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Stacy McCain Is In Bosstown [Welcome To My World]

14 January 2010 @ 14:38

-The Sam Gatlin of the VRWC has landed in the Bay State to cover the last days of the race to fill the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.  He’ll be doing his gonzo reportin’ thang crashing on DaTechguy’s couch for the next six days.  DT already has a suggestion for the first thing Stacy can report on:

Maybe the first story he can cover is the absolutely shattering surprise Boston Globe endorsement of Coakley.

Who woulda thunk it? I couldn’t be more shocked if I found enmity between RedSox and Yankee fans.

What a wild and crazy race this has been.

-Welcome to my world Stacy.

-New York Senator Chuck Sleazy Slimy Schumer sent out the following e-mail blast:

Martha Coakley is running to fill the rest of Ted Kennedy’s term, and her opponent is a far-right tea-bagger Republican.

It would be bad enough to lose this seat — and Democrats’ sixtieth vote in the Senate — right before the final health care reform vote. But it would be even worse for the decisive “no” vote to come from Ted Kennedy’s old seat.

Stacy quoted this in his last posting before leaving for the Nor-East.  One of the commentators, Bill Hedrick, makes this spot-on and indutiably well-reasoned point [Comment #19]:

OK I knew this but I finally boiled it down so it can be used: If you call someone a tea-bagger, you are a homophobe.

1) You are using the term with contempt, using it as a condemnation

2) Tea-bagging is a homosexual love making techniques

3) By using the term as a condemnation you are saying the practice (and de facto the practitioners) is despicable.

ergo you are indulging in homophobia.

Note: this should only be used in rooms where the exploding brains of liberals will not stain the carpets.

Therefore, Chuck The Flatulent Ferret-Face Schumer is a Homophobe [‘Hey Barney, don’t stand too close, okay’].

And another thing: we may be ‘teabaggers’, but as Stacy pointed out to the Daily Kos:

At least none of those dangerous “teabaggers” have started shoving around reporters, eh, Kos?

-Boston radio talk show host Michael Graham responds to the Coakley Campaign’s charges that Scott ‘Cosmo‘ Brown is not the regular guy he portrays himself to be:

The Coakley campaign just sent out a press release pushing this HuffPo hit piece on Scott Brown. They’ve dug up some real dirt on this supposedly “regular guy” candidate. Did you know he “owns five properties”?

Brown owns three rental units in the college neighborhood of Brighton, and the Coakley campaign is trumpeting the fact that “Brown’s 2008 SFI reports . . . a net income derived from [one of these units] of $1,001 to $5,000.” Obviously, Brown doesn’t need some crummy senate job with an income like that!

Then there’s this stunner: Scott Brown, who pretends to be a modest, typical Massachusetts resident, owns a time share in Aruba. That’s right: A time share. The Coakley e-mail reports the value of this Aruban paradise as “valued at $10,001 to $20,000.”

Thurston Howell III, call your office . . .

Methinks I smell desperation at Coakley HQ.  I’ve got to say: even if Senator Brown does not win, I’m loving every minute of watching the Bolshes panic.  This is better than anything on TV other than R Lee Ermey shooting and blowing things up on Lock ‘N” Load.

-Yesterday over at Legal Insurrection, William Jacobson reported this:

The Massachusetts special election continues to amaze. Democratic candidate Martha Coakley has taken a swipe at Fenway Park fans:

Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’ she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that.

Well yes, politicians go out to meet the voters even if it means standing out in the cold. At least politicians who want to win in Massachusetts.

Today Scott Brown put out a new ad which just shows him out in the cold shaking hands with people.  Professor Jacobson has it here [I can’t embed from where I am right now] and comments:

Coakley took a slap shot at Fenway Park fans, in one of the dumbest political moves ever. Now Brown has thrown a hip check.

Well…brown is one of the colors of the Boston Bruins.

  1. 14 January 2010 @ 17:16 17:16

    “But it would be even worse for the decisive “no” vote to come from Ted Kennedy’s old seat.” Who is he kidding?? That would be sweet justice!

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    14 January 2010 @ 17:54 17:54

    Slimy Schumer is such a kidder.


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