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Stacy McCain In Bosstown III

15 January 2010 @ 10:22

To read my two postings from yesterday on the special election for Senate in Massachusetts, please click here and here.  

In a posting late last evening, Stacy posted Scott Brown’s latest video which is quite a good one attacking Martha Do Nothing Coakley’s very cozy relationships with lobbyists [especially those who will benefit from Obamacare passing].  I think the visuals are very effective.  He also relates this bit of info: 

You want to see how demoralized Democrats are about the distinctly unlikeable Martha Coakley’s horribly bad campaign? Check out the desperate arguments made by a liberal Massachusetts  blogger

‘Panic’ is a word you’re hearing an awful lot of to describe the Dem’s emotions these days. 

-On the subject of Mzzz. Coakley’s personality: its interesting that so many people dislike her personally.  I have never met her and my beefs with her concern her being an overzealous, bend-the-law prosecutor, a consummate hack, and that she holds radical Leftist beliefs.  A gal I know who used to chat with Maahtha [Massachusetts pronunciation] when she worked in the Middlesex County DA’s Office tells me she was very personable and had a dry wit.  Make of that what you will, but you should know the gal in question is of 100% Irish Catholic descent and, I believe, so is Mzzz. Coakley and Irish broads are an odd [and dangerous] breed and they stick together. 

In a posting from early this morning, Stacy gives us the 411 on his day yesterday, the latest poll numbers, and what is up for this morning.  Here’s an interesting tidbit: 

BTW, the Boston Herald says that getting the endorsement of Ted Kennedy’s widow might have actually hurt Martha Coakley in that poll. 

That would be the latest Suffolk University poll. 

-Last night, DaTechguy published a very useful and informative aggregation posting [and I say ‘great’ not because he linked your humble Dispatcher, but because he hunted down some very good commentary to showcase, despite having a freeloading gonzo reporter camping out on his couch who is prone to have man-crushes on people like Byron York].  DT is feeling the excitement: 

I haven’t had this feeling in my stomach since after game 5 of the 2004 playoffs vs the Yankees… 

-This morning The American Spectator published an article by Stacy on the niceness factor in Scott Brown’s surge.  A highlight

Brown’s nice-guy likeability may be his strongest advantage in the race to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy in a state where registered Democrats outnumber GOP voters three-to-one. His affable, easygoing manner offers a stark contrast to his opponent, state attorney general Martha Coakley, whose chief argument for her own election seems to be that Brown is a Republican. 

Pouring $3 million into a wall-to-wall advertising blitz branding Brown a “lockstep” Republican, Coakley’s commercial inspired a parody response on Michael Graham’s popular Boston talk-radio program: “Scott Brown: So Republican, he’s even registered as a Republican.” 

While most media have focused on Brown’s surging momentum — he raised $1.3 million in a Monday “money bomb” and has moved ahead in the latest poll — perhaps the bigger story is Coakley’s complete flop as a candidate. 

The words ‘dull’ and ‘cardboard’ come to mind. 

-Over at Legal Insurrection, William Jacobson has analyzed the video our Narcissist-In-Chief made in support of Mzzz. Coakley: 

The video is very strange. It is way too long for a television commercial, although the Coakley campaign could edit it. If Obama really wanted to put himself on the line for Coakley, he would have appeared in person or at least cut explicit television ads. 

The video also is fairly downbeat. There is nothing about Obama’s tone which resembles his campaign speeches, either for himself or for others. He seems almost lethargic and disinterested. 

The video also is all about Obama and his agenda. Coakley is the means to achieve Obama’s vision, and Coakley almost is an aside. 

This is a screenshot from Mzzz. Coakley’s campaign page… 

Yea...The One looks real enthused...

-The Professor also has the answer to why we have not seen Scott Brown’s wife on the campaign trail.  Its another proof as to the candidates integrity. 

-He also has the dirt on her dissing of Teddy Kennedy: 

…At the start of the primary season, Coakley was so tone deaf as to start her campaign for the seat before Ted Kennedy died, causing allegations that Coakley had shown disrespect for Teddy…. 

…Coakley ran a barely stealth campaign operation as Teddy was on his death bed, using state campaign funds, so that Coakley could get a jump on her opponents in the primary race. 

-The Lonely Conservative has the 411 on the supposedly Catholic Coakley’s ‘tolerant’ attitude to those health care workers who oppose abortion on religious grounds.  After listening to what Mzzz. Coakley said, The LC asked a very reasonable question: 

Does she also believe we should get rid of Catholic hospitals? 

That would be the logical next step in Martha-World.

Added at 1147: It would seem Martha Coakley is a Cafeteria Catholic who’s on a diet.

-My biggest worry right now is that, in their panic and desperation, the Dems and their union thug partners are going to go all-out with the dirty tricks and false allegations in the last few days of the campaign hoping that Scott Brown will not have sufficient time to react.  After all, it’s their STOP. 

-One final note for those ladies in the Bay State who are undecided: 

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