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Who’d A Thunk It?… [Update at 1759: Scott Brown NUDE]

13 January 2010 @ 14:52

…that the election to fill Teddy Kennedy’s seat would turn out to be so damn interesting?  [My previous posts on la raza can be found here, here, here, and here.]  The Republican, Scott Brown, does now have a shot at winning the thing.  While I’m not as confident as some are about his chances, having lived up in the Nor’East my whole life and watched Bay State voters elect horrible Democrat after horrible Democrat, I think the fact that he’s ended-up rattling them this much, in off all places The People’s Republic Of, shows that enough people are rising up against those who would enslave us under a Leftist tyranny that we have a better chance now of restoring our God-given freedom and liberties.  Good luck Mr. Brown.  Godspeed.

As is my habit, I’ve been flying through The Ether on a mission to find the best commentary and analysis on this special election…

In her latest syndicated column, Michelle Malkin, author of Culture Of Corruption, looks at Democratic candidate Martha Coakley’s abuse of the law when she served as Middlesex County DA and now since she’s been Attorney General of The Commonwealth.  I won’t quote the parts from the article about Mzzz. Coakley’s bending of the law to suit her political ends or her selective applications of the statutes or her cozy relationships with lobbyists and corrupt politicians, that Mrs. Malkin chronicles.  Rather, I’ll quote from the part that deals with her dealings with union thugs:

More recently, Coakley’s GOP opponent Scott Brown blew the whistle on campaign finance shenanigans involving her deep-pocketed supporters at the SEIU. The radical labor organization, saddled with nationwide embezzlement scandals and political thuggery, is “pulling out all the stops” for Coakley and has dumped more than $200,000 into her campaign for radio ads (plus another $685,000 on the way for TV ads). In mid-December, SEIU Local 509, which represents public employees, sent two e-mails to 7,500 state government employee at their government e-mail address over public computers endorsing Coakley and urging union members to vote for her. The use of state resources for politicking is forbidden under state ethics laws and subject to both civil and criminal penalties.

-While all of what Mrs. Malkin chronicles is pretty loathsome, those corruptions, in my mind, are not as bad as what Radley Balko covers in an op-ed he wrote for Politico [tip of the fedora to Shawn Macomber]:

…Soon after taking office [as Middlesex County DA], Coakley found herself in the midst of another high-profile child abuse case, the Fells Acres day care convictions.

In the 1980s, Violet Amirault and her children, Gerald Amirault and Cheryl Amirault LeFave, were convicted of sexually abusing several children at their day care facility. The cases came at the height of the 1980s sex abuse panic, leading to false convictions across the country based on improper questioning of children, mass hysteria about sex abuse and Satan worship, and bogus “recovered-memory” psychotherapy. Coakley didn’t prosecute the Amiraults; her former boss Scott Harshbarger did. But the case against the family began to come apart during her tenure as district attorney. Despite a parole board’s 5-0 recommendation to grant Gerald Amirault clemency and mounting doubts about the evidence against him, Coakley publicly and aggressively lobbied then-Gov. Jane Swift to deny Amirault relief. Amirault remained in prison.

Wall Street Journal reporter Dorothy Rabinowitz, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of bogus sex abuse cases, recently told The Boston Globe of the Amirault case, “Martha Coakley was a very, very good soldier who showed she would do anything to preserve this horrendous assault on justice.” According to journalist Mark Pendergrast, Coakley herself prosecuted another questionable child abuse case in 1993, using the same recovered-memory testimony and now-discredited methods of questioning children to convict Ray and Shirley Souza of molesting their grandchildren.

It’s probably not surprising, then, that as DA in Middlesex County, Coakley opposed efforts to create an innocence commission in Massachusetts, calling the idea “backward-looking instead of forward-looking.” Of course, that’s sort of the point — to find people who have been wrongfully convicted. So far, there have been at least 23 exonerations in Massachusetts, including several in Coakley’s home county.

He, like Michelle Malkin, covers her abuse of her powers and her selected enforcement of the law.  Not only is Martha Coakley a committed Leftist, but she is also a poster child for out-of-control prosecutors, which is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

-As you probably have heard by now, reporter John McCormack of The Weekly Standard was shoved to the ground by one of Coakley’s people after her fundraiser last night in Washington.  Over at Another Black Conservative, Clifton comments:

This tactic…reeks of the same desperation the Scozzafava campaign had when it was spinning out of control because of the Hoffman surge. Scott Brown’s surge seems to be having the same effect as the Democrats rush in all kinds of outside help to the Coakley campaign. You can almost smell the panic.

Its been a while since I smelled something so sweet.

-Stacy McCain has the best aggregation on the assault of Mr. McCormack.  He’s got the video of the incident and this still picture that’s flying at supersonic speed through The Ether as we speak:

Stacy provides the perfect caption for the picture:

A campaign aide to Martha Coakley has just shoved reporter John McCormack to the ground. Coakley sees it and . . . keeps walking.

The top law enforcement officer of The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts witnesses the crimes of assault and battery being committed right in front of herself and ignores it all.  As of the posting of my Update, Attorney General Coakley has had no comment on the assault and battery.

-By far the best coverage of the special election has come from William Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection.  The New York professor has actually travelled to the Bay State and has followed Massachusetts politics for years, so he brings a lot of knowledge and wisdom to his reporting, commentary, and analysis.  You check out all of his postings on the race by clicking here.  I particularly like this quip by the Prof. about Coakley’s non-reaction as she watched John McCormack being thrown to the ground:

Coakley’s non-reaction to the assault, even though she knew that the reporter only was trying to ask a question, is the big story here.

There is something to see here, so do not move along.

Her non-reaction after the incident was over should harm her too; the Prof. has the details.

-I’ll be updating this posting later and get into the picture of Scott Brown NUDE, ladies!

UPDATE at 1959…

-I added the Stacy McCain section above.

-Speaking of The Other McCain, he uncovered this dark secret from Scott Brown’s past as a college student that will definitely have an effect on his chances of winning:

If the reaction of the women of Massachusetts is anything like Mrs. Belvedere’s, this is going to motivate a lot more women to vote for Senator Brown, methinks.

-Over at Caught Him With A Corndog, Red has up a great blogging aggregation on the special election in the Bay State.  She seems ‘inspired’ by his ‘enduring hotness’.  [Only one question” on a scale of 1 to 5, how many WOOTS! would she give him?]

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    Goin’ for the google hits! I respect that. 🙂

  2. 14 January 2010 @ 09:38 09:38

    “5.5 Woots!” Sir Belvedere! What can I say? I’m a red-blooded American patriotic female ;-D

  3. 14 January 2010 @ 09:38 09:38

    Make that 5.5 Woots and a Hot Damn!


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