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Knitting To Infinity

03 January 2010 @ 16:37

Matthew Avitabile, over at Jumping In Pools, has done a very good interview with Smitty of The Other McCain-fame.  It’s a very good follow-up to the one conducted a month ago by Aleister over at American Glob.  This new one, combined with my impressions of the first one, confirms my belief that Smitty is one of the most intelligent bloggers out there and, it must be admitted, one of the most diabolical.  A highlight:

6. What is frustrating about writing on a blog?

Time. Now that it’s a stand-alone site, we own everything forward of the kernel. I’ve graduated from reader to writer to admin. Blogging with Stacy is a tremendous blessing. I’d probably drift back into software coding if I didn’t enjoy the synergy of blogging with him. Sometimes you want to just punt on the details and run around putting up one-liners on others’ posts instead.

It’s also a shame I didn’t know Stacy years ago. “The Other McCain” is the brand, but I thought that “The McCain Mutiny” would have been a measurably cooler title. It’s not really worth bothering Stacy’s pretty head over. The point is that a blog is not one of those things that achieves a “done” state, like knitting a sweater. There is no sense of arrival. There are never enough clicks. Those possessed of bogus ideas will never cease promoting their wrongheadedness.

‘The McCain Mutiny’…I like it: it fits in so well with their plan to conquer the blogosphere.

  1. 03 January 2010 @ 18:53 18:53

    Thanks for the link– best wishes and Happy new Year

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    05 January 2010 @ 17:44 17:44

    I like your interview style a lot [shameless blogwhore that I am].

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