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Stacy McCain In Bosstown II

14 January 2010 @ 20:05

To read my posting from earlier today on the special election for Senate in Massachusetts, please click here.

-Stacy McCain has filed his first report from the land of the bean and the cod [with pictures].  With DaTechguy driving, they went to Scott Brown HQ, covered the candidate’s press conference in Boston, and covered Mr. Brown’s appearance on a local radio show.  A highlight:

Brown is being pounded with $3 million in attack ads that repetitively label him a Republican and say he voted 96% with Republicans — a heavy burden in liberal Massachusetts.

In the wake of Monday’s debate, where Democrat Martha Coakley turned in what Brown spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom called a “shockingly poor performance,” Democrats and their allies have unleashed a barrage of negative ads against Brown.

In a subsequent radio interview on Howie Carr’s popular WRKO afternoon program, Brown called the Coakley attacks a “badge of honor” and predicted that the ads would prove ineffective.

“People know who I am . . . People are tired of business as usual,” Brown told Carr. “I’m having fun. . . . There’s no pressure on me.”

Do take the time to click here and read Stacy’s full reporting from the Bay State, which he will be updating and check out the photos from the press conference.

Stacy & DaTechguy

-DaTechguy has filed a report on his first half-day being Kato to Stacy’s Green Hornet.  It sounds more like a re-enactment of a scene from The French Connection:

[Scott Brown] said Hello and RSM got a shot of him with somebody but he had to leave for his press conference…

…so not knowing the location we jumped into my car and thus began a semi-high speed chase which included at least one disrespected red lights, several cars to dodge and weave around and finished with a three point turn in the middle of a two way Boston street next to the state house at just after 1 p.m.

There’s a Nor’easter scheduled to dump six inches to a foot of snow in Massachusetts on Sunday, so this should get interesting.

-Aleister, proprietor of American Glob, attended the press conference and filed a report.  A highlight:

The one annoying question Brown got was from a reporter (I don’t know who she was with) who twisted herself into knots trying to make Scott Brown talk about about the Tea Party, a tactic which drew a surprising amount of groans and eye rolls from the other assembled journalists.

Brown handled the question well though, and basically said that he is open to talking to voters of every political background. That he would meet with any voters, anywhere, any time.

-Judging by the photos Aleister and Stacy posted, methinks they have a man-crush on Byron York [hey, the Bay State is known as the Gay State and when in Rome…].

-Here’s a photo I obtained from a spy at the press conference:

Left to Right: DaTechguy, Stacy McCain, Aleister, and an unknown juvenile.


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