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RING-A-DING-DING! & DOOBY-DOOBY-DOO! -In honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Francis Albert Sinatra [born 12-DEC-1915], Friend In The Ether Pundette has set up a website, SINATRA CENTENARY, where she'll be celebrating for all of 2015. And Mark Steyn is doing his own list: Sinatra Song of the Century.

On Abortion Harvesting

21 July 2015 @ 20:12

Why is anyone surprised at these revelations?

The harvesting of the remains of aborted babies is just the logical result of permitting ANY abortions in the first place.

Saint John Paul The Great [re-paragraphing mine]:

…This reality is characterized by the emergence of a culture which denies solidarity and in many cases takes the form of a veritable ‘culture of death.’ This culture is actively fostered by powerful cultural, economic and political currents which encourage an idea of society excessively concerned with efficiency.

Looking at the situation from this point of view, it is possible to speak in a certain sense of a war of the powerful against the weak: a life which would require greater acceptance, love and care is considered useless, or held to be an intolerable burden, and is therefore rejected in one way or another.

A person who, because of illness, handicap or, more simply, just by existing, compromises the well-being or life-style of those who are more favoured tends to be looked upon as an enemy to be resisted or eliminated. In this way a kind of ‘conspiracy against life’ is unleashed….

Evangelium Vitae

Welcome to The Culture Of Death.

LOGIC 101…

The descent into Barbarity has started with the harvesting of the body parts of innocent children who have been murdered in the womb.

It will soon proceed to the harvesting of the body parts of the Euthanized.

In the future, it will be the body parts of the Healthy that will be harvested at the point of a gun.

BREAKING: Proof Obama Is From Outer Space.

20 July 2015 @ 14:00

Souses tell TCOTS News that the following Reuters / Yahoo report proves beyond a shadow of a doubting Justice Thomas that the ‘man’ who is President is actually an ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE!

From the report, Matthew Stock reporting, we learn [emphasis ours]:

Scientists in Germany are using advanced imaging technology in a bid to understand one unusual phenomenon – why astronauts’ skin gets thinner while in space….

It has long been known that the President is very thin-skinned, but no one was sure how the jug-eared Nancy Boy got that way.

Some speculated that he was a covert Muslim, others that it just goes with being a Narcissistic Douchebagfacehead.

But there were others who took their cue from the President’s Choom Gang exploits.

What is clear is that this direct evidence vindicates those who for years have claimed, based on the available circumstantial evidence [like how the guy spent most of the late '70's and early 80's spaced-out and how, like, Michelle looks like, you know, a Klingon] that ‘Obama’ was sent by alien invaders to DESTROY THIS WORLD.

While the evidence is crystal clear, Alien Theory spokeswoman, astrophysicist Cumquat Melon-Spoon, head of SETTEE, says she expects some people to ignore this definitive proof because they have an ’emotional investment’ in believing it’s Hillary Rodham Clinton who was sent by invaders from the planet Cellulite X-1 to conquer the Earth.

Kevin Spacy could not be reached for comment.

#Chattanooga #Marines – ‘The Nation’s Duty Is To Avenge Them’

19 July 2015 @ 01:13

Per usual, it is Mark Steyn who speaks the cold, hard Truth we need to hear and acknowledge:

A fifth victim of the Chattanooga jihad boy has died: Petty Officer Randall Smith, US Navy.

I’m afraid the makeshift memorials of flags and other patriotic memorabilia that have sprung up on the edge of the police tape depress the hell out of me. A no doubt sincere veneration for the military apparently can only express itself with a feeble passivity that is a large part of the problem. This isn’t a time for the bumper-sticker bromides of “We salute our heroes/Thank you for your service/We support our troops”. Among the dead are men who waged a bloody and hard-fought battle to retake Fallujah …only to come home and die unarmed in a crappy shopping mall at the hands of a halfwit fanatic….

A Chinese-made teddy bear from Wal-Mart is not an appropriate reaction. Righteous anger is. And there’s not a lot of evidence of that. At that parking-lot memorial, the public seems to discern that such anger is no longer an approved sensibility — whereas a teary generalized sadness gets plenty of media coverage….

…We who did not know them cannot mourn them: That is for their friends and family. The nation’s duty is to avenge them — so that they did not die in vain.

Who would have thought that a large majority of Americans would choose Impotence as their response to direct attacks on American Society?

Weren’t we at one time made of sterner stuff?

Weren’t we at one time a people who instinctually reacted with Righteous Anger when all that we hold dear was threatened, instead of being paralyzed weaklings who respond to real, actual outrages with lame acts of pitiful masturbation on our own slobberingly sentimental egos?

Most Americans these days are so lame-brained that they truly believe placing cute stuffed animals, candles, and heartfelt notes at the scenes of murders, and then shedding a few mawkish and maudlin tears, is a meaningful act, that such an act carries with it some significance.

What a sorry bunch we are.

Perhaps we are the first Americans who do not deserve the Favor of Providence.

SIDENOTE: In related news, Mark reports:

Speaking of defiant jests, the new editor of Charlie Hebdo has announced there will be no more more Mohammed cartoons. So another non-senseless act has paid off big-time for the Islamic enforcers. I regret the decision, although I understand it.

It’s not just the French anymore who deserve to be mocked as ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’.

Sinatra 100th: Best Performances – Honorable Mentions 05

18 July 2015 @ 19:00

HEY!…How’s Your Bird?

Sinatra-HM001bxHere at TCOTS, we’re celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday by counting down what I think are his 100 best performances on Vinyl and CD, but, as promised, we’re also celebrating those tracks [‘Honorable Mentions’] that just didn’t make the List.

As with the 100 Best, Francis Albert will be your pilot and Bobby Bell your navigator [Dean will be serving — what else? — cocktails].

So sit back easy in your easy chair, pour yourself your favorite libation, and let’s go for an aural ride to the stars…

We’re taking a two week break from Best Performance Countdown to catch-up on those recordings that just missed that List.

Time to grab your gal, and take a whirl on the hardwood…

HM17 — Tangerine

Music & Lyrics: Johnny Mercer, Victor Schertzinger
Recorded: 11 April 1962
From the album Sinatra And Swingin’ Brass

I’ve known a gal or two like this.  They’re ultimately trouble and they’re not the kind you marry, but, oh man, they’re fun to hang around with for awhile…

HM18 — Day In – Day Out

Music & Lyrics: Johnny Mercer, Rube Bloom
Recorded: 22 December 1958
From the album Come Dance With Me

One of the great swingers from the great Come Dance With Me album, this celebration of being in love hits a bullseye right in the old happy zone.  It missed the Top 100 list by a whisker, but that’s my fault for having a beard.

HM19 — Let’s Face The Music And Dance

Music & Lyrics: Irving Berlin
Recorded: 20 December 1960
From the album Ring-A-Ding-Ding

There may be trouble ahead…

Maybe, but there’s definitely a performance here that makes you want to put on your dancin’ boots.

HM20 — My One And Only Love

Music & Lyrics: Robert Mellin, Guy Wood
Recorded: 02 May 1953
Released as a Single; included in the compilation albums This Is Sinatra, This Is Frank Sinatra 1953-1957 [UK MFP], The Complete Capitol Singles

This is a song that so very easily can be done in a over-wrought and pompous way, with the result that the true passion of the lyrics and music get lost in a sea of sap-happiness.

However, in the hands of Francis Albert Sinatra, well…I’ll let Mark Steyn say it:

You fill my eager heart with such desire
Every kiss you give sets my soul on fire
I give myself in sweet surrender
My One And Only Love.

Eager hearts, desire, kisses setting your soul a-fire… Faced with lyrics that ripe, the average vocalist attempts to give them meaning through volume and bombast. But Sinatra does the opposite: He shrinks the declarative boilerplate into something wistful and tender and true. That’s a guy who knows how to sing.

That’s a Master at work at his craft.

See you next time when we’ll take another short helicopter-hop to Bobsville.

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
Pundette’s Sinatra 100 countdown,
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& Mark Steyn’s Sinatra Songs Of The Century.
It’s a ring-a-ding world.

If you’re having trouble tracking down any of the performances on this List, contact me at Robert[dot]Belvedere[at]gmail[dot]com and I might be able to help you.


John Forbes Kerry Chokes…Up

17 July 2015 @ 19:27

And I thought Madeleine Albright was a total Goddamn embarrassment…

From The New York Times, Davis Sanger and Michael Gordon reporting, we learn [I won’t link the bastards][tip of the fedora to Matthew Continetti via Sdferr]:

…Finally, on Tuesday, the agreement was announced.

When the photo ops were over, the seven foreign ministers who had negotiated it met for the last time. Each spoke briefly about the importance of the moment. Mr. Kerry spoke last, but then added a personal coda. Choking up, he recalled going off to Vietnam as a young naval officer and said he never wanted to go through that again. He emerged committed, he said, to using diplomacy to avoid the horrors of war.

Interesting, considering Iran declared War on The Great Satan about, oh, thirty-five years ago and has never stopped waging it against us.

Controlling my anger at the rank imbecility of JFK is very difficult.  Right now, I’m restraining myself from unleashing a flurry of expletives that would make a Gunnery Sergeant blush — and spike my blood pressure to a dangerous level.

As Mark Steyn remarked in a recent post of his that I quoted in one of mine:

So everyone can go on dreaming their fantasies, never once questioning their own assumptions about what the ClownEmperor wishes to achieve. Pretend ClownDisaster wants something good for America — rather than the punishment of America and her old allies, and the boon tides befalling America’s avowed enemies in the Middle East. All in all, it’s quite the con job. Monumental even, in that respect.

But I think Kerry, in his own sick and twisted way, really believes his Treason here will stop Iran — that, though he, too, wants to see America punished for it’s ‘sins’, his main motivation is exactly what he, the meandering moron, claims.

If my hunch is correct, then it is imperative that John Forbes Kerry be immediately put in a straightjacket and committed to an institution for the mentally insane.

But, of course, that is exactly what won’t happen because Insanity Is The New Normal.

Might as well, go along with lunacy…

@PPFA / @PPact Reprimands Dr. Mengele, er, Dr. Nucatola

17 July 2015 @ 11:35

Well..that settles it then, eh?…move along, move along subjects…nothing to see here.

Darleen Click has the 411 on this story over at Protein Wisdom.

Please keep in mind that this vile and disgusting heartlessness on the part of this Leftist is neither surprising nor shocking.

It was the Progressive Movement which championed, among other repugnant and odious things, Eugenics.

It’s who they are; it’s what they do…

…Which is why they must be not simply stopped, but shunned and rendered unemployable by our Society.

Senseless At The DOD

17 July 2015 @ 08:46

From the DOD [emphasis in the text mine]:

Statement by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

No. NR-280-15

“It is with a heavy heart that I learned of today’s tragic events in Chattanooga. My thoughts and prayers – along with those of the men and women of the Department of Defense – are with the families of those killed in this senseless act of violence and with all those touched by this tragedy, including our Navy and Marine Corps family. I am grateful to local law enforcement for their swift response. The department will continue to work with local law enforcement as they investigate this heinous crime and will support our military families in their time of grief.”

The Big Lies, they burn.

A is A. This was senseless act of Terrorism, you vile toady.

Fuck you, Ash Carter.

Connections? Or: Is Bob Gone Crazy?

16 July 2015 @ 08:48

Big Daddy Bob: What’s that smell in this room? Didn’t you notice it, Brick? Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of con-spir-acy in this room?

Who knows, but I wouldn’t put it past the bastards.

-ITEM #1:

Recently, from Stanley Kurtz we learned:

Today [08 July], HUD Secretary Julian Castro announced the finalization of the Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule….

AFFH is easily one of President Obama’s most radical initiatives, on a par with Obamacare in its transformative potential. In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood — imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities, from zoning to transportation to education. Not only the policy but the political implications are immense — at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels.

-ITEM #2:

From the New York Post, John Crudele reporting [FYI: he’s been investigating corruption at the Census Bureau for quite some time and has done a bang-up job of it], we learn [tip of the fedora to Instapundit]:

There’s something scary in Census Director John Thompson trying to secretly find someone to run the $13 billion 2020 decennial census — by using his personal e-mail because he wanted to hide the process.

There is something even more frightening in the blatant politics that were going on behind the scenes.

Candidate Eleven had the job all but sewed up. She was flown to Washington and her expenses were paid by Census, a courtesy that wasn’t accorded any of the other candidates. She even dined with senior Census officials.

Next to her name in an internal document the headhunter wrote, “hired. Start 1/1/2014.”

Then politics entered the picture.

Candidate Eleven still had to get through someone described as “a senior political appointee at the Department of Commerce.” There was no further identification except that the senior appointee was male, which leaves out Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker.

But suddenly Candidate Eleven’s prospects weren’t looking very good and, ultimately, she wasn’t hired. The job would eventually stay with someone who already worked at Census.

The senior appointee told the Office of Inspector General that he “meet(s) with lots of people that I’m constantly scoping out for possible positions.”

The head of the 2020 census, however, isn’t just any old position. The census that is conducted every 10 years is mandated by the US Constitution and is used to determine how our population has shifted.

And that determines where federal tax money will be allocated for roads and schools and such. And, most importantly, the 2020 census will determine how many representatives to the House each state will have.

It is so important, in fact, that the Democrats and Republicans fought for control over the 2010 census when President Obama first came to office.

So someone ought to find out what the hell “a senior political appointee at the Commerce Department” was doing getting involved in picking the person who will have so much control over something so politically important.

-That coming Constitutionally-mandated Census will be even more important now that the implementation of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, it’s prospects for success, will depend on what racial and ethnic numbers appear on it. I suspect that it is the intention of The Jarrett Junto to use the 2020 Federal Census as a hammer to pound the AFFH into shape.

[As for the argument that it is likely The Jarrett Junto will no longer be in power in 2020…

1) there is no assurance that the Left will be not in control of the Executive Branch then – in fact, considering the dreadfully corrupt state of our voting system, it is rather likely they will, but even if they are not, it will not matter because…

2) no matter what Republican is in control of the day-to-day operations of the national government as President, (a) the Administrative State has a life of it’s own, separate from any elected head and (b) it would be a real surprise if any Republican President we have at that time will have the testicular fortitude to repeal the AFFH and depoliticize the Census Bureau.]

Am I crazy?

Should I, finally, go and get fitted for a tin-foil hat?

The House Of Special Purpose

16 July 2015 @ 00:01

[NOTE: This is a republishing of a post I originally ran a five years ago]
[NOTE: This post will be sticky for the rest of today; see newer posts below]

This is the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg, Russia…

It was code-named The House Of Special Purpose by the Bolsheviks.  Lenin ordered that Nicholas II, ex-Tsar of all the Russias, and his family be imprisoned there, but that was not the ‘special’ purpose.  This is the Tsar and his family:

Parents: Nicholas, Alexandra
Children [in birth order]: Olga, Maria, Tatiana, Anastasia, Alexis

On the night/morning of 16/17 July 1918, the family was awakened, told to dress quickly as they would have to leave in a hurry, ushered into a basement room, and were murdered by a bunch of local Bolsheviks.  From Wikipedia:

Around midnight Yakov Yurovsky, the superintendent of The House of Special Purpose, ordered the Romanovs’ physician, Dr. Eugene Botkin, to awaken the sleeping family and ask them to put on their clothes. The Romanovs were then ordered into a 6×5 meter semi-basement room. Nicholas asked if he could bring two chairs for himself and his wife. A firing squad appeared next and Yurovsky announced:

“ Nikolai Aleksandrovich, your relatives have tried to save you, but they had not to. And we are forced to shoot you by ourselves… ”

Yurovsky then began to read the decision of the Ural Executive Committee (Uralispolkom), and Nicholas said “What?” As the weapons were raised, the Empress and the Grand Duchess Olga, according to a guard’s reminiscence, had tried to cross themselves, but failed amid the shooting. Yurovsky reportedly raised his gun at Nicholas and fired; Nicholas fell dead instantly. The other executioners then began shooting until all the intended victims had fallen. Several more shots were fired at the victims and the doors opened to scatter the smoke. Some survived the gunshots, so executioner P.Z. Yermakov stabbed them with bayonets because the shouts could be heard outside. The last ones to die were Anastasia, Tatiana, Olga, and Maria, who were wearing several pounds (over 1.3 kilograms) of diamonds within their clothing, thus rendering them bullet-proof to an extent. However they were speared with bayonets as well. Olga sustained a gun shot wound to the head while Anastasia and Maria were said to have crouched up against a wall covering their heads in terror until Maria was shot down, and Anastasia had been finished off with the bayonets. Yurovsky himself killed Tatiana and Alexei. Tatiana died from a single bullet through the back of her head. Alexei received two bullets to the head, right behind the ear. Anna Demidova, Alexandra’s maid, survived the initial onslaught but was quickly murdered against the back wall of the basement, stabbed to death while trying to defend herself with a small pillow she had carried into the sub-basement that was filled with precious gems and jewels. Military commissar Peter Ermakov, in a drunken haze, stabbed at the dead bodies of the former Czar and Czarina, shattering both their rib cages in a pool of blood.

The bodies were then loaded into trucks, taken into the woods, desecrated, and buried.

This is the room where they were slaughtered in the name of Leftism:

This brutal murder of a whole family was certainly not the first, nor would it be the last, such action perpetrated by Leftists in their various ‘glorious’ marches to bring about Heaven on Earth [hundreds of millions of souls cry-out to us], but in it, in this one action, is to be found the ultimate representation of where Leftism will always lead: to the slaughter of innocent human beings in the name of ideas — ideology.  Logic dictates that there can be no other end.

As long as Leftism is allowed to thrive, to just exist, then the Olga’s, Maria’s, Tatiana’s, Anastasia’s, and Alexis’s of this world are not safe from the barrels of Bolshevik guns.  If the Leftists were to control the world, they would turn the whole of it into a House Of Special Purpose.

SIDENOTE: The whole family have been declared Saints by the Russian Orthodox Church…they are certainly Martyrs of Freedom…

Requiescat in pace


In view of the tens of thousands of lives which the Cheka would claim in the years that followed the Ekaterinburg tragedy, and the millions killed by its successors, the death at its hands of eleven prisoners hardly qualifies as an event of extraordinary magnitude. And yet, there is a deep symbolic meaning to the massacre of the ex-Tsar, his family, and staff. Just as liberty has its great historic days —the battles of Lexington and Concord, the storming of the Bastille—so does totalitarianism. The manner in which the massacre was prepared and carried out, at first denied and then justified, has something uniquely odious about it, something that radically distinguishes it from previous acts of regicide and brands it as a prelude to twentieth-century mass murder.

When a government arrogates to itself the power to kill people, not because of what they had done or even might do, but because their death is “needed,” we are entering an entirely new moral realm. Here lies the symbolic significance of the events that occurred in Ekaterinburg in the night of July 16–17. The massacre, by secret order of the government, of a family that for all its Imperial background was remarkably commonplace, guilty of nothing, desiring only to be allowed to live in peace, carried mankind for the first time across the threshold of deliberate genocide. The same reasoning that had led the Bolsheviks to condemn them to death would later be applied in Russia and elsewhere to millions of nameless beings who happened to stand in the way of one or another design for a new world order.

—Richard Pipes, The Russian Revolution, Chapter 17.

Bob Recommends: Living in an Age of Evil by @DirectorBlue

15 July 2015 @ 18:43

Doug Ross @ Journal: Living in an Age of Evil.

‘This Agreement Will Have Bloody And Brutal Consequences.’ – @MarkSteynOnline

15 July 2015 @ 09:12

Mark Steyn is onto something here [emphasis mine]:

I checked in with Sean Hannity on Fox News to share my thoughts on both the Iran “deal” and illegal immigration. You can see the full interview here.

Sean started by cross-cutting Barack Obama on Tuesday with Neville Chamberlain in 1938. But I thought that comparison was unfair to Chamberlain. He was an honorable man who loved his country and just happened to get the greatest issue of the day wrong. You can’t say the same of Obama:

Steyn said he thinks what President Barack Obama did is “significantly worse” than what former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain did. He also stated that he doesn’t think the president was negotiating on behalf of the United States.

“I think what happened at these talks is that he and the Iranians were in a sense negotiating together to anoint Iran as the regional power in the Middle East and to facilitate Iran’s re-entry, the biggest planetary sponsor of terrorism, to facilitate its re-entry into the global community,” Steyn said. “That’s what Obama was there doing.”

I think the nuclear issue was a mere pretext, a Hitchcockian McGuffin. Iran will be a nuclear state, and very soon. The joke inspections regime – under which Teheran can block any inspections for the best part of a month – will facilitate the nuclearization of Iran and prevent anyone who objects to it – such as Israel – from doing anything about it. That’s a given.

But that’s not what the talks were about. Obama’s vision of the post-American Middle East sees Iran as the dominant power, and that’s what the negotiations were there to finesse. As I said to Sean, Obama’s belief that American power and influence has been bad for the world extends beyond America itself to America’s allies. So on missile defense he takes the side of Russia over US allies like Poland and the Czech Republic; in the Falklands he takes the side of Argentina over the United Kingdom; and now in the Middle East he takes the side of Iran over the Sunni Arab monarchies and Israel.

This agreement will have bloody and brutal consequences.

Dead [literally and figuratively] solid perfect.

-I think we can now state with much certainty now that ‘Obama’ is full of Shia.

-We’ve all been trying to figure out why ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has been acting as he has in the Middle East and I think Mark has hit upon the exact answer.

This is not about the rank stupidity and ignorance of The Jarrett Junto.

Leftism-Unmasked-001fxThis is about a perverse belief that America, firstly, and the Anglosphere*, secondly, are Evil forces with way too much Power and Influence in the world that must be undermined and ended.

These fools believe that they can readjust the Balances Of Power in the World so that the the various ‘Enlightened Regimes’ [ie: ‘Totalitarian Hellholes’] can each be allotted their own regions where they can be the dominant power [kind of like when Lucky Luciano split New York into The Five Families]. This will allow, so the thinking of the Left In America goes in it’s funhouse mirror view of Power Politics, The Jarrett Junto to concentrate on the ‘important’ task of bringing about Heaven On Earth in America.

The trouble is: the Totalitarians who are working closely with the Administration have no intention of being restricted to their territories – this, by the way, is where the rank stupidity and ignorance of The Jarrett Junto comes in. Some, like Fascist Russia and Red China, want to be the Sole Superpower, while the Muslims want to conquer the whole World.

Just as, domestically, the GOP Establishment are the Useful Idiots of the Democratic Party, so The Jarrett Junto are the Useful Idiots of Islam and the other Totalitarian Regimes of the World.

In their arrogant and total Ignorance, The Jarrett Junto is setting the stage for the deaths and/or Enslavement of millions of free people in America and the Anglosphere.

‘Death to America’ and ‘Goddamn America’, indeed.


*I include Israel in the Anglosphere.

Your Morning Laugh – 15 July 2015 A.D.

15 July 2015 @ 07:47

The day goes much better when we start it off with a good, solid laugh.

Today, we have a real howler from Secretary Of Defense ‘Nuclear’ Ash Carter:

Statement by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on the Iran Deal

No. NR-273-15

I’m pleased that Secretary of State Kerry and Secretary of Energy Moniz, along with our P5+1 partners, were able to reach a comprehensive, verifiable deal to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. As we implement this historic agreement, deterrence remains a major component of America’s national security.

The Department of Defense is today, and will always be ready, to defend the United States and our interests. Our military – including tens of thousands of U.S. forces in the Middle East – are full speed ahead maintaining a strong presence in the Gulf. We remain prepared and postured to bolster the security of our friends and allies in the region, including Israel; to defense against aggression; ensure freedom of navigation in the Gulf; and check Iranian malign influence. We will utilize the military option if necessary.

Hey, I didn’t promise it wouldn’t be a bitter laugh.

Is it Happy Hour yet?

On The #IranDeal – Shouldn’t ‘Pretend Time’ Be Over By Now?

14 July 2015 @ 13:51

Shouldn’t those few leaders in the world on the side of Good realize this is the time for the Truth, and only the Truth?

Friend In The Ether Sdferr left these spot-on remarks over in a post by Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom on the Appeasement of Iran:

In order to indicate the sweep of error as people reflect on PresidentIVotePresentAndWonPenPhone’s unilateral accomplishment, I note that we can see a headline at The Right Scoop which reads “The deal is a Historic Mistake — Netanyahu Responds to Nuke Deal Announcement”.

And indeed, Netanyahu says in a tweet: “When willing to make a deal at any cost, this is the result. From early reports, we can see that the deal is a historic mistake.”

But stop.

This isn‘t a mistake in the sense that it doesn’t achieve what it was desired to achieve. Quite the contrary, it gets ClownDeceptor everything he had hoped to get. Of course he has had to lie (generally speaking) about what he hoped to get all along, whereas his private aims are perfectly aligned with the outcome.

And yet, even Netanyahu, who cannot afford to deceive himself regarding the truth of the matter, cannot speak the truth of the matter. He must pretend that ClownDisaster wanted Iran kept from nuclear weapons, as would any conventional American President.

For Netanyahu well knows that hardly anyone would believe that ClownCatastrophe designed just this end: an enriched, empowered hegemonic nuclear threshold Islamic Republic of Iran.

So everyone can go on dreaming their fantasies, never once questioning their own assumptions about what the ClownEmperor wishes to achieve. Pretend ClownDisaster wants something good for America — rather than the punishment of America and her old allies, and the boon tides befalling America’s avowed enemies in the Middle East. All in all, it’s quite the con job. Monumental even, in that respect.

Prime Minister Netanyahu knows better. People here, like Senator Cruz, know better.

Why will they not speak plainly about the motives of The Jarrett Junto?

Yes, the MSM and the drone-ish talking heads [who, interestingly and actually, talk out of their arses] will call them ‘nuts’ and ‘extremists’ — this is quite true.

But (1) Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Cruz, et al have an obligation to speak the Truth, to tell it like it is, if they want to continue to be considered Defenders of Freedom and Ordered Liberty and if they don’t want to be rightly charged by our Posterity with Dereliction of the Most Sacred Duty.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn shouted a plea to the whole world: ‘Live not by lies!’. He knew, down to the deepest depths of his Soul that Mankind cannot afford to live by Lies it wants to see Freedom survive and the individual, too, cannot deceive if he wants to save his Soul.

Now is the time — now especially that ‘Obama’ and his minions have brought us much closer to nuclear attack — for The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth — God help us.

Do not take counsel of your fears.

—George S. Patton, Jr.

Be not afraid!

—Saint John Paul The Great

‘The Whole Edifice Is Built On And Sustained By Lies Upon Lies Upon Lies’ – @GeoffB5

14 July 2015 @ 09:09

Recently, Friend In The Ether GeoffB reported on his recon of the Left In America:

Three main divisions are in the left coalition. The “caring liberals” aka “the wealthy” (not the “rich” who are the upper-middle class) and the government union workers. The grievance groups, poor, feminist, black, hispanic, LGBT etc. And at the top the power seeking sociopaths aka community organizers, leaders.

Leftism-Unmasked-001fxThe relationship of the top to the others goes like this.

To the wealthy, “We will tax those pesky guys just below you and help keep them in their place, we will use the money to pay off and satiate the howling mob of the poor so that they don’t come to your door with ropes.”

To the poor, “We will take money from those lucky rich guys and give it to you.”

To the government employees, “We will siphon most of the money off into your hands on its way to the poor and we shall both get lauded as caring, loving, good people for it.”

To the other grievance groups, “We will show you what the solution to all your problems is and ensure that the government employees implement that solution.” Unstated is that the “solution” will only cosmetically “solve” their “problem.” It will lead to even more “problems” to be “solved.” And most importantly the favored “solutions” will give more power and money to the sociopath/organizers which is the whole of the reason for all the “problem” — “solution” dance.

Of course the whole edifice is built on and sustained by lies upon lies upon lies. Everything said by the “organizers” is a lie aimed to keep the dance toward power going on just a day/week/month longer.

Yeah…until, eventually, sometime, INEVITABLY!, Heaven On Earth is achieved! —As a result of this Slow Dance Of Death.

Meanwhile, Innocent people will have their lives made a chronic Misery and a decent number will die as a result of their miserable condition, with some losing their lives via the intentions of various state policies [‘End Of Life’ duiscussions, anyone?].

The Enemy is truly and completely Evil.

All Hands On The Stacked Deck

13 July 2015 @ 19:20

The active effort to destroy the U.S. Armed Forces has quickened…and sickened…

From the AP, Lolita Baldor reporting, we learn:

The Pentagon’s current regulations banning transgender individuals from serving in the military are outdated, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday, ordering a six-month study aimed at formally ending one of the last gender- or sexuality-based barriers to military service.

Carter said he is creating a working group that will review the policies and determine if lifting the ban would have any impact on the military’s ability to be ready for battle. But he said the group will begin with the presumption that transgender people should be able to serve openly “without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified.”

In other words, translating the Apparatchik-Speak of Comrade Secretary Drone: it’s a done deal.

This very Abnormal behavior will be sanctioned by the Civilians in control of the U.S. Armed Forces, cowardly accepted by the Perfumed Prince Generals and Admirals, and fully supported by the anti-American forces now in Power And Control, who are led by a Despot-In-Chief.

These rat bastards are very Goddamn lucky that our soldiers and Marines are, unlike most of their counterparts all over the World, committed to the maintenance of Civilian control of the Military.


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On Trump, Howard Beale, The ‘Pragmatists’, And The Remnant

12 July 2015 @ 20:03

Methinks Ms. Evi is onto something here [tip of the fedora to, well, Evi]:

What attracts people to Mr. Trump is he is having a Howard Beale, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.” It is theater, it is summer, and so the Donald is on a roll. He will eventually get bored, or perhaps he will run as a third party and be a spoiler.

But here is the real issue: We have a President who conspires with the IRS and other government agencies to take out political opponents and the press does nothing, Bernie Sanders has a history of insane comments and is not called on it, Hillary flouts laws that would land any Republican in the clink and the media ignores it. The supreme court is some star chamber that can rewrite the constitution or ignore it on a case by case basis. If this situation does not change fast we are heading to a very bad place.

This isn’t funny.

Indeed, it isn’t.

It is a very, very serious situation — whether the idea of America will continue to live-on in any substantial way is what’s at stake.

Will we continue to head-down the road to Totalitarian Enslavement or will we bring about a Restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties?

The GOP should be worried about being trumped by Trump, for, as Glenn Reynolds writes:

…Trump might turn out to be another Ross Perot, whose plain talk about deficits excited a lot of GOP voters who then saw George H.W. Bush as an unappetizing substitute.

And that could lead to their dreams of ‘taking back’ The White House dashed on the rocks of their smugness and arrogance.

You see, the Republican Establishment [which includes the Conservative Establishment] is playing a game of Power And Control with the Democrats / Leftists.

Some of them think this is all some kind of sport and that America will survive the match-up.  They are fools who are in for a rude awakening.

The rest of the Republican and Conservative Establishment are not as naive.  They are the ‘Pragmatists’, who know that this is all quite serious, but they believe the struggle for Power And Control is a reality that cannot be changed or overthrown.  To them, the Era Of Big, Intrusive, Parental Government is here to stay.  That’s life! — get used to it — they proclaim.  However, these two Establishments are very naive in one area: they believe that the Soft Despotism we have will never reach the horrendous state of the Totalitarian Regimes that ravaged Germany, Russia, Mainland China, etc..

The Left In America is playing for keeps and the only reason they have not fully turned as violent as the Communists and Nazis is they haven’t had to yet because their slow brainwashing of America, one that’s been going on for over a century, has been working quite nicely.  Why spill blood when the masses are happily enslaving themselves?  Besides: the option to ‘get bloody’ is always there, ready to be utilized for The Cause, for finishing The Revolution.

The reason in the past decade the Left In America has accelerated it’s efforts in fundamentally transforming America into a Dictatorial State is because the Masterminds behind it are (a) convinced that this is the perfect moment to ratchet things up and (b) because they have grown impatient [this latter reason, which is a fault of all of those who base their thinking in emotions, is ripe for us taking advantage of — hint].

The Left In America believes that enough members of American Society have been infected with Leftist Thinking that they can be controlled and that those not overly infected, that small Remnant that are the conservatives, are small enough in number and weakened enough by the Leftist Cancer now that they can be fairly easily defeated in a few years time.

What these Masterminds, of course, forget is that vast, vast majority of The Remnant are armed and the whole lot of us are, with each passing day that brings more and more Tyranny to America, becoming more resolved to sacrifice our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor to defeat the alien invasion force known as Leftism.

But the continuation of this admirable Resolve is not guaranteed to last unless the whole part of our minority group maintains it’s Courage, it’s Sense Of Duty, it’s Commitment to vanquish those Evil forces and their appeasing lapdogs who seek the destruction of the Idea Of America.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me:
I will not be a slave; I will either Live Free Or Die.

— O U T L A W —


On Donald Trump And The ‘Jelly-Spined Squishes’

12 July 2015 @ 01:57

I haven’t written a thing about Donald Trump and his candidacy since he made his initial remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico, but I’ve been gathering my thoughts on him these past few days in anticipation of finally doing so.

And here comes that Mark Steyn fellow to make every point I would have made…and say it more eloquently and wittily than I ever could have [images mine]:

Meanwhile, another old white man is destabilizing the Republican primary. Donald Trump would also be the oldest man elected president, but like Bernie he too seems to be reaching parts of the base the younger and prettier types can’t. Six months out, no predictions are possible about the first states: I assume a George Pataki or Lindsay Graham or two will have fallen by the wayside by January, but a lot of the rest seem to have just enough cash to hang in awhile and it’s not clear there aren’t a couple more still to come. With a dozen or more candidates many of whom are all in the single digits and within the margin of error, you might be able to win New Hampshire with, say, 14 per cent of the vote. In an open primary, if the youth vote is over with the Dems voting for Bernie, an older culturally conservative Perot vote might well show up in the GOP to vote for Trump. Who knows?

But here’s the funny and consequential thing. Trump is supposed to be the narcissist blowhard celebrity candidate: He’s a guy famous for erecting aesthetically revolting buildings with his “brand” plastered all over them, for arm-candy brides, for beauty contests and reality shows. The other fellows are sober, serious senators and governors.

And yet Trump is the only one who’s introduced an issue into this otherwise torpid campaign – and the most important issue of all, I would argue, in that ultimately it’s one of national survival. And so the same media that dismiss Trump as an empty reality-show vanity candidate are now denouncing him for bringing up the only real policy question in the race so far.

mark steyn 10

What he said may or may not be offensive, but it happens to be true: America has more Mexicans than anybody needs, and then some. It certainly has more unskilled Mexicans than any country needs, including countries whose names begin with “Mex-” and end in “-ico”. And it has far more criminal Mexicans than anybody needs, which is why they make up 71 per cent of the foreign inmates in federal jails. Just to underline that last point, a young American woman was murdered for kicks in a supposed “sanctuary city” on the eve of the holiday weekend by an illegal immigrant from Mexico. He had flouted US immigration law for years – or, to be more precise about it, local, state and federal officials had colluded with him in the flouting of US immigration law, to the point where San Francisco’s sheriff actively demanded the return of this criminal to his “sanctuary city”, thereby facilitating the homicide of an actual citizen, taxpayer and net contributor to American society.

This would be quite an interesting topic to air in a US election campaign, don’t you think? Certainly, a segment of voters seems to be interested in it. But bigshot media like NBC and Univision and craphole emporia like Macy’s are telling Trump and everybody else: you can’t even bring this up; this is beyond discussion. The “acceptable” Republican candidates are now obliged to denounce the guy who mentioned the unmentionable: “Will you distance yourself from Trump’s controversial remarks? Do you agree such views have no place in your party?” Needless to say, Reince Preibus and the other jelly-spined squishes of the GOP establishment are eagerly stampeding to do the Macy’s-Univision-industrial complex’s work for them.

The Donald is not really a conservative, nor much of a Republican. He’s given more or less evenhandedly to both parties over the decades, because, at Trump’s level, that’s just the price of doing business in a sclerotic and corrupt republic. The Clintons attended one of his weddings, because, for New York operators, that’s like the King of Spain attending the Prince of Wales’ wedding: it’s just A-list power-schmoozing. Whether the Chinese Politburo would respond positively to a President Trump whose opening conversational gambit is “Now listen, you muthaf**kers” is doubtful.

Yet Trump, like other philosophically erratic politicians from Denmark to Greece, has tapped into a very basic strain of cultural conservatism: the question of how far First World peoples are willing to go in order to extinguish their futures on the altar of “diversity”.

Karl-Rove-IAmADickheadWeasel-365As Ann Coulter’s new book Adios, America! lays out in remorseless detail, Kate Steinle is dead because the entire Democratic Party, two-thirds of the Republican Party and 100 per cent of the diseased federal-state-municipal bureaucracy prioritizes myths over reality. Yes, it’s distressing to persons of taste and discrimination that the only person willing to address that reality is Donald Trump. But that’s because he’s not the reality-show freak here. The fake-o lame-o reality freakshow is the political pseudo-campaign being waged within the restraints demanded by the media and Macy’s. So, if Donald Trump is the only guy willing to bust beyond those bounds, we owe him a debt of gratitude. If, as Karl Rove proposes, other candidates are able to talk about the subject in a more “inclusive” way, so be it. But, if “inclusive” is code for not addressing it at all, nuts to that.

Step back and let’s be bipartisan about what Rove calls the “disruptiveness” factor: Be honest, which would you prefer and which is a bleaker comment on the political health of the republic – Bernie vs the Donald? Or Hillary vs Jeb?

Damn you, Steyn.


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