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The TCOTS Christmas Season Full Metal Jacket Reach Around

31 December 2009 @ 18:22


I just wanted to take a moment to thank some special people who gave your humble Dispatcher some linky love while Mrs. B. and I were making merry in the free air of New Hampshire…

-Chris, over at WyBlog, honored me by including me in the seasonal poem he wrote to help out The TrogloPundit [who really needs some professional help, but this will have to do for now, I guess].  Here are the first three stanzas:

‘Twas the night after Christmas,
and down at the
not a creature was stirring,
not even the

A delicious roast badger
was the ultimate feast!
It came special delivery
from the
No Sheeples Here priest!

A tankard of ale
was raised in good cheer
The Camp of the Saints
and Bob Belvedere!

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest.  Bravo Chris!  And thank you.

-Chris was also kind enough to link to my posting on Harry ‘School Marm’ Reid, who he is dead-solid-perfect in labeling as ‘a  tyrant and despicable man’.  He also included this new TCOTS location in his FMJRA.  Thanks.

In her day after Christmas FMJRA, Pat, over at And So It Goes In Shreveport, gave this new location a positive review.  Thanks so much Pat and I hope next year’s Christmas has a lot more cheer in it for you and yours.

-GatorDoug, over at The Daley Gator, likes the new digs and also agrees that Ben Nelson is a cheap whore.  A special double ‘Thank You’ Doug. [Don’t forget to check out his other, great site WHAT WOULD THE FOUNDING FATHERS DO?.]

Over at Carol’s Closet, Carol, too, agrees that Ben Nelson is a cheap whore.  Do check out her posting for the very perceptive other points she makes.

-Obi’s Sister agrees with me that Harry Reid is a tyrant and has a damn fine posting up about these dark times we freedom-lovers live in.  Spot-on stuff.  She quotes Chesterton:

The issue is now clear. It is between light and darkness, and everyone must choose his side.

A lot of time these days, I feel like we’re living in the world of The Lord Of The Rings.

-If I missed you, please let me know and I’ll update ASAP.

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