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S P E C I A L - N O T I C E S . . .

'Nil desperandum. That is a Motto for you and me. All are not dead; and where there is a Spark of patriotick fire, we will enkindle it.'
—Samuel Adams, Letter to James Warren, 09 December 1772
'We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again'.
—General Nathanael Greene
'Never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.'
—St. John Paul The Great

THE PRESENT CRISIS – Out (Finally) In Paperback

31 October 2019 @ 14:28

[Note: Until further notice, I am sticking this post to the top of my published posts column.  For newer posts, please look below this one.]

I have published by book, On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America, today, on

Ill-health and other personal matters have prevented me from going through the process until recently.  I apologize.

In 2017, I published a PDF Edition of this book, but this New [now paperback] Edition contains Updates to my Treatise [I will be updating the PDF Edition in the coming weeks].

Here is a screen-shot from the Amazon Books Page:

Click on the image above to go to the Amazon Books Page.

The cost is $8.00 per copy.

I hope to have an E-Book version completed and approved soon — I will keep you informed of all developments and feedback at the page I have set-up for this book:

An excerpt from Chapter 1: The Present Crisis In America:

The greatest victory the Left In America has achieved, one that has cut a swath of Misery and Dislocation across every single area of American Society, is the implanting of Leftist Thinking in every American’s Soul. —And they have done so while convincing us that that was exactly what they weren’t doing and, yet — most importantly — that their way of thinking is Normal, while the traditional American Way is Abnormal, is Evil.

To varying degrees these days, we all think like Leftists think — so ‘brainwashed’ and propagandized, have we become. Some have willingly let their Hearts and Minds be Encompassed, some have no clue that they have been successfully Propagandized, and some have Resisted, but the disease is so widespread in every nook and cranny of our Souls that we can’t shield ourselves from all of Leftism’s spreading Cancer.

Leftist Thinking is based in Fantasy — in the not-Real, in delusions produced by dreamy abstractions developed in the minds of it’s Masterminds, far away from the Real World and Human Experience. The solutions it offers, the goals it seeks to achieve, therefore, are contrary to what is Right and Good, and are like a Cancer metastasizing in the American Soul, rotting away at that Grand Spirit that animates it and nourishes it.

In other words: This work will attempt to explain the origins of The Present Crisis.

It will further show why Leftist Thinking is so dangerous, why everything it touches and controls it Corrupts — why it must be overcome and we, the American People, Decontaminated of it very soon or we shall find ourselves either Enslaved to, or eliminated by, those Tyrants who are in positions of Power And Control in America.

I hope you will find this book useful in our Struggle against the Tyrants who seek to put us in Chains.

God Bless The Founders & God Bless America.

The Virginia Protest And Lessons Learned

21 January 2020 @ 16:40

Virginia is for lovers…of the Second Amendment

In the Comments Section to my post, Virginia: Is A New ‘Shot Heard ‘Round The World’ Coming?, Cali remarks in the aftermath of yesterday’s Pro-Second Amendment Protest in Virginia:

A FF [false flag operation] was indeed planned with Antifa – disguised as MAGA supporters – playing the role of the agitators.

However – we have our own back channel where patriots from the military are given us a heads up ergo the attempt to engineer a FF by Northam et al and sponsored by Soros and Mike Bloomberg.
The Craigslist advertisement of recruiting crisis actors for Virginia conveniently for the same day as the rally was ‘the’ tell. Payment of $200+ for the day sure was alluring.

Having said that our patriots knew ahead what they had planned and assured that if would fail. Indeed it failed! One small skirmish between an Antifa agitator disguised as MAGA supporter couldn’t help to unmask himself. He was spotted immediately and told in no nice term to take a hike.

All in all the planned FF failed which was a good thing since the media hounds were all there to capture the violence.

Democrats and Antifa hardest hit!

Unfortunately, the Left are Fevered Fanatics who keep getting up and fighting again, their Relentlessness born of their Tight Embrace of Fragile Ideology.

Intelligence Operations against the Leftist Enemy are of Vital Importance, and Cali’s comments prove it.

We must maintain and create more ‘Culper-like Ringsand keep lines of communication open along the lines of the old Committee’s Of Correspondence.

Everyday, it feels like the noose around our necks is getting tighter.  The Left and their Useful Idiots in the GOP are working, in the case of the former, to shutdown our voices and, in the latter, to practice a Benign Neglect on the whole issue, at the worst or, at the least, issue Patronizing Bromides in support of our cause.

Never, ever Trust any Leftist.  They have Forsaken Morality by adopting the ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ / ‘By Any Means Necessary’ Code.

And always be suspicious of so-called conservatives.

The capital ‘L’ Libertarians [ie: those who embrace Ideology] must be Shunned, as well.

Put your Faith in your Non-Ideological Friends, Family, and Acquaintances.

Put your Faith in God.

And learn how The Founders waged their War against The British Empire, both on the battlefield and, perhaps most importantly, in The Public Square.

I highly recommend the following books:

SAMUEL ADAMS: The Life Of An American Revolutionary by John K. Alexander

FROM RESISTANCE TO REVOLUTION: Colonial Radicals And The Development Of American Opposition To Britain, 1765-1776 by Pauline Maier

REVOLUTIONARY POLITICS IN MASSACHUSETTS: The Boston Committee Of Correspondence And The Towns, 1772-1774 by Richard D. Brown

THE OLD REVOLUTIONARIES: Political Lives In The Age Of Samuel Adams by Pauline Maier

RATIFICATION: The People Debate by Pauline Maier

-And, of course: On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America by your Humble Blog Host.

Virginia: Is A New ‘Shot Heard ‘Round The World’ Coming?

19 January 2020 @ 17:33

—In our [Commonwealth Of Massachusetts] Declaration of Rights, which expresses the sentiments of the people, the people have a right to keep and bear arms for the common defence.

—Gov. Samuel Adams, message to the Massachusetts’s Legislature, 30 January 1797

I doubt it.  We tend to forget that there were a number of incidents like what we see and may see in The Commonwealth Of Virginia that occurred before Concord and Lexington.

However, there is a chance that, if the Despotic government of Virginia tries to use Violence against it’s Citizens, it may rally other believers in the Second Amendment across America to hold protests.  What makes me doubt that this will be the spark that lights the Flame of Restoration is that, unlike in the 1770’s, we have a President who is on our side, as it appears he is.

There is no doubt any longer that the government of The Commonwealth has embraced Tyranny.  Let me quote from Diogenes Sarcastica:

So Virginia introduces a bundle of radical laws to destroy 2nd amendment rights, militias, sale transfer and registration bills, and the People of Virginia says no, and we’re going to vote you all out next term.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to eliminate voter ID.

Virginia says we’re not going to wait, we’ll petition your removal from office, and get almost a 3rd of the 240K signatures to remove the governor and starts petitions to remove delegates.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to raise the amount of signatures from 10% of the prevailing vote, to 25%.

Folks, this is the a textbook example of tyranny. “We’re the government, and we’ll do anything we want, whether you like it or not. We won’t let you vote us out, we won’t let you remove us from office…. And if you can’t possess the weapons that a militia would need to force us out of office, then there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it”

This is clearly Tyrannical.

Smitty, over at The Other McCain, is Justifiably worried that a rumor about AntiFa is true, as related by Tom DeWeese:

I’m in Richmond and have just received information from a very reliable source concerning Monday’s rally against the legislature’s gun grabs. Antifa have rented seven buses to bring in their thugs to cause trouble. The report says they will be wearing MAGA hats and wearing NRA garb. They will pretend to be pro gun people. Meanwhile others posing as democrats holding anti gun signs will stand on the side. The Antifa thugs, pretending to be pro gun , will attack the sign holders. Making it look like the pro gun people have started violence. This is the plan. If you are attending the rally be aware. Be very careful.

As Smitty remarks:

…Given the Left’s need to control the conversation coupled with the pending implosion of the impeachment disaster, makes the Democrats more of a rabid, injured, cornered animal than usual….

I certainly wouldn’t put it past The Left In America to attempt this tactic — it’s what the Left In Russia [of all stripes, Bolshevik, Menshevik, Cadets, etc.] did rather successfully.

AntiFa, along with it’s Fellow-Travellers and Dupes, is not bound by any Morality, especially any belief in Law And Order.  Rather, this Domestic Terrorist Organization is committed to sowing Lawlessness And Disorder.

Ultimately, who knows?

Smitty again:

Unfortunately, for the authoritarian Left, there are real-world consequences for false-flag events like this or the Reichstag Fire. And I don’t just mean property damage.

There is a SWExit offer in place for Virginia counties who are as interested in an authoritarian nitwit in Richmond now as the Appalachian counties were in 1861…

It is my understanding that The Congress would have to approve any move of Virginia Counties into West Virginia.  Would it, given the Radicalism of the Democratic Party, coupled with the Absolute and Near-Total Fecklessness of the GOP?

Let us take some Comfort from Cam Edwards, over at Bearing Arms [tip of the fedora to Smitty]:

As we get closer to Virginia’s Lobby Day on Monday, I’m seeing more and more hyberbolic posts on social media about how Virginia is now under the thumb of a tyrant, misinformation about non-existent bills being signed into law, and other attempts to gain attention or stoke people’s fear and anger.

To say this isn’t helpful is an understatement. We’re currently just a few weeks into Virginia’s legislative session, and the fact is, not one bad bill has become a bad law. Nothing’s been signed by the governor yet. In fact, nothing has even gotten to his desk at the moment. We’ve had three gun control bills pass out of the Senate, but the House hasn’t even had a single committee hearing on any gun control legislation. In fact, Virginia gun owners are actually having an impact on the debate in the legislature, thanks to the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that’s swept across the state and has led to tens of thousands of engaged citizens contacting their lawmakers to oppose Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda.

I don’t believe that Northam has the authority to institute his gun ban in Capitol Square, but unfortunately the Virginia State Supreme Court didn’t reach the merits of the case brought by VCDL and GOA. Instead, the court ruled that the groups didn’t file the necessary paperwork with the Court, and refused the petition, leaving open the question of whether or not the governor has overstepped his constitutional authority.

I disagree with whether or not Virginia is Despotic, but he makes good points.

While all of this is True, as far as I can see, it does not mean that both sides have not reached a Fevered Pitch in this Debate.

In the Age Of The Founders, such events often lead to Tarring And Feathering, the pulling down of houses, and the burning of Despots in effigies.

If a fire is to be lit, let us Resist any attempts to snuff it out.

We have been declared Outlaws by The Left and must not let our Cause, the Restoration Of Freedom And Ordered Liberty, be doused.

Formerly this great contest was carried on upon paper. The conspirators against the rights and liberties of our country left no art untried, to induce the people to submit to their unrighteous claims. But they were circumvented by our watchful patriots. They were, if I may use the expression, out-reasoned by some, and laughed off the stage by others; and we will never forget those steadfast and persevering friends, who forever prov’d themselves incapable of being brib’d by the soft whispers of flattery, or awed by foul-mouthed calumny and the threats of power. Afterwards the contest became more serious and important. The people of this country were not driven to take up arms, they did it voluntarily in defence of their liberty. They properly considered themselves as called by god, and warranted by him, to encounter every hazard in the common cause of Man….

—Samuel Adams, writing as ‘VINDEX’, Boston Gazette, 12 June 1780


Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist?: The Wrong Question

17 January 2020 @ 17:31

Many of us who cite The Founders and their Wisdom and Insights are unaware that what we espouse is the combined philosophies of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists

It is not an either/or situation [as I thought for many years]: you can support both sides in the arguments that occurred during our early years of Constitution-Building.

We are the product of those fights — with some of us leaning toward one side, but incorporating a decent amount from the other.

I, myself, tend to lean towards the Federalist side when the Anti-Federalists move a little too close to embracing Democracy and Ideology.

I agree with Russell Kirk that:

…did the Framers of the Constitution, and the men of the state ratifying bodies of 1788, actually intend that the Constitution should be a conservative instrument, a bulwark of permanence? Aye, most decidedly they did, with few exceptions. Even the Anti- Federalists, most of them, were conservatives of another stamp, fearful that the proposed Constitution might break in upon the established powers and pattern s of government of the several states. The cry of 1775-1776 had been for liberty; the cry of 1787-1788, among the same classes of Americans, was for order. The purpose of calling the Convention of 1787 was to conserve and improve the political order of the United States; the Articles of Confederation had not sufficed for that purpose….  [Russell Kirk, The Constitution’s Conservative Character, lecture delivered at The Heritage Foundation, 14 July 1987]

Mr. Kirk here shows that he is a Constitutional Republican and also through his Marvelous biography of Old Republican John Randolph Of Roanoke and treatment of the subject’s Ideas [Mr. Randolph also features in a large way in the Author’s seminal work: The Conservative Mind].

It is true that some of Anti-Federalists embraced a more Radical Idea about what the new United States should be, but they were overruled and out-voted by their non-Radical Anti-Federalists.  The important goal of the latter was to secure Amendments to The Constitution known as The Bill Of Rights.

I think they were exactly right to insist on this in the State Ratifying Conventions and in the First Session of The Congress.  I find it amazing that The Federalists were willing to put so much Faith in the men who would govern under The Constitution — considering most of them, especially John Adams, believed that man was a Fallen Creature, easily subject to the Temptations Of Tyranny.

Regarding the strands of thought in the AF Movement that Michael Faber looks at in his new book, An Anti-Federalist Constitution: The Development of Dissent in the Ratification Debates, I agree with him [based on this review of said book by Nathan Coleman] that there were three such strands within the Anti-Federalists:

A highlight from the book review [emphasis mine]:

…Within the chaos [of the Movement], however, Faber identifies “three related but distinct strands of political thought.” He calls these strands Rights Anti-Federalism, Power Anti-Federalism, and Democratic Anti-Federalism.

Of the three, Rights Anti-Federalism proved the “most rationally developed and cogently argued.” Rights Anti-Federalists maintained that, with the Constitution’s conspicuous lack of a bill of rights, tyranny became an inevitability. Only by protecting rights at that moment when they seemed threatened by the proposed Constitution, could this slide into tyranny be overcome. Thus, Rights Anti-Federalist called for either outright rejection of the Constitution or a Bill of Rights to be amended to the document.

Power Anti-Federalism, as its name suggests, feared the immense power granted to the central government. Its adherents believed that the Constitution’s powers should be well-defined and limited only to those issues clearly national in scope, such as war and peace. Yet the scope and ambiguity of the Constitution’s powers, particularly over the judiciary, standing armies, and taxation, which Faber believes Anti-Federalists considered “the most grievous example of a power too extensive,” suggested that the Framers sought to “consolidate” the union of sovereign states into a centralized nation.

The final strand, Democratic Anti-Federalism, while boasting fewer adherents than the other two groups, was “well-represented in the first wave of essays.” This group typically argued that the Articles did not need replacing since state governments remained answerable to the people of those states. At the heart of Democratic Anti-Federalism was the fear that this new government, with only one element — the House of Representatives — being directly elected by the people, squinted towards aristocracy and undermined the Revolution’s support of popular sovereignty.

In the end, the most influence was wielded by the Rights Anti-Federalists, with the Power Anti-Federalists getting some of what they wanted eventually in The Bill Of Rights.  This was a Fortunate occurrence.

As Mr. Coleman remarks:

…The high drama of those debates did not center on acceptance or rejection of the Constitution but turned “to the prospects of trying to shape rather than resist the new government.” In the end, the legacy of the Anti-Federalists rests on the notion that while they “could not keep the republic, they at least perhaps avoid tyranny and live their lives in peace. In this effort, the Anti-Federalists succeeded more admirably than perhaps even they thought.”

I agree — although I wish some of the wording in The Bill Of Rights was more direct.  Take the Second Amendment an example.  James Madison should have explained it better, such as George Mason did in The Virginia Declaration Of Rights:

XIII. That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state….

or as John and Samuel Adams put it in The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts:

Article XVII.  The people have a right to keep and to bear arms for the common defence….

Such wordings might have saved us a lot of grief.

I think it important that we read the essays, news articles, and pamphlets of this period of both sides so that we better understand the Righteousness of our Philosophy of the Restoration of Freedom And Ordered Liberty.  I understand that this would be a very time-consuming task, but one book is available to help: Pauline Maier’s Magisterial work Ratification: the People Debate.

Red China Is Evil Unleashed In The World

16 January 2020 @ 17:10

The leaders of the Red China Regime and many of it’s citizens encompass both kinds of Evil.

The first kind is, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in The Gulag Archipelago:

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.

The second kind is a Demonic Force that exists in The Ether and can rain it’s Noxious Gas down on Individuals, nations — groups of any size.  As JRR Tolkein defined it: This kind of Evil is a Shadow, it’s main feature being The Absence Of God.

As I’ve documented a good number of times here, you can see both kinds of Evil at work in Red China.

Over at the Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez reminds us of the ways Leftists in Power And Control seek to Utterly Destroy religion by attempts at Brainwashing the people they control.  Some examples:

…The French Revolution in 1792, for example, attempted to redefine time: “When people who study the French Revolution read about the Uprising of Vendémiaire or the Insurrection of 12 Germinal An III, most simply scratch their heads and wonder, Vendémiaire? Germinal? An III? What’s that all about? Few ever bother to learn what these dates mean. In fact, they are part of the French Republican Calendar, aka Revolutionary Calendar, which replaced the Gregorian Calendar in France from 1793 to 1805.”

The French Republican calendar (French: calendrier républicain français), also commonly called the French Revolutionary calendar (calendrier révolutionnaire français), was a calendar created and implemented during the French Revolution, and used by the French government for about 12 years from late 1793 to 1805, and for 18 days by the Paris Commune in 1871. The revolutionary system was designed in part to remove all religious and royalist influences from the calendar, and was part of a larger attempt at decimalization in France (which also included decimal time of day, decimalisation of currency, and metrication).

Another attempt:

For 11 years in the 20th century, the Soviet Union had no weekends: “Unlike the ordinary seven-day week, the continuous week began as a five-day cycle, with each day color-coded and marked with a symbol. The population would be carved up into as many groups, each with its own rest day. The days of the week, as familiar as family members, would gradually be stripped of meaning. Instead, each of the five new days was marked by a symbolic, politically appropriate item: wheatsheaf; red star; hammer and sickle; book; and, finally, budenovka, or woolen military cap. Calendars from the time show the days marked out in colored circles like beads on a string: yellow, peach, red, purple, green. These circles indicated when you worked and when you rested. This was shift work, on the most enormous scale in human history.”

It was known as the Soviet calendar. “The change was advantageous to the anti-religious movement, as Sundays and religious holidays became working days.  …The entire scheme had the effect of preventing members of the family, even husband and wife, from being at home at the same time. That was probably intentional.

When the Left comes to Power, it seeks to Destroy those institutions that have their own Independent Force that can Resist them, such as Religions and The Family.  For them there can only be one Allegiance allowed.  As with all things, the Left must be the only center.

Another example:

…In the 1970s the Khmer Rouge began what was arguably the most ambitious effort up until then: the Year Zero project. “The term Year Zero (Khmer: ឆ្នាំសូន្យ chhnam saun), applied to the takeover of Cambodia in April 1975 by the Khmer Rouge, is an analogy to the Year One of the French Revolutionary Calendar.”

The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will ideally be purged and replaced from the ground up. In Democratic Kampuchea, so-called New People — teachers, artists, and intellectuals — were especially singled out and executed during the purges accompanying Year Zero.

Now [from The New York Times, believe it or not] we learn about another effort by Red China to Destroy and Discard China’s Ancient Culture.

Mr. Fernandez again:

Those who believe such gigantic social engineering efforts are a thing of the past may want to read the New York Times article on the remolding of the non-Han people in 2019 China. “In Xinjiang the authorities have separated nearly half a million children from their families, aiming to instill loyalty to China and the Communist Party.” The methodology will be familiar to the reader by now: to “break the impact of the religious atmosphere on children at home.”

“The long-term strategy is to conquer, to captivate, to win over the young generation from the beginning,” said Adrian Zenz, a researcher at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington who has studied Chinese policies that break up Uighur families.

To carry out the assimilation campaign, the authorities in Xinjiang have recruited tens of thousands of teachers from across China, often Han Chinese, the nation’s dominant ethnic group. At the same time, prominent Uighur educators have been imprisoned and teachers have been warned they will be sent to the camps if they resist.

Thrust into a regimented environment and immersed in an unfamiliar culture, children in the boarding schools are only allowed visits with family once every week or two — a restriction intended to “break the impact of the religious atmosphere on children at home,” in the words of the 2017 policy document.

Social engineering is alive and well and with the aid of technology more potent than ever….

And don’t for one second think this kind of thing is not going on here:

…Moderns may laugh at the attempts to rename the months of the year, days of the week and the seconds of the watch but the 21st century has seen widespread and serious attempts to completely rename the pronouns most speakers use in everyday speech — sometimes under penalty of legal punishment. Some, but not all of them, are given below.

zie zim zir zis zieself
sie sie hir hirs hirself
ey em eir eirs eirself
ve ver vis vers verself
tey ter tem ters terself
e em eir eirs emself

Most people tend to think of time, family and God as eternal or at least slow in revision. But to the men who would remake the world they are but minor inconveniences to be swept away. So Happy New 2020 everyone. Don’t take the coming year for granted. This coming January may be the last you’ll ever hear of if some improvers get their way. You never know when the centuries themselves could be abolished.

The way things have been accelerating lately, I would caution you to see Mr. Fernandez’s prophecy as a Very Real Possibility.

Anything is possible in this Age Of Chaos And Instability.

Once again:


Traditional Conservatives And The Struggle Within

15 January 2020 @ 16:14

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering.

You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war…with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy.

You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. …victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be. For without victory, there is no survival….

—Winston Churchill, speech before The House Of Commons, 13 May 1940

Since Roe v. Wade became the ‘law of the land’ in 1973, over sixty-one million Abortions have been performed in America.

It is number to be Ashamed of — over sixty-one million Souls have been Denied their chance to live under Freedom And Ordered Liberty.

Back in 2015, Jonathon Van Marten, wrote a very interesting essay entitled and subtitled: Dear Christians: It’s no longer enough to work hard, raise a family, and hope to be left alone. Our militantly secularist culture won’t leave us – or our children – alone. We must speak truth to power. Now.

In it, he explains why Tradition-Minded Conservative Christians have failed in their efforts to combat Effectively a Solid Defense of American Culture against the Relentless onslaughts of The Left In America.

Some highlights, with my commentary:

It’s a common complaint in pro-life circles: Why is it often so hard to get the churches involved in social causes? We know that Christians have abortions, too — so it is impacting us personally. We know that Christians are, for the most part, very anti-abortion — so it’s not as if they disagree with the pro-life movement. So what is holding so many people back from getting involved?

Apathy is part of it. Lack of awareness is part of it. But by and large, the real reason is an attitude that runs much deeper. The answer is simple: Church-going people are often traditional, conservative people. And here I don’t mean those terms in the way that political analysts might use them, to describe specific policy positions. I mean simply that they are people who want to work hard, raise their children, and be left alone.

That is no longer possible. And I would argue that this analysis applies to all Constitutionalists of every religion.


Herein lies the problem the pro-life and pro-family movement has in recruiting conservative people to engage the culture to combat the social ills infecting our society: There is something fundamentally foreign about “activism.” Indeed, the term “conservative activist” itself seems to be something of a contradiction in terms. Small-c conservatives and traditionalists do not want to change the world. They want to live in it and not be bothered.

It’s in the very root of the word — “conserve.” It is markedly different in temperament from “liberal,” which denotes “liberalizing” — action. Thus, many suspicious church people even find that the word “activism” carries with it a whiff of liberalism….

Most of The Founders were like these people until they were forced to fight actively, because American Leaders like Samuel Adams, Richard Henry Lee, Joseph Warren, and others convinced them that they faced an ever-growing Despotism.  A good number rose to the occasion [it has long been estimated that only one-third of Americans at the time supported fighting The British Empire in order to Restore our Ancient Rights; now some Historians believe that the amount was actually between twenty and twenty-five percent].

We, of course, ended-up making The Separation stick by fighting a Horrid, but Necessary, War to Secure our Natural, Divinely-given Rights [see, regarding the description ‘Horrid’, the book The Scars Of Independence by Holger Hoock]

More from JVM:

Which brings us to our present unpleasant realization that from a cultural perspective, the traditionalists and conservatives have been thoroughly beaten in the war for the culture. For the most part, we never even showed up. We raised families, built farms and businesses, and attended church functions while secular revolutionaries took over the entertainment industry, the media, academia — and finally, the public education system that now dutifully serves as a conduit for secular “values.” Prayer is out, queer theory is in, and many a middle-aged conservative has found occasion recently to splutter his coffee and gape at his newspaper: “How did things change so fast?”

They didn’t, of course. The Sexual Revolution has been unfolding now for over sixty years. But now, for the first time, people are beginning to wake up and realize that what is happening is not something we can ignore, because very rapidly, it is beginning to happen to us. Already, the influences of the entertainment industry and pornography are showing in the youth. …Churches across North America are hemorrhaging young people as the public education system dutifully does what it was put in place to do: Plant skepticism, undermine the beliefs of any children from Christian homes, and then send them off to university so that the faculty there can finish the job. It’s why enormous numbers of Christians lose their faith during university.

It’s also the fault of Zealous Parents who have imposed only the Rough Side of Christianity on their children without tempering it with the Compassionate Side.  For Catholics it hasn’t helped that, since Vatican II and the concurrent rises of Liberation Theology and the number of active Homosexuals in The Church, several generations — including my own — have become Disillusioned with it.

The Leftist takeover of our Culture has not contributed anything Positive to American Society.  It has helped make said Society Terminally Ill.


The government, too, will no longer leave us alone. As I wrote previously concerning Ontario’s war over sex education, the government needs the ability to re-educate children into the values of their secular system, and will go to war with parents for the right to do so. In some European countries, children are being taken away from their parents because Christian beliefs could “harm” the children and some academics are already suggesting that Christianity could, one day, be “treatable.”

Samuel Adams

To pull-up once again that Tried and True quote from John Adams:

…Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other….  [John Adams’s letter to the Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts, 11 October 1798].

May I also add this other quote of his:

Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for Liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand…. [John Adams’s letter to Zabdiel Adams, 21 June 1776].


The secularists never had any intention of letting us carve out enclaves where we could live in peace….

This is why the tables have been turned. Now, it is secular progressive ideology that is the status quo, having successfully infiltrated and established itself in every major institution. They have achieved a new status quo, and we traditionalists have been left with nothing left to “conserve” in the first place. We can no longer be Chamberlain giving up territory bit-by-bit — we are now the frog in boiling water, and have to decide how to confront these encroachments to retain the freedoms we need to live as Christians in a society that increasingly holds us in contempt.

I disagree.  We have been left with something to Conserve: the same Ancient Rights and Liberties that our Founders sought to Restore.

The current Status Quo is not Acceptable to us.

And we can set-up enclaves within America.  But we must Join Or Die first.

As Mr. Van Marten concludes:

How can one be a conservative in a society with nothing left to conserve and everything to fight for? It’s a pressing, imminent question that demands our attention. The twofold task of passing our Christian beliefs on to our children and preventing the government from interfering in that process was once easy—we could just live and let live. That was always a questionable strategy, especially as it ignored the massive loss of life through abortion happening in our own towns and cities. Standing up for our pre-born neighbors is not just a “cause,” but a biblical command. But now, it is in our self-interest to engage. It is not just the children of others we should be worried about, but our own. We will not have the luxury of raising children the way our parents and grandparents did. The time to speak Truth to power is now.

The Left has made us Outlaws, just as Parliament and The Throne did to The Founding Fathers.  We can no longer stand-by: the Future of our Posterity is at stake.  We should act accordingly.

…As the lines of battle roll forward to bring you within the zone of operations, rise and strike!

For future generations of your sons and daughters, strike! In the name of your sacred dead, strike!

Let no heart be faint. Let every arm be steeled. The guidance of Divine God points the way. Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory!

—General Douglas MacArthur upon returning to The Philippines, 20 October 1944

And Iran / I Ran So Far Away

14 January 2020 @ 17:23

For in war just as in loving
You must keep on shoving
Or you’ll never get your reward.
For if you are dilatory
In the search for lust or glory
You are up shitcreek and that’s the truth, Oh, Lord.

—George S. Patton, Stanza 4 from the poem Absolute War

We have been at War with The Islamic Republic Of Iran for some forty years.

For that same time period we have been in Denial of this Hardened Fact…

The IROF seeks our Utter and Total Destruction.  Like those Protestant Radicals, it seeks to bring about it’s own version of Armageddon.  Unlike the PR’s, it’s motives are totally, completely Evil.  Islam worships a False God named ‘Allah’ — a ‘Moon god’ that, in Reality, Despises all Judeo-Christian Values.  The Protestant Radicals believe that they must help to bring about The Apocalypse by non-violent means; Islam seeks to bring it about through Fire and Death and the infliction of Misery.

This is why the Iranian Shia — the most committed sect of Islam to Apocalypse — must be stopped very soon or it will gain Nuclear Throw Capability and threaten the whole of the World.

In a Perceptive article over at American Greatness, Angelo Codevilla looks at the situation.  This essay was written just before we got Iran’s response to our Justifiable Elimination of Soleimani, but that does not Diminish his Observations in any way, shape, or form.

Some highlights:

Does the U.S. armed forces’ killing of Qassem Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ foreign wing, and his subordinate, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, outside Baghdad’s airport increase or decrease the chances of war with Iran? Does it mean a continuation of our disastrous endless wars?

These questions reflect confusion about war in general and the U.S.-Iran conflict in particular, engendered by two generations of incompetent U.S. statesmen….

Methinks it’s a mixture of Incompetence and the Influence of Leftist [Utopian] Thinking on the situation.  In other words: it is the Deliberate Product of the consequence of:

…a system of ideas developed in the sterile laboratories of the minds of it’s creators, far away from Reality. It is a system constructed with Fantasy and Fables and Frenzied Whims as it’s main building materials.  [On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America, Chapter 3, Section II]

Our so-called Statesmen see the world through a fun-house mirror, where Truth and Reality are Distorted.  Thus, their Schemes for dealing with the situations in The Middle East are always doomed to Fail.

As Mr. Codevilla cites:

President Obama tried to transcend it by surrender. Choosing peace largely on Iran’s terms, he gave up U.S. claims on Iran, dropped economic sanctions, released some $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets, and paid nearly $1.4 billion in U.S. hundred dollar bills. He hoped that Iran, appeased and strengthened, would balance other forces in the Middle East and allow America to “pivot” away. It was a coherent approach. But it did not secure peace because Iran, for its own reasons, judged it an insufficiently total surrender. We do not even know what the Islamic Republic’s notion of peace might be. In fact, it has chosen to continue, and even to increase its war on America—confident that America would keep it sub-critical.

I disagree with him on one point: Appeasement, which is what ‘Obama’ sought, is never ‘coherent’.  It is forever and at all times destined to be a Prelude To War.  It Emboldens the Aggressor Nation.

Iran’s goal is Total Surrender of The West, especially of America.

On the Chronic Failures of our supposed ‘Statesmen’:

Wars, once begun, almost always end with one side bowing to the other’s version of peace. What is important is how wars end.

Everywhere, however, the U.S. government’s “best and brightest” have convinced themselves that military conflict is a chronic condition of life, that peace and war are outdated categories. Consequently, never having taken seriously the fact of war with the Islamic Republic, they tried to evade the question of how to establish peace — whether by surrender to whatever demands the Islamic Republic might impose, or by crushing it. But nothing cancels out the basic choice between war and peace.

As the Islamic Republic murdered U.S. Marines in Lebanon in 1983, killed U.S. troops during the U.S. occupation of Iraq from 2003 through 2009, and captured and humiliated a boatload of U.S. sailors in 2016, the U.S. government complained loudly and retaliated weakly. Dumb. If you are going to absorb a beating, crying advertises your impotence.

America’s responses — unserious sanctions — have been mindless compromises between trying to defeat Iran’s war and merely bearing it. All administrations judged that confrontation with Iran must not get in the way of their priorities. All have wanted out of this quandary. Nevertheless, all have acted to stay in it — with one partial exception.

Here Mr. Codevilla cites Obama’s Appeasement [as quoted above].

But Trumpicus Pompey Maximus Sulla hasn’t stopped Appeasing in his own way:

Trump had been elected promising to withdraw from the Middle East’s wars and to be tougher on Iran.

Iran’s 2019 attacks on ships in the Strait of Hormuz were surely meant to force Trump to choose between two potentially incompatible promises. Trump’s initial reaction was to order a strong response. Then he countermanded his order, perhaps conscious that the American people rightly fear that U.S. bombs would eventually be followed by U.S. soldiers kicking down doors to try pacifying another “shithole” country; or perhaps because he, too, could not imagine harsh action against Iran that did not lead to just that. But since public opinion barred him from doing nothing, he imposed some inconsequential sanctions and pretended.

But Iran pressed its tactic, and, as 2019 ended, killed and wounded Americans.

Killing Soleimani and his associates raised the stakes, but did not “change the game.” Yes, the general was very good at his job and is unlikely to be replaced by anyone as competent. But Iran’s strategy never depended on him.

Yes, the U.S. government action showed remarkable military technology. But Iran has always known about that. Nor was this any intelligence coup, since it seems Soleimani was traveling quite openly.

There is every reason to believe that Iran will continue its provocations, especially given the upcoming U.S. election because—and this is the key point—there is no discussion within the U.S. foreign policy establishment of how actually to force Iran to be peaceable.

Remember: Obama tried surrender and failed.

The old saying applies: ‘You cannot have your cake and eat it too’.

The President’s bold move was followed-up by a seemingly Weak response by The Islamic Republic, and then we reacted in the same old way.

Nothing really has changed: Iran continues it’s Subversive efforts all across the globe and we pat ourselves on the back for being Clever and ‘Decisive’.

More from AC:

Tit-for-tat cannot secure peace because it does not settle the war one way or the other. The U.S. establishment seems to believe that it can continue in the quandary so long as attacks do not outrage American public opinion as 9/11 did. In which case . . . what?

The 9/11 attacks forced the establishment to act. But in acting the establishment did not and does not ask: “How do we end this war?” It knew only bombings, invasions, and occupations aimed at “democracy.” How do we re-establish the respect and fear which had made peace possible? And if we don’t do it now, how do we do it after Iran acquires nuclear weapons?

The War With Iran, specifically, and The War With Islam, in general, both Abide.

Mr. Codevilla has a very good suggestion to begin to turn our efforts towards Victory:

Because America is the world’s sine qua non economic power, U.S. “secondary sanctions” — meaning we will not trade with anyone who trades with the target country — are potentially deadlier than atom bombs. Trump added secondary financial sanctions as part of his revocation of Obama’s “Iran deal,” reducing Iran’s oil sales to a trickle. Compared to that measure of war, bombing a few ports would have been nothing.

Were the United States to place secondary sanctions on all manner of goods, especially food, the effect would be far greater than an invasion by the entire U.S. army. How the Iranian people would deal with the choice between starving and ending their government’s war on America would be their business.

As it should be.

Look: Iran is a Grave Danger to the World.  It must be Conquered and Destroyed to secure the continuation of The Pax Americana.  If we can do so by not putting very many American Lives in Harm’s Way, great, but we must change our Attitude and start to take measures that Assure our ultimate Victory.  We must be Fully Prepared to go to Full-On War with Iran.  We must find the Resolve to.

So let us do real fighting,
Boring in and gouging, biting.
Let’s take a chance now that we have the ball.
Let’s forget those fine firm bases
In the dreary shell-raked spaces,
Let’s shoot the works and win! Yes win it all.

—George S. Patton, Stanza 5 from the poem Absolute War

One Of The Greats Has Passed: Neil Peart R.I.P.

10 January 2020 @ 17:25

Neil Peart wasn’t just a great Rock ‘N’ Roll drummer: he was one of the Greatest in all of Musick.

From CBC News, we learn [tip of the fedora to @dustopian]:

Neil Peart, the drummer of iconic Canadian band Rush, has died at age 67.

The influential musician and lyricist died Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif., after having been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to a statement issued Friday by family spokesperson Elliot Mintz.

His death was confirmed by Meg Symsyk, a media spokesperson for the progressive rock trio comprising Peart, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.

Along with penning impressive lyrics, Peart was renowned for his proficiency on drums and expertly weaving together techniques from different musical genres, blending jazz and big band with hard rock.

He was truly a Virtuoso of Percussion.

Mr. Peart rightfully belongs up there in company with other Masters, such as Buddy Rich, Gene Kupra, and John Bonham.  He also wrote most of the lyrics for Rush.

One of the band’s biggest enthusiasts, Smitty, penned this Tribute on Twitter [paraphrasing a lyric by the drummer, written for the mini-opera, 2112]:

You’ve taken care of everything,
The beats we feel, the words we scream,
And now you’ve gone to your eternal rest.
Those inclined to think and feel,
In all good ways did love you Neil,
And know you truly were among the best

Perhaps Rush’s best work, 2112 made Rock And Roll, in my opinion, more Respectable.  Along with some of the other Prog Rockers, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd, the band lifted Rock to new heights in Sophistication.

Requiescat in pace.

Here’s a small sample of Neil Peart’s amazing percussion work:

The restless dreams of youth…

Living in the Limelight, the universal dream…

Though his mind is not for rent…

I will choose Free Will…

2112 in full…

-The Necromancer…

There are many, many more, but these are my favorites.

Check out this thread by Dustopian.


The Spirit Of 1969 Unleashed

09 January 2020 @ 17:25

Over at Public Discourse, Alexander Riley has written a very Insightful review of Harlan Lebo’s 100 Days: How Four Events in 1969 Shaped America.

In that book, Lebo covers Woodstock, the Manson Murders, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, and the invention of the Arpanet [prototype of the Internet].

Mr. Riley demolishes Lebo’s positive take on Woodstock and the whole essay is well worth a read.  But I want to concentrate on a subject the former covers and the latter — conveniently — ignores: Altamont.

We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden [of Eden]

—Joni Mitchell, Woodstock, as sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young

As the essay’s author puts it:

…Lebo is not a straightforward radical apologist for ’60s excess. Nonetheless, he clearly wants his map to make the case that 1969 — like the ’60s as a whole — is essentially something to be celebrated, with just a smattering of excess and regret.

Thus we see here another Apologist for The Left In America trying to make lemonade out of lemons.  The problem is: the lemons have gone bad — one might say toxic.

To ignore Altamont, is to leave a serious and important gap in any analysis of 1969 and the influence that one year has had.

I’m going to concentrate on the year-end concert that dare not speak it’s name in Lebo’s book.

Alexander Riley:

…The Rolling Stones’ Altamont concert of December 6, 1969 is a near-perfect symbol of the disturbing legacy of 1969 and the ’60s counterculture.

This unruly entity ‘the ’60s’ cannot be reduced to the preferred progressive narrative, i.e., necessary and broadly positive social and cultural change that freed restrained populations from the grip of crushing and soul-destroying traditional culture and belief. But, if one is rigorously honest, neither can the ’60s be legitimately turned into the too simple contrary story from the right: a horrifying, monstrous, and obviously evil annihilation of the good and the true. To be sure, the good was under attack at Altamont, and in the counterculture. But this was done with stealth, under the concealment of what appears, to the superficial eye, to be beauty.

Any such event is Doomed when it is organized by people in the midst of an Utopian Orgasmic Frenzy that is not based in Reality.  Robespierre, DeSade, Lenin, etc. suffered from this as well.  The consequences of their actions brought Misery and Death; the consequences of Woodstock and Altamont brought about a Stealth Movement to undermine American Culture.

More from Mr. Riley:

By the time the Rolling Stones took the stage at the old Altamont Speedway on December 6, 1969, they already had a reputation in the pop culture world of the era as bad boys, even as emissaries of evil, in the half-serious way in which such things are intended in the analysis of people who make careers writing about rock stars. Rock ’n’ roll should never be respectable, Eric Clapton said somewhere, probably copying what some bluesman said about the blues, and the Stones had made that their motto….

The thing is: there were many Rock And Roll composers and musicians who were trying to make the Genre become Respectable, such as Deep Purple.

I got to keep on movin’…
Blues fallin’ down like hail…
I got to keep on movin’…
Blues fallin’ down like hail…
And the days keeps on worryin’ me…
There’s a Hellhound on my trail…

—Robert Johnson, Hellhound On My Trail, as arranged by Bob Belvedere

Mick Jagger was and is a superb businessman and he knew what he was doing in setting-up an image for The Rolling Stones.  The Beatles had been the ‘Good Rockers’; The Stones were, at first, the bad neighborhood boys and, when that image played itself out, Mick and company switched-over to a more Sathanic and Violent image [starting with the album Their Satanic Majesty’s Request].

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
What’s troubling you is just the nature of my game

—Jagger/Richards, Sympathy For The Devil

More from AR:

There is no denying, when one views the cinematic record of that concert, the film Gimme Shelter, that there was something akin to beauty in some of the Stones’ music of this period, and something still closer to it in their faces and in the faces of some of those who followed them around as they sang their songs. Readers who have not seen it should do so if they want to fully understand how the evil of cultural nihilism and anarchy presents itself.

I know how it felt.  While I have put behind such foolish thoughts, I still listen to this band.

Paint it black…paint it black you devils!

—Stone’s concert audience member, intro to Sympathy, from Get Your Ya Ya’s Out

More [re-paragrahing mine]:

The film is by turns gut-wrenchingly terrifying and astonishingly seductive. It is the faux angelic smiles and the comely silhouettes of the girls in the front row, searching for a second’s attention from Jagger, these obsequious nymphs, fawning children already wholly and perversely sexualized in the way that has become de rigueur in American culture 2019.

It is also the spastically gyrating, intoxicated boy who has somehow managed to get himself atop a scaffold stories above the crowd, and who teeters precariously close to toppling to his death; and the vacant, inhuman stare of the naked obese woman in the front row, attempting to climb over and through her fellow audience members as though they were inanimate objects.

It is the fat, sweet electric guitar chords and the swaying, frantic drumbeats from the stage; and it is the sinister glares, and snarled insults, and lobbed beer bottles, and flashing pool cues of the bearded and leering Hell’s Angels.

It is Mick Jagger’s impish grin as he voluptuously takes in the crowd as he climbs on to the stage; and it is the slender pistol produced by Meredith Hunter and aimed at that same impish singer and then the knife blade that glides almost unseen across the screen to snuff out Hunter’s life.

It is the naïve hippie promise of a wonderful day of utopian peace with no restrictions or plans required — “it’s all gonna be an experiment,” as one of the show’s non-organizers puts it; and it is the inevitable, predictable, and dreadful outcome of a few hundred thousand human beings together in one place, with no moral rules, no authority to enforce such rules even if they were present, plentiful intoxicants and hallucinogenic agents, and turbulent, unpredictable, yet absolutely deterministic human nature in abundance.

Dead Solid Perfect.

More that you may not have known:

The film does not even show us the full extent of the depravity. It is only hinted at in the commentary track, in which we are told by the directors that the Hell’s Angels and many others in the crowd stayed on long after the show. The Angels built a huge bonfire out of scrap wood, and the remaining hippies were “drawn like moths to the fire.” And thus “the beatings and the battery continued on at length into the night.”

Altamont captures, especially the filmed version, the Consequences of ‘Let it all hang out’ Nihilism that was emerging at the time.  There may no longer be many open Hippies left in America, but, as I put it in my book, On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America:

It is now known that a certain element of the New Left decided to re-orientate — re-engineer — their Movement starting in the late 1970’s, and continuing through the 1980’s. No longer would it be as rude and rowdy and in-your-face and impatient as it had been in the past fifteen years or so. Instead, they would put on suits, pantsuits, and dresses, and then then blend-in within American Society. The Left would [seek] to destroy the existing Order from inside the Establishment.

So, the New New Left In America put on business attire, cut their hair, polished their shoes, shaved, and bathed. And they wormed their way quietly into every area of our Society that they could, rarely letting their fellow workers know of the Radical ends they sought. They were aided in their efforts at infiltration by Old Leftists already inside and by the usual suspects: fellow Travellers, Dupes, and Useful Idiots.

As to the result of the Counterculture Movement, Mr. Riley writes:

This is how the evil of cultural destruction presents itself. It would be so easy to turn aside from it, if all collapsed into ugly, nauseating chaos instantly as soon as the old cultural rules and restrictions were abandoned. Such things take a little bit of time, though, to materialize in their full wreckage, and they can produce beguiling little temptations in the forms of pleasant sounds, and intoxicating substances, and seductive human forms all along the way. Why was there such a consuming desire to “experiment,” to reject planning, to put into action stupendously poor organizational decisions in the most cavalier, irresponsible way imaginable, given the possibility of catastrophic consequences? Because, the counterculturalists maintained, “the system is corrupt.” Because, they reasoned, things could not conceivably be worse. Why not experiment? What is there to lose? Only everything, if it turns out — as it did — that things could be worse.

And things are worsening as each day passes.  Our Culture is in it’s Death Throes because Leftist Thinking has Invaded every nook and cranny of our Culture.

Mr. Riley:

The difference between the culture of Altamont and the culture it wanted to supersede is both subtle and immense. Recognizing the unavoidable contagion of evil, the pre-’60s American cultural world endeavored to maintain time-honored methods and structures that had kept it at bay sufficiently to enable the human drama of moral progress….

But they were suffering from an unknown handicap: they were being brought-up in the first Unmoored Generations, where God was dying a slow death and Relativism was having an Enormous Influence on them.  In other words: the Pre-Sixties Cultural World entered the War in Ignorance.  And, thus, they Failed…Miserably.

Everywhere is freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
Tax the rich, feed the poor
Till there are no rich no more?

—Alvin Lee, I’d Love To Change The World


Fifty years after Altamont, no clear-eyed observer of American culture can doubt that the demonic spirit of 1969 is still very much in the air in our country.

Indeed.  We are beset by Evil in all it’s forms all of the time now.

For you Believers out there, I say that Leftist Ideology is The Antichrist.  For you Non-Believers out there, I urge you to see Right Reason and understand that Evil walks among us.

Now I have you with me, under my power
Our love grows stronger now with every hour
Look into my eyes, you will see who I am
My name is Lucifer, please take my hand

—Black Sabbath, N.I.B.

The Lost Generations

02 January 2020 @ 16:19

On 26 December, Richard Fernandez [aka: Wretchard T. Cat] published this lament:

I have difficulty these days telling the actual news apart from parody. Events are so ironic, reactions so extreme, ignorance so unselfconsciously palpable that it hardly seems possible they happened or were uttered in earnest.

It must mean something but what?

One hypothesis is that many have become, not unhinged, but unmoored. They have drifted so far from the old foundations it has sunk below the horizon. What we are hearing are messages from voyagers in an uncharted sea. And any moment now I fear we’ll hear a scream.

We killed God, banished him to the ash heap. Now Hubris rules…and Nemesis lurks in the Shadows of The West waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold….

Correct: because at the Center was Belief in The Almighty.  We are directionless without God.  We are Individuals who have decided to cast ourselves Adrift.

The young are the most unmoored.  Is anyone surprised?  They have been subjected since Birth to Leftist Propaganda.  While we often rightly blame our institutions, such as educational and cultural ones, parents and their families deserve their share of the blame, as well.

We of the older generations were given a sense of Right and Wrong, a Western Morality that can never be fully expunged from our Souls.  So why have we allowed this to happen to our children — our sons and daughters, our nieces and nephews?

Part of the reason is because we were Ignorant of the Left In America’s efforts to poison our Souls with The Leftist Virus.  I hope I’ve — at least partially — remedied this with my book: On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America [copies can be obtained for $8.00 here], which explains the Motives of The Left and their strategy and tactics for attacking our way of thinking.

But another part of the reason is we were too busy working and enjoying the Luxuries an American Life has to offer.  We took our eyes off the ball and are now being whacked repeatedly with Reality’s hardballs.  American Life and Culture have much to offer, but as payment we must keep an ever-watchful eye on the Health of our Culture.  The Founders, with Divine Providence’s aid, were given a Very Precious Gift.  Like a child smashing a gifted toy, we have pretty much destroyed that Gift.

It’s never too late to Rebuild, to Restore, the Gift, but the time we have left to do this growing shorter and shorter by the day.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

—W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming

#OUTLAW: On Trump’s Impeachment

17 December 2019 @ 14:53

If you don’t share the politically correct vision, then you are an outlaw, you are hunted and there is a price on your head.

—John Milius [emphasis mine]

This new Impeachment effort will Permanently Damage our Freedoms and Ordered Liberty, no matter the outcome of the Senate Trial of President Trump.

It will be just be one more step — a mighty big one — to bringing about a full-state of Lawlessness and Disorder.

The Restraint that kept the Establishment Class from seeking to repeat the Lawless Attempt to find Andrew Johnson guilty is gone for good in the America of this Age.

It became Terminal with the Impeachment efforts against Richard Nixon and were accelerated by the Feckless GOP effort to remove Bill ‘The Rapist’ Clinton from Office in an Overtly Incompetent prosecution of him in a Senate Trial.

The Current Establishment [the Left and their Useful Idiots on the Republican and ‘Conservative’ sides] has cashiered all Morality.  They are operating without a Restraining Hand.

Look: I don’t like Trumpicus Pompey Magnus Sulla, but I have yet to see any actual, Truthful evidence that he has committed any High Crime or Misdemeanor.

This whole Impeachment Drama just emphasizes most starkly the Madness that has gripped this nation now that Leftist Thinking has achieved Hegemony.¹

The Philosophy of the Evil Aleister Crowley has Triumphed: ‘Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law’.

The liberties of our Country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair Inheritance from our worthy Ancestors: They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood; and transmitted them to us with care and diligence.

It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle; or be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.

Of the latter we are in most danger at present: Let us therefore be aware of it. Let us contemplate our forefathers and posterity; and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us from the former, for the sake of the latter.

— Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made, which is the wish of our enemies, the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance. Let us remember that “if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom.” It is a very serious consideration, which should deeply impress our minds, that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event. [emphasis and re-paragraphing mine]

—Samuel Adams, writing as ‘CANDIDUS’, Boston Gazette, 14 October 1771


Please see previous posts by your Humble Blogmaster on this subject:

#Impeach Trump – Beware Of Watergate II

Bring Me The Head Of Donald Trump And The Killer Elite


¹ For a fuller explanation of how and why this happened, please read my book:

On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America

On The So-Called Silent Moderates

12 December 2019 @ 17:03

There’s an interesting essay that’s been published over at [The London] Spectator USA by by Bridget Phetasy [be warned: the Speccie USA only allows viewing three article per month], entitled: The Battle Cry Of The Politically Homeless: Anyone moderate with a brain and anything to lose has largely gone silent.

Mrs. Phetasy starts it off by saying [tip of the fedora to Joy McCann]:

Like millions of other Americans, I’m exhausted. But I’m not tired from #Resisting or tired from screaming at a MAGA rally. I’m tired of the toxic tribalism infecting the very foundations of our democracy, straining our relationships, and poisoning our view of our fellow humans.

I’m tired of everyone being outraged, getting worked up over the latest news cycle only to forget about it two hours later. Tired of being afraid to voice my own opinions, of knowing how saying the wrong thing at a barbecue while someone is filming on their iPhone could result in a nationwide clarion call for my head on a pike. I’m tired of rage mobs and cancelations.

2016 was the breaking point, or at least a watershed moment, when the vilification of diverse opinion exploded. Trump vs. Hillary forced everything into a binary, and suddenly bipartisanship and moderation became radical positions to take.

She is correct about the Explosion, the full-scale Eruption of the Leftist Volcano, but, actually, we on the Right who are not Ideologues have been subjected to Calumnies being hurled, often viciously, at us and Doxxing and Firings since, at least, 2007 — let’s call them small-scale Eruptions.

I understand why she’s fed-up and tired of all this Malicious Micheghas [often, if the choice is to watch Pundits and News Journalists opine on matters on which they have no Historical Perspective and are Ideologically-Driven, and watching a good British Mystery, I tend to  choose the latter].

Notice that she writes: ‘I’m tired of the toxic tribalism infecting the very foundations of our democracy….’.  The problem is: this Nation was not set-up to be a Democracy, but, rather, a Constitutional Republic where The Mob does not Rule.  That we have devolved into one is a Sad and Pathetic commentary on our Guardianship of Freedom and Ordered Liberty in the last several generations.  We use the word ‘Democracy’ blithely, without consideration of it;s meaning and the implications thereof [another Triumph in getting us all to think like Leftists].  This may seem like a samll, a Trivial, point but Words and Meanings matter.  As I wrote in my book, THE PRESENT CRISIS [copies of which may be purchased by clicking here]:

The Grand Strategy of the Left is to so Corrupt the meanings of the words we speak and write — our understanding of them — so extensively that they can then use language to, constantly and consistently, Manipulate us through our language.  [Chapter 5: The Corruption Of Language]

More from Mrs. Phetasy:

After 2016’s chaotic impact on The Culture took hold, each mere opinion or vote became life or death in the fight for the survival of civilization — and you are either for civilization or against it. The trouble is, everyone believes they’re on the ‘right side of history’ and justifies abhorrent behavior in service of that belief. Families are divided. Extremes have become more extreme and shades of gray are shunned. Expressions of nuance are mocked. Anyone moderate with a brain and anything to lose has largely gone silent.

In general, she’s quite right, but there are votes that, if used to pass Laws that are UnConstitutional and must be Fought Vigorously because they Undermine America.  And there are opinions that go to the heart of Civilization’s and must be voiced.  In other words, the Right Side Of History must always be Defended.

From here next paragraph:

I get it, too. I understand why the silent majority is uneasy. They’re not wrong to worry that sharing their opinion on Facebook could cost them their livelihood. Most people are just trying to raise their families and pay their bills, and pine for the days when they only had to think about politics every few years. Now, millions of independent thinkers — recently polled at almost 70 percent of the American population and labeled ‘the exhausted majority’ — are harboring intense feelings of political homelessness and ideological isolation.

In a Constitutional Republic you can’t afford to ‘to think about politics every few years’ — the citizen in such a Republic must continually pull Watch on our governments at all levels.  As I wrote in Chapter 4 of my book:

And we can’t complain that we were blindsided and sandbagged by the Left. Enough prophets have warned us over the past century-plus of what was happening, enough signs were placed on our Road To Perdition, but we refused to listen, to sec and turn back. We let our Lusts [of all kinds] guide us. We took full advantage of our Freedoms and Liberties, but refused to pull Guard Duty now and again for The Republic. We gorged ourselves on Happy Meals and refused to pay the bill.

So: Ecce Novum Americanusl Behold the New American Man!  There he stands snapping the lock of his chains into place. There he should stand Ashamed.

You can’t escape this Essential Duty and expect your governments to remain Free and Liberty to remain Ordered.  No semi-permanent vacations allowed.


…We all abandon our duty as citizens when we put party loyalty over thinking critically and speaking truthfully. We can’t expect integrity from our leaders if we don’t expect it of ourselves.

It’s absolutely our duty as citizens to denounce demagoguery where we see it. To fight corruption. To push back against attacks on free speech, due process and the scientific method. To combat racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry. To continue to extend the gains made by the civil rights movement. To demand compromise and moderation. This starts with fighting our own tribal instincts and laziness and educating ourselves.

Where is the Fight Against Immorality?  Methinks, BP is a libertarian, one of those who does not realize, as John Adams wrote:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Under appreciate Morality and you will end-up with what we have today in America: a nation like we have; a Democracy where The Mob Rules.  Integrity arises out of having a Moral Sense —  and the majority of us lack it.

Compromise with the Left [and it’s bastard child, the Alt-Right] is impossible.  As I wrote in THE PRESENT CRISIS:

…Look, I know we all have a deeply ingrained desire to want to be liked by our fellow-men, but it is important to realize that the Left will never, ever Like or Respect any one of us unless we submit Unconditionally to their ideas. To submit to them is to Betray what you know is Right — to place your Soul in chains to others.

It is time we on the Right realize that there is no reasoning with the Left, that they will not listen.

Their minds arc dosed and bolted shut to any arguments because they believe they have found ‘THE ANSWER’, ‘the Way’. The Progressives believe they are the only truly ‘Enlightened Ones’ and that we are, at best, Misguided Idiots, and, at worst, Dangerous and Insane Lunatics. This is what they believe. Don’t kid yourself that they view us as anything but Fools or Thought Criminals. Just think of the ways they describe us and our ideas … go ahead, think … l’ll wait … well? Simply put: in their Depraved way of thinking, the Left believes that the Right is Evil.

Therefore, there’s no point in ever arguing with them about anything.

The time has come for us to refuse to deal with them in any reasonable way. To engage them in any conversation is to give them and their ideas Legitimacy, to announce that their Fantastical Thinking is Normal — it is not. Created in the sterile laboratories of their minds, the ideas and schemes of the Left are Unrealistic, Unworkable, and Unsuited to Human Beings living in Reality. Therefore, we are only wasting our time in arguing with them. They are Zealots, Fanatics who cannot be persuaded with Right Reason- they have disabled their Moral Imaginations. We must forego trying to argue with them and go on and do what it takes to Restore and then Maintain our Freedoms and Liberties. Perhaps, just perhaps, by the example we set, a few of them will recover their mental health sufficiently to see the light and fight against their crippling [and dangerous to others] retardation.

Mrs. Phetesy ends her essay with:

While both sides increasingly weaponize reason and peddle conspiracy in order to defend insanity, millions of sensible, moderate Americans grapple with the choice to join a tribe, tune out, or go insane.

Opt to tune out and you’re ‘carrying water for Nazis’ or a ‘cuckservative.’ Join a tribe, and you have to completely abandon your ability to think critically. No matter what — everyone seems to be going crazy. The exhausted majority could be the key to combating polarization and saving the world.

If only we weren’t so afraid.

I seriously doubt that a Silent Majority exists anymore.  Leftist Thinking has Triumphed and now infects most of the minds and Souls of Americans.

It is only we few, we happy few — The Remnant — who survive and are Charged with keeping The Lamp Of Liberty burning.

…Then guard your rights, Americans
Nor stoop to lawless sway
Oppose, oppose, oppose, oppose
For North America

Torn from a world of tyrants
Beneath this western sky
We formed a new dominion
A land of liberty
The world shall own we’re freemen here
And such will ever be
Huzza, huzza, huzza, huzza
For love and liberty!

—Dr. Joseph Warren, Free America

The Death Of Dr. Joseph Warren at Bunker Hill

The Left’s Abject Hatred

07 December 2019 @ 16:12

Dennis Prager has published an interesting essay over at American Greatness on the Left’s Abject Hatred of The Salvation Army.

A few highlights, accompanied by some commentary from your humble blog host…

We all know some individuals who are so obviously good and kind that we are certain if anyone were to dislike them, that’s all we would need to know about the person. We would immediately assume he or she is a bad person. To hate the manifestly good is a sure sign of being bad.

Sometimes, especially in War Time, Hatred is a Useful thing.  We are in a Cold War with Ideology that is getting hotter by the day.


Such is the case regarding the Left’s hatred of the Salvation Army. You don’t have to be a Christian — I am not — to appreciate the goodness of the people who run and work for the Salvation Army. They devote their lives to helping the poorest, the saddest, the loneliest and the most troubled among us — completely irrespective of race, gender, transgender identity, faith or no faith. And they do it for almost no money. They do it because of their Christian faith.

They provide these downtrodden people with not only food and shelter but also human warmth and love. And they offer the people they care for the one thing most likely to get them out of their predicament: meaning. They offer it; they do not coerce it. And while the vehicle for this meaning — Christian faith — may not be your faith or mine, so what? It takes a truly narrow-minded bigot to want to deprive people of meaning just because that meaning is rooted in faith or in a faith other than their own.

As long as these types of Organization offer Christian or Jewish Succor, I’m behind them, but we should never support an Islamic Version, as that Cult Ideology seeks to Enslave people.


Most depressing of all, Chick-fil-A, a business owned by a Christian and heretofore run according to Christian principles, caved in to LGBTQ organizations’ pressure and stopped funding the Salvation Army, while it has also donated to a left-wing group that hates the good, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I never thought I’d see the day when the Salvation Army would be hated by a substantial number of Americans or lose the support of a Christian-run business.

But given the Left’s loathing of virtually all things good — such as America, Israel, traditional Christianity and Judaism, the Boy Scouts, the nuclear-family ideal, Thanksgiving and America’s Founders — it is not surprising.

As I pointed-out in my book, On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America [copies of which may be purchased by clicking here]:

It is rather obvious that the Leftists In America are animated by their Ideology, which is a system of ideas that seeks to defy Human Nature — actually, crush it under it’s jackboots of Perverse Logic — and Re-Engineer it into a caricature of something Human. Leftism is animated by a hatred of Life As It is, by everything the people of The West [the most civilized peoples in History] see as Beautiful and Decent. The Left exists in a sewage pit of Misery and wants to drag everyone down into their Hell. Strip all the Big Lies they tell you about themselves and you will discover that they are motivated by a wish for a Communal Death in a world-wide Nihilistic Conflagration, a Gotterdammerung.

More from Mr. Prager:

As I have said for years, the Left destroys everything it touches: music, art, Christianity, Judaism, economies, universities, high schools, late-night comedy, pro football, women’s likelihood of finding happiness, men’s likelihood of maturing, the Boy Scouts and the innocence of children (think “Drag Queen Story Hour” for 5-year-olds at public libraries), to cite some of the more obvious examples.

And while it destroys good institutions, the Left never builds a viable replacement. Is there a left-wing equivalent to the Boy Scouts, a left-wing institution that helps mold boys into responsible men? Of course not. The Left destroys, but it builds nothing — except state power. Or, to take the present example, is there a left-wing equivalent to the Salvation Army? No, there isn’t.

One of the great puzzles in contemporary American life is whether there is anything the Left could do to make Americans understand how destructive it is. If suppressing free speech at colleges and on the internet, fomenting interracial anger, supporting those who wish to annihilate Israel, allowing (and even encouraging) teenage girls to have their healthy breasts surgically removed if they think they are a boy and trying to crush the Salvation Army don’t do it, probably nothing will.

The only thing that, it seems to me, can be done is to always publicize the Left’s actions and proposals over all forms of Media we can, to Resist their Evil Machinations on the Local Level.  Hell, Nancy Pelosi is pretending she’s a Catholic-In-Good-Standing and very few are calling-out her Heresy.

Support The Salvation Army in any way you can.  Support only those Charitable Organizations and Businesses that do not cave to the Leftist Way Of Thinking.  Shun those Organizations that do.

Resist, Resist, Resist!

December 7th, 1941: ‘The Unprovoked And Dastardly Attack’

07 December 2019 @ 14:41


Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that nation, and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its Government and its Emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific. Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the American island of Oahu, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to our Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message. And while this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or of armed attack.

It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Japanese Government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost. In addition American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.

Yesterday the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam.

Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.

Last night the Japanese attacked Wake Island.

And this morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.

Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.

As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense.

But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

I believe that I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger.

With confidence in our armed forces — with the unbounding determination of our people — we will gain the inevitable triumph — so help us God.

I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December 7th, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.

The only member of the Congress to vote against
the Declaration Of War against the Empire of Japan was

Republican Representative Jeannette Rankin, a Progressive.

[Originally published on TCOTS on 07 December 2011]

Laws, Regulations, Executive Orders: The First Question That Must Always Be Asked

03 December 2019 @ 16:00

This headline over at ABC News states the problem quite well [although I know that was not their intention]:

President Trump signs animal cruelty bill into law,
making it a federal felony

Where in The Constitution does it say the Chief Executive can do this?  Where does that Sacred Document say that the Congress can pass such a law?

The answer is that The Constitution does not Delegate such a Power to the national government.

But that doesn’t stop our elected officials from passing such laws every Session.

The First Question that must ALWAYS be asked when passing a Law or promulgating a Regulation is: Is this Constitutional?

If not, than this is a matter that should be left to The Several States [see: Tenth Amendment, The].

And, if their Constitutions do not Delegate such Powers to them, then we next go to County and Local level governments to see if their Charters allow them to impose such Laws and Regulations.

When we do not ask this First Question, we show our Contempt for The Constitutions and Charters of our govenments.  Passing such Laws and Regulations and Executive Orders is Repugnant and a signal to The Sovereign People that they are Free not to Obey such Laws and Regulations.

Perhaps we should Petition the Convention Of States to include, among it’s other proposed Article V Amendments, one that reads something like this:

SECTION 1: Before a Law is brought to a final vote by either house of the Congress, it shall, in both The House Of Representatives and The Senate be subject to a full and complete investigation before Special Committees charged with determining whether said Law is allowed under The Constitution Of The United States.  If it is found Repugnant, it will be sent back to the House from which it originated.

Citizens of The United States may challenge the decisions of the said House and Senate Special Committees before The Supreme Court Of The United States directly.  They may take such actions of Redress before or after said Law is passed.

SECTION 2: Any Regulation or Executive Order issued by any Department or Quasi-Governmental Agency of the national government shall be subject to a full and complete investigation before a Special Executive Branch Committee, chosen by the President, charged with determining whether said Regulation or Executive Order is allowed under The Constitution Of The United States.  If it is found Repugnant, said Regulation will be declared null and void immediately.

Citizens of The United States may challenge the decisions of the said Special Executive Branch Committee before The Supreme Court Of The United States directly.  They may take such actions of Redress before or after said Regulation or Executive Order is passed.

In the case of this national animal cruelty law, this is not, as I stated, the business of the national government, dammit.  It is nothing but a cynical Populist move on the part of Trumpius Pompey Maximus Sulla and the Corrupt Kleptocratic Congress to win favor with voters, who seem to never ask The First Question.

The time has come to stop the Madness.

But the parliament in which the Colonies have no voice, taking as much of their money as it pleases, and appropriating it to such purposes as it pleases, even against their consent, and as they think repugnant to their safety, renders all their property precarious, and therefore it is subversive of the end for which men enter into society and repugnant to every free constitution.

—Samuel Adams, writing as ‘CANDIDUS’, The Boston Gazette, 20 January 1772

Your attested Copy of the proceedings of the Town of Framingham at a legal meeting on the 15th of March last has been receiv’d by the Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Boston.

The just resentment which your Town discovers at the power of Legislation for the Colonists assumed by the British Parliament, and its exerting that power in raising a revenue and applying it to purposes repugnant to the common Safety, and the resolution of that town to defend our rights & Liberties purchas’d with so much Blood & Treasure, must do them honor in the Estimation of all who place a true Value upon those inestimable Blessings. May HE who gave this Land to our worthy forefathers, animate us their posterity to defend it at all Hazards; and while we would not lose the Character of loyal subjects to a prince resolv’d to protect us, we will yet never forfeit that of Men determined to be free.

—Samuel Adams, writing for the Boston Committee Of Correspondence, 13 April 1773

Watching The Detectives: Power, Corruption, And FBI’s

02 December 2019 @ 18:25

In an otherwise so-so report from back in March, Jon Miltimore and Carey Welder make one spot-on observation [tip of the fedora to Baldilocks]:

Conservatives tend to have two bad habits. First, they’re prone to viewing the past through a nostalgic lens. Second, they tend to instinctively give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt.

These tendencies help explain why conservatives for decades have been able to overlook the many abuses — constitutional, legal, and moral — of US intelligence agencies.


As to the first habit: there’s nothing wrong, per se, with feeling Nostalgia — it is a Neutral term that can be either a Good or a Bad thing, depending on what it is rooted in.

When it is born out of Pure and, therefore, Mushy Sentimentality, based purely on Emotion and seen through rose-colored glasses, it is a Negative Nostalgia.  An example of this is the way some Leftists view the History of the Labor Unionization Movement, which was Dirty and Corrupt through-and-through.

And let us not forget ‘Busing To Achieve Racial Desegregation™’ which is rearing it’s ugly head again [see here for one example].  The takeover of School Systems by the Courts in the late 1960’s through the 1970’s Destroyed many school systems, causing them to become more segregated.  It tore communities apart and led to heightened Tensions between Whites and Ethnic Groups that have culminated, egged-on by Leftist Politicians and Pundits, in the Bad Racial Atmosphere we see today in America [it must be said that President Trump is making, often successful efforts it seems, to relieve the Tensions].

When Nostalgia is born out of Right Reason, a Sober look at a period in The Past, it is a Good thing, such as revering The Founders — enough said.


‘…they tend to instinctively give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt’

Yes, we Law-Abiding Americans do.  The Conservative Instinct many Americans have is partially responsible for this.  Another source: since the FDR Generation [when Obedience to the government became Normalized, all subsequent ones have been brought-up to accept a more intrusive policing presence [and a majority of them did not rebel against this worrying development].

In a World Turned Upside Down, we have Embraced what we have considered ‘The Guardians Of Law And Order’ in Reaction.

However, we must never forget that every, single Government Organization is subject to Corruption — most especially in these days when Morals are so loose that they’ve run away and we have much trouble finding them.

The FBI and, to a lesser extent, the CIA¹, have had their Corruptions throughout their histories.  But, while they have risen to the Level of Egregious Corruption, they have never been as bad as they’ve been in the last forty or so years, growing to flirt with Outright Treason in the last twenty or so.

In a deeply Insightful article over at American Greatness, the Wise Angelo Codevilla writes:

The Justice Department’s inspector general this month reprimanded the FBI for the manner in which it recruits and supervises its “confidential human sources.” To the layman, this seems about technicalities. In fact, it shows that one of the CIA’s deadliest dysfunctions now infects the FBI as well.

This disease consists of choosing and rejecting sources for the purpose of indulging the agencies’ and their leaders’ private agendas rather than to further intelligence work on the public’s behalf.

The inspector general’s concern with the FBI’s source management stems from the investigation into the FBI’s involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign, including by taking seriously the infamous Steele dossier that it knew was a fabrication as well as, likely, some Russian communication intercepts that also should have been rejected on strictly professional grounds. In short, the FBI departed from its tradition of professionalism and honesty in pursuit of domestic political influence.

Choosing and recruiting sources, validating and managing them, is the very heart of intelligence. Doing it badly, taking sources that come easy—especially dispensing with due skepticism about the ones that contribute to one’s own agendas—is professional corruption. But doing it right is hard. To the extent that intelligence agencies find it difficult to fulfill expectations, they are tempted to substitute such corruption for the competence they lack. The pursuit of agency interests or even personal agendas takes over.

Which is exactly what we have sensed for quite some time.

The FBI and the rest of The Justice Department have evolved into acting like the Corrupt people did in the CIA of times past:

Soon after the Central Intelligence Agency’s founding in 1947, Hanson Baldwin, the New York Times’ legendary military correspondent, had already noticed that the agency was using perfunctorily vetted-sources, or the officers’ own opinions, to fill the gap between the few modest secrets of which it could be sure, and the many big questions on which it was pronouncing itself.

CIA case officers, ivy leaguers whose “cover” was a thin pretense, were never able to recruit Soviet officials and tore at each other over whether those who offered themselves were for real. They solved the problem by subordinating counterintelligence (i.e., quality control) to what they felt was the need to tell the stories they wanted to tell.

During my years on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s staff, CIA officials’ preference for their personal and corporate interests over professional standards continued to get worse….

Mr. Codevilla then gives some examples of this that are Damning.


The FBI used to take counterintelligence seriously. That made it possible for them to neutralize threats to America — the old joke was that, in any meeting of the U.S, Communist Party or of its front groups, a majority of attendees were FBI agents. The only U.S. intelligence penetration of the Kremlin was the FBI’s recruitment of a U.S. labor activist whom high-level Soviets trusted.

In the late 1970s, that began to change. Director William Webster (1978-1987) failed to back up the officers who had infiltrated and surveilled the New Left’s collaboration with the Soviets against America in the Vietnam War. Webster also introduced contemporary political correctness into the FBI….

The New Left was then able to Infiltrate governments at all levels rather easily, evolving eventually into the New New Left of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’.  In other words, the Boomer Bombers and their Fellow Travellers were left alone to Legitimize themselves as Normals.

More [emphasis mine]:

In due course, FBI officials became standard bureaucrats and learned to operate on the assumption that all Americans were equally likely to be proper targets of investigation. They replaced the distinctions by which they had operated with the classic bureaucratic imperative: look out for yourselves by making sure not to displease the powerful.

Webster’s FBI joined the ACLU as the principal sponsor of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which judicially pre-cleared all electronic surveillance operations through ex parte secret proceedings, despite warnings that such pre-clearance amounts to warrants for warrantless surveillance, and hence that it incentivizes political abuse.

We now, of course, know that FISA has been egregiously Abused by the FBI and Justice Department.

Mr. Codevilla continues

The directorships of William Sessions and Louis Freeh, ending in 2001, did nothing to slow the FBI’s devolution. Two additional tendencies developed, which further contributed to the devaluation of what had been scrupulous recruitment and evaluation of sources. First, reliance on pseudoscientific “profiling” vastly reduced the felt need for scruples. But the FBI’s experience with profiles is as powerful an argument as can be made of how debilitating, noxious, and corrupting reliance on them can be. Thus did the bureau practically convict an innocent man, Richard Jewell, of having bombed Centennial Park during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Profiling has long been seen as a con.


Second, the bureau’s increasing adoption of military weapons and tactics further tempted its officials to shortcut intelligence for the sake of, well, war against disfavored persons and movements.

The FBI in 1992 conducted an 11-day war against Randy Weaver and his family in a remote Idaho cabin, in which one law enforcement officer was killed along with the Weavers’ 14-year-old son, and which ended with an FBI sniper killing Weaver’s wife, Vicki, with a baby in her arms—leading to an angry jury acquitting Weaver. A year later, the FBI ran another war against a religious cult in Texas, that cost four lives.

I wrote about this Militarization in 2014.

This is why it is now more important than ever that we Preserve, Protect, and Defend the system of Trial By Jury…and we should teach our fellows that one of the Powers held by Juries is Jury Nullification.


Robert Mueller’s directorship (2001-2013), followed by his friend James Comey’s, made the FBI into the domestic danger it is today.

AC then sites, as an example, the Anthrax Mailing Investigation.

And let us never forget that the Coddling of active Murderous Boston Mobsters Whitey Bulger and Steve ‘The Rifleman’ Flemmi was started and continued under Webster, Sessions, Freeh, and included rising stars Robert Mueller and James Comey.


The FBI needs to be Reformed top-to-bottom.

People need to be Fired — all of those who have abused the Privilege — and I personally don’t care how many are Fired.

Tight Restrictions have to be put in place on Allowable Behavior.

Some of the current FBI’s Power must be returned to the Several States where we can keep a much easier closer-eye on activities.

And, most importantly, a non-governmental committee must be formed to constantly monitor the FBI and Department Of Justice.

These, I think, are just a few actions we True Americans must debate.  I’m very open to more.

It’s a Delicate Balance: on one side we do need a clearing-house for criminal activity occurring in multiple states so we must not Restrict too tightly so it can do the job we expect of it; on the other side we must set in place Laws that Effective in controlling their actions and maintain an extremly watchful eye on their activities.

This job is made all the harder because we cannot put any Trust in the vast majority of the members of the Congress and the Supreme Court.


As I also wrote in 2014:

The Police were never intended to be Soldiers-Lite, watered-down versions of of our Military.  We, The Sovereign People, created police departments ‘to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence’.  In other words, we delegated to the Police and other law enforcement agencies, the power to maintain Order in our communities, to see that those who broke the Law were brought before the Justice System, and to help us, the People, protect our Lives, our Liberties, and our Property.

From the beginning the Police were to act as our agents.

In their embrace of the code of behavior of the Military, in their convincing of themselves that we, the Law-Abiding, are not the same as themselves, the Police violated their oath ‘To Protect And To Serve’ us.

Such a group, such a tribe, is easily susceptible to adopting the ways of Tyrants.

America in 2014 is not only a nation where those in control of the national government, and many state and local governments, consider we, The Sovereign People their Public Enemy Number One, but where many of our Police Officers consider us Outlaws, who need to be watched very closely because we are all suspect, to be treated as Suspects.

This is Despotism.

Beyond practicing mere Due Diligence, we, The Sovereign People, from whom all Power And Control ultimately comes, must gear-up our efforts to keep a very close-eye on our governments and publicize loudly and relentlessly when they cross-the-line.  It’s time to turn the volume to eleven.

We, the Sovereign People, are the only ultimate Guardians Of Law And Order.

Are we up to the task?

I have my doubts.


¹ I use the term ‘to a lesser extent’ because the CIA often operates outside the borders of America, where The Constitution does not apply and, therefore, they have more freedom, if you will, to do things that the FBI cannot and must never do.  You can argue whether such actions of the CIA are Moral, but not if they’re Legal.

Tragedy Strikes Bob Belvedere: CREEM Mags Destroyed!

01 December 2019 @ 16:33

Last weekend right before a heavy rain struck, I was out packing-up my stuff for our move in our detached cabana.

To make some room whilst I filled-up boxes, I placed two plastic containers outside — one containing things I had written in the 70’s and 80’s; the other containing all of my 1970’s issues of CREEM Magazine.

At one point, I had to go inside our house, got distracted by filling out forms for our new mortgage, and never went back to my outdoor chores.

Their should have been no problem because I left the two containers firmly shut.

However, I didn’t count on The Red Chinese Can Collector Menace!

One of those Commie Spy Bastards entered our property during the rain and heavy wind and looked in the containers for cans, but failed to properly reseal the one with the CREEM Magazines inside of it.

The next day, I discovered that they were fully soaked in water and beyond rescue.

Boy Howdy, I’m Mad and Distraught!

I had to throw what was left of them away…and I did so with a tear in my Rock ‘N’ Roll Eyes.

Here are some of the issues destroyed by The Red Chinese Can Collector Menace

I vow to take on this Menace full-bore!  Damn the RED MENACE!  It reaches E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

R.I.P. Bob’s CREEM Magazines.


THE PRESENT CRISIS Gets Mentioned on The Other Podcast

24 November 2019 @ 16:42

Stacy McCain was kind enough this past Saturday Night to mention my book, On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America, on the weekly broadcast he and William Hoge do on Blog Talk Radio every week at 1900 Eastern.

The mention of TPC comes at about the thirty-nine minute mark, but I would urge you to listen to the whole hour as Stacy, William, and guest, the talented and lovely Dianna Deeley, discuss the political and cultural issues of the day.

Click here to listen to the Podcast.

And a hearty Huzzah! to Stacy and the gang.

And don’t forget to buy yourself a copy here.

Bring Me The Head Of Donald Trump And The Killer Elite

22 November 2019 @ 16:56

One of the most Insightful commentators on Twitter, Educating Liberals, has published a thread of his theory on this whole Impeachment micheghas:

“Does anybody on Twitter actually know how impeachment works?

My guess is 99% of you don’t.

So let me explain why Trump WANTED to be impeached….

If the Judiciary Committee calls for a vote, & a simple majority of the House agrees, it goes to a trial in the Senate.

The Senate then requires a two-thirds majority to convict him.

And what crime has Trump committed?

NONE. Also, the Republican Party holds a 53-47 majority in the Senate, so there won’t be enough votes.


The Senate trial is the REAL TRIAL.

Trump will have his own lawyers putting on his defense.

And he’ll declassify everything he needs to in order to defend himself.

A trial in the Senate would lead to the exposure of everything the media has tried desperately to ignore.

Every news outlet will be forced to cover the trial daily.

And the country will see evidence of unprecedented criminality committed by the Dems.

If Trump goes on trial, he’s going to expose every single crime the Dems have committed going back to January of 2009.

-I witnessed the Coup Against Richard Nixon.  A lot of the hearings tool place when I was off from school during the summer and I read accounts and partial transcripts in the MSM of the time.  As I wrote here recently:

As a teenager, I followed the whole Scandal and always felt something was wrong with it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on just what that was.  I eventually came to believe that my affection for the Underdog was clouding my judgement.  It is now clear, with [Former Nixon Administration Assistant White House Counsel, Geoff] Shepard’s unearthed[,] convincing evidence that my original Instinct was correct.

The Left back then were starring in a Dreadful story: Bring Me The Head Of Richard Nixon.

There were no ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ committed by Mr. Nixon.

The details are available here: #Impeach Trump — Beware Of Watergate II.

While the Left and their Dupes and Useful Idiots didn’t end-up passing Articles Of Impeachment against President Nixon, they were most certainly relieved when Mr. Nixon resigned — doing so made the Democrats safe from being Exposed during an Impeachment Trial for their Perfidy and Lawlessness.  The President did the Honorable Thing.

EL refers to this as a possibility, that Trumpicus Pompey Magnus wants to be Impeached.  But does he have the Testicular Fortitude to Resist?  We shall see.

Unlike like, Mr. Nixon, who despite his penchant for crossing Legal Rubicons, Mr. Trump has no Honor.  So he might be willing to let the pieces fall where they may and not, like RN did figuratively, take a loaded Luger into his study and ‘do the right thing’.

-I also witnessed the Clinton Impeachment, whose long trail of Stupidity, gives one Hope the EL is a prophet.  However, when it comes to ‘playing’ Politics, the GOP is at the very least one step below the Democrats in the evolutionary chain.

-I have read rather deeply into the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson and in a good number of ways it rhymes with what the Left and the Useful Idiots of the Republican Party are trying to do to President Trump.  The Radical Republicans lost the Trial of President Johnson by one vote.  They just missed pulling-off their Coup, which would have Damaged the Republic, perhaps Fatally [they certainly did a lot of damage in other areas].  The RR’s were Proto-Fascists, who would eventually evolve into the Progressive Republicans.


In 1974, the Leftists did succeed in their Coup and The Rule Of Law was Damaged severely.  We have been living with the Fallout ever since [‘Borking’ comes to mind].

Tyranny surrounds us.  We must be ever-watchful, ever Vigilant.

I hope the President does not get Impeached, nor forced from Office.

He has committed no ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’.

In the conduct of Foreign Affairs, Presidents have often had to use threats against other Countries that are seeking to Damage American Interests.

While Trumpicus may have sought a quid pro quo with Ukraine, there is nothing that prevents him from doing so in The Constitution.  To switch over, as the Left and their Useful Idiot comrades in the GOP have done, and call it now ‘bribery’ is, well, Orwellian.  No monies for any personal gains were exchanged.

I am no fan of this President, but to see him Impeached and then found Guilty by The Senate would be a High Crime.

What’s left of this Glorious Republic would not Survive, then, much longer.

Ideological Libertarians: The Terrible Simplifiers

10 November 2019 @ 17:26

At the same time that our governments are becoming more Socialist-Fascist, it is interesting that this trend is going hand-in-hand with the trend towards Radical Individualism — capital ‘L’ Libertarianism.

Over at The Federalist, Nathanael Burke has written an essay that looks into how the ascendancy of near-Absolute Individualism is providing Aid And Comfort to the Totalitarians in America.

A few definitions first…

I am fully in-line with Russell Kirk’s beliefs on this matter:

…libertarianism is a simplistic ideology, relished by one variety of the folk whom Jacob Burckhardt called “the terrible simplifiers.”

The capital ‘L’ Libertarians are Ideologues, who, like The Left, believe their Simplistic System Of Ideas will bring about a Heaven On Earth.  They see themselves, in a mirror image of Leftism, to be in possession of The Secret Wisdom [aka: Gnosticism].  Like The Left, again, they have developed their System in a sterile laboratory, far away from the Real World.  The difference between the two is that Leftism puts The Collective over the Individual, while the Libertarians advocate for Absolute Individualism.

More from Mr. Kirk:

…a number of the men and women who accept the label “libertarian” are not actually ideological libertarians at all, but simply conservatives under another name. These are people who perceive in the growth of the monolithic state, especially during the past half century, a grim menace to ordered liberty; and of course they are quite right. They wish to emphasize their attachment to personal and civic freedom by employing this 20th century word derived from liberty. With them I have little quarrel – except that by so denominating themselves, they seem to countenance a crowd of political fantastics who “license they mean, when they cry liberty.”

Descendants of Classical Liberals. For if a man believes in an enduring moral order, the Constitution of the United States, established American way of life, and a free economy — why, actually he is a conservative, even if he labors under an imperfect understanding of the general terms of politics. Such Americans are to the conservative movement in the United States much as the Liberal Unionists have been to the Conservative Party in Britain — that is, close practical allies, almost indistinguishable nowadays. Libertarians of this description usually are intellectual descendants of the old “classical liberals”; they make common cause with regular conservatives against the menace of democratic despotism and economic collectivism.

This is why I usually refer to these type of people as Classical Liberals.  We can work with them because I believe that most of them possess what I call The Conservative Instinct.

Sadly, many libertarians have made themselves Vulnerable to the Leftist World View.

Regarding the Libertarians, as RK said:

…For the ideological libertarians are not conservatives in any true meaning of that term of politics; nor do the more candid libertarians desire to be called conservatives. On the contrary, they are radical doctrinaires, contemptuous of our inheritance from our ancestors.

They rejoice in the radicalism of Tom Paine; they even applaud those 17th century radicals, the Levellers and the Diggers, who would have pulled down all the land-boundaries, and pulled down, too, the whole framework of church and state. The libertarian groups differ on some points among themselves, and exhibit varying degrees of fervor. But one may say of them in general that they are “philosophical” anarchists in bourgeois dress. Of society’s old institutions, they would retain only private property. They seek an abstract Liberty that never has existed in any civilization — nor, for that matter, among any barbarous people, or any savage. They would sweep away political government; in this, they subscribe to Marx’s notion of the withering away of the state.

…the great line of division in modern politics, as Eric Voegelin reminds us, is not between totalitarians on the one hand and liberals (or libertarians) on the other: instead, it lies between all those who believe in a transcendent moral order, on the one side, and on the other side all those who mistake our ephemeral existence as individuals for the be-all and end-all. In this discrimination between the sheep and the goats, the libertarians must be classified with the goats – that is, as utilitarians admitting no transcendent sanctions for conduct. In effect, they are converts to Marx’s dialectical materialism; so conservatives draw back from them on the first principle of all.

I stand with Russell Kirk.

Now, let us look at a few highlights from Mr. Burke’s article

…libertarianism has become less about a commitment to limited government and more a philosophy of autonomous individualism. The latter is an ideology that undermines the possibility of the former, in large part because it really does leave people alone….

One could justifiably say that it Isolates the Individual from those around him, as it promotes Selfishness as a Virtue — especially thanks to Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard et. al..


The paradox of libertarianism is that it depends upon cultural capital it cannot replenish….

The libertarian challenge is not of establishing government via social contract. Rather, it is to cultivate people capable of sustaining self-government, a task that is complicated by libertarianism’s official indifference to family formation, moral instruction, drug use, and other social factors essential to the development of citizens capable of flourishing in a libertarian regime.

Furthermore, because it has no place for economic solidarity, libertarianism sabotages itself economically as well as socially. The doctrinal imperatives of open markets and (often) open borders deny the existence of any national “We the people” who ought to be considered in economic policymaking. Libertarians cheer the “creative destruction” of the global market’s economic devastation of communities and regions. They believe those who cannot compete in the global marketplace must evolve or die — find a new line of work or move elsewhere.

There are several key Pillars of a Free Country missing here: Humanity, Compassion, Restraint, Morality.  It’s as if these Ideologues have adopted the motto of the Evil Aleister Crowley: ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’.  The Ruthlessness of the Libertarians is something to behold.

The Libertarians seek Detachment from their fellow Human Beings.  Their advocacy for Radical, Absolute Individualism will lead to the adopter of their Ideology being Lonely, Isolated — no one can live like this without descending into Nihilism.


Thus, libertarianism corrodes family, faith, and community through economic and social pressures. An uprooted, insecure workforce might suit the interests of Wall Street (at least in the short term), but it is poison to a culture that aims to produce people capable of self-government. Economic insecurity depresses family formation and stresses existing families. It destroys communities. The economic effects of libertarianism really are to leave people alone.

This makes them receptive to big government. The crucial insight of Robert Nisbet’s classic book “The Quest for Community” is that individualism and big government are allies in the destruction of intermediate forms of community and authority. Individuals look to big government to liberate them from the bonds of faith, family, and local community, and big government is happy to weaken these rival centers of power and loyalty, thereby expanding its own dominion.

…As older sources of security, community, and meaning dissolve and decay, government will inevitably expand to take their place.

In other words: the Libertarians are playing right into the hands of The Left, which seeks to achieve Power And Control over all.

The old saw is true: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is’.

I would add: If the solution is oh so Simple, it will Fail.




The Berlin Wall Falls On 09 November 1989

09 November 2019 @ 07:49

I think it safe to say that most Millennials and Gen-Z’ers [and, sadly, a decent number of Gen-X’ers] don’t know much about the History of The Berlin Wall and why it meant so much to us when it finally fell thirty years ago today.

There will be things written about this that are published today, some Good, and a lot written by the Losers on The Left, who have never gotten-over The Fall Of The Soviet Union.

All I can advise is to Ignore the latter and seek-out the former.

I’m writing this two days before today because I will be out house-hunting on the ninth, but I wanted to Commemorate this Wonderful Event in some way.

The Fall Of The USSR meant that we no longer had to fear a rival Superpower.  That we botched the Aftermath is no reason not to Celebrate this Victory in The Cold War.

Two songs from the era of The Berlin Wall capture the feeling we Anti-Communists felt…


-Sadness and Heartbreak:

Let us Never Forget those who died trying to make it over/through/under the wall…