemed to understand just how much work needed to be done over the weekend.

-According to the AP, Glenn Johnson and Liz Sidoti reporting [via]:

His health care bill at stake, President Barack Obama plans a trip to Massachusetts to campaign for endangered Senate Democratic candidate Martha Coakley amid release of a poll showing an edge for the Republican Party in the race to fill a Senate seat Democrats have held for over a half-century.

Democratic officials disclosed the president’s plans Friday on condition of anonimity [sic] because they were not authorized to pre-empt a White House announcement.

Oh, goody.  Here’s hoping our Fearless Leader can do for Coakley what he did for Jon Corzine and the Chicago Olympics.

-From Bosstown radio talk show host Michael Graham, we learn:

While Haitians struggle with the death and horror of their worst earthquake in two centuries, where will the “UN Envoy To Haiti” be?

Why, raising money from rich liberals for Martha Coakley, of course!

I’ve resisted giving advice to the Coakley campaign, but this event is so egregious I have to speak out. Martha, do yourself and President Clinton a favor, and tell him to spend Friday in Port-au-Prince, not the Fairmont Copley in Boston.

Another brilliant move by the Coakley Campaign.

-Mark Steyn has some thoughts on Mzzz. Coakley:

Even if you’re a Democrat, somewhere deep down you know that Martha Coakley wasn’t what your party needed at this stage in the political cycle — a grim hack career pol embarrassingly stupid and inarticulate on matters domestic (if you’re religious, don’t work in an emergency room) and foreign (my sister can see the Middle East from her house) who reacts to awkward questions by complaining the press is stalking her and standing by as aides send them crashing to the sidewalk, and whose entire campaign has no rationale other than hereditary entitlement.

Dead.  Solid.  Perfect.

-The aforementioned Michael Graham and his crew have produced the ultimate Martha Coakley attack ad:

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